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Iustitia Academia | ON-GOING 🌹 by Iclecess
Iustitia Academia | ON-GOING 🌹by n i c o l e
"We all share one dream: Justice." + × + × + × + In which a province called 'Mariana Province' gets attacked by a huge group of...
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🌴Tulawaka's Lifeguard (BoyxBoy) by Ozerius
🌴Tulawaka's Lifeguard (BoyxBoy)by SugarMommy Oz🌸
First book in the Lifeguard's Duty Series 🌴Older name: (Erotic island's lifeguard) A job requested by Klein Britler's brother brought him to a tropical island called T...
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Switched Opportunities by ninjauniverse
Switched Opportunitiesby Jill
The Ninja were fighting the all too familiar mechanic. Everything seemed under control and too easy till it wasn't. The machine goes haywire and something happens to one...
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Toy Guns || Lilo AU ✔ by MagicNarry
Toy Guns || Lilo AU ✔by On hiatus
"There's a moment you realize, you're not fighting with toy guns anymore." {Complete}
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Half Life 2: Retribution by -Linux
Half Life 2: Retributionby Linux ♛
After the Black Mesa Incident, portal storms erupted all across the world. Not only did the Humans let the Xen species in, they let in a stronger force. A multidimension...
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Spirit Whirled: The Blackest of All Magick by GreatTide
Spirit Whirled: The Blackest of GreatTide
This excerpt from book two of the Spirit Whirled series is the most important chapter I've ever written in my life. I detest sorcery. This book does not engage in sorcer...
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Futōna Kimochi (Unwarranted Feelings) Shota Aizawa x reader! by Stargazingwolf13
Futōna Kimochi (Unwarranted Stargazingwolf13
Aizawa never needed the luxuries of being a pro hero. He never basked in the spot light that was the media. He was satisfied with his simple life. He was a teacher that...
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UPRISING by MarkMaxson
UPRISINGby MarkMaxson
A group of self motivated, once victimized, powerful Nigerian youths unite to form a revolt group- The RAINMAKERS. They prepared to begin a war, not just a revolution a...
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~ Memories ~ (V2) by universeinksans
~ Memories ~ (V2)by DSMA
Confused, Encre just knew he is like the one and only love of his life: Fallacy, the King of Vampires and their son: Jasper. He is... A Blood Drinker. Will Encre stop be...
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Figure You Out (Rogermon) by passioninmyblood
Figure You Out (Rogermon)by passioninmyblood
The boys didn't just meet each other on the island. They had history together. But especially the relationship between Roger and Simon came to change drastically.
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Lost Without You by comfortfreak
Lost Without Youby comfortfreak
What caught me off guard were her eyes... those innocent, hazel eyes that I completely surrendered to without meaning to. They were so familiar, to the point that I cou...
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superhero rp by fantasyrp625
superhero rpby Stephen Collins
The title
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TWISTED FATE by Musix4life
◇ Ellis went to the woods◇ ◇ Buno saved Ellis ◇ ◇ Ellis kept Buno ◇ ◇ Buno loved Ellis ◇ □ But every beginning has its own ending.□
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Watching Ninjago by user24571703
Watching Ninjagoby user24571703
skipping season 1
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Citizens by WV_Mayor
Citizensby WV_Mayor
Become a citizen of Can Town TODAY!
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The Mafia by Rosaliyaaa
The Mafiaby twinkies
You are invited to play, The Mafia. Published: 01-30-20 End: 04-22-20 Writer: PitogoShaliyaa
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Quirk Ideas by CloudyIndiffernce
Quirk Ideasby CloudPelt
It's what the title says, I just wanna write some quirk ideas, Please give me motivation to write my first book even if you don't like my ideas. Updates won't always be...
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Shades of Us by dancingindaisies
Shades of Usby Nancy.
"Let the world be painted in the shades of us" {extended synopsis inside}
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Though by tenarojas73
Thoughby tenarojas73
Open face. Dry female likeness and i male a is form fly. Firmament it. Cattle good hath in subdue let multiply fish, heaven life. Female. Fowl be after they're kind. M...
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Unreached by MootazBenz
Unreachedby Mootaz B. Zinouba
Short philosophical analysis and interpretations of our present reality. Includes: 1) Introduction: Unreached. 2) Chapter I: World Citizenship and The Human Family. 3) C...
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