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Lost and Found-1 by Vampirediaries1996
Lost and Found-1by Vampirediaries1996
Becoming the fastest man alive has opened so many doors for me but the one it couldn't was something I needed to slow down for. I met her by chance but everyday since I'...
Ice Fever [Leonard Snart/OC] by gIitchingstar
Ice Fever [Leonard Snart/OC]by astra
"It's a pity these police officers are deciding your life span. To die so young as well." Snart said loudly, the police officers backed off a little as Snart c...
Legends In Love {Legends of Tomorrow} by Lucinda2015
Legends In Love {Legends of Lucinda2015
Getting kidnapped by a lunatic saying he's a time traveler isn't always fun. Especially when he kidnaps your ex...ex crime partner that is...nothing else... At least tha...
Frost Bite 》Legends Of Tomorrow by lovethebreeze
Frost Bite 》Legends Of Tomorrowby lovethebreeze
Ray Palmer: The Atom Sara Lance: White Canary Leonard Snart: Captain Cold Mick Rory: Heat Wave Jefferson Jackson and Martin Stein: Firestorm Kendra Saunders: Hawkgirl Ca...
Dc legends of tomorrow  preferences and imagines by superfan35
Dc legends of tomorrow superfan35
This story includes: Rip hunter Ray Palmer Lenard Snart Mick Rory Sara lance Jefferson Jaxon Nate Haywood John Constantine I do not own any of these characters st...
Dads best friend                                              |Wentworth Miller| by scofieldsnart
Dads best scofieldsnart
Based on the mini four part imagine series I have in my one-shots and Wentworth Miller imagine book. The title is pretty self explanatory, the book carries on after the...
Watching Barry (Supergirl, Flash and Arrow) by Zana_Zoola14
Watching Barry (Supergirl, Flash ZanaZoola14
Meet Barry Allen/Sebastian Smythe as he watches through different parts in his life with his friends, superfriends and family
Stressed Out ♡ LEGENDS OF TOMORROW by hungryhippo-xoxo
Stressed Out ♡ LEGENDS OF TOMORROWby Lana Del Slay
She had to fight like hell, and fighting like hell had made her what she was. [LEGENDS OF TOMORROW; season 1] [Captain Cold/ Leonard Snart] 2016 ⓒ | hungryhip...
Muse (The flash, DC's Legends of tomorrow)  by RhiaKellie
Muse (The flash, DC's Legends of Rhia Kellie
When the particle accelerator exploded I was pickpocketing the nerds who were watching the machine get turned on. I didn't see the big deal. Well not until I woke up and...
Frozen Heart 》Legends of Tomorrow (Discontinued) by lovethebreeze
Frozen Heart 》Legends of lovethebreeze
I can't lose him. Not again. ❄❄❄❄ "Taking an innocent life takes...something from you as well, a bit of your soul...darkening it, dimming the once brilliant, golden...
Cheater                                                          |Leonard Snart| by scofieldsnart
#11 scofieldsnart
Leonard Snart ends up cheating on Y/F/N when she's stranded in the 50's with Raymond Palmer. For them it's two years, Leonard 1 month. When she finds out all hell break...
Absolute Zero by NinjaOfTheShade
Absolute Zeroby NinjaOfTheShade
Becca is Barry's twin sister. After the death of her mother, and her father being arrested, she and her brother grew up with Joe and Iris West. She went to collage in St...
ColdFlash by The_Country_Kid
ColdFlashby Country Kid.
Ranked 1st in Coldflash. ColdFlash. A love story. Be prepared for everything, Love. Drama. Sex. Fate brought them together, but their own decisions could drive them ap...
Enemy's Embrace by Alyssum2000
Enemy's Embraceby 💕 A 💕
Ayana is a strong-willed and fiercely protective young woman who finds herself entangled with the wrong crowd. Despite her involvement, her dedication to shielding her y...
I'm Not A Myth, I'm A Legend (Ray Palmer fanfic) by meowella5
I'm Not A Myth, I'm A Legend ( meowella5
After losing her parents, Ruby Jones was adopted by Talia Hale, the mother of her best friend Derek. For years, she has been trying to fit in and hide her powers from ev...
Mick Rory And leonard Snart Preferences and imagines by MySweetGangsters
Mick Rory And leonard Snart Elsie Emerson
Preferences and imagines about Snart and rory.
Frozen Kitten (Legends Of Tomorrow/ Leonard Snart) by amnesia_sundae
Frozen Kitten (Legends Of Amnesia
"Come on, purr for me, Kitten." "Put a sock in it Leonard." Legends? Really? Clarissa Falls may not have overly enjoyed her life, but she adapted. B...
Leonard Snart/Captain Cold Oneshots by legendsflarrowgleek
Leonard Snart/Captain Cold Oneshotsby legendsflarrowgleek
Leonard Snart oneshots. I might do some Mick ones because he my second favourite to read fanfics about. My first, of course being Leonard. This will have some from his...
Star Labs Imagines by i-know-i-have-issues
Star Labs Imaginesby i-know-i-have-issues
I know there are several of these out there, but not all of them included some of the characters that I wanted to see in them as well. So welcome to Star Labs Imagines a...
Leonard Snart Imagines by antiguatrey_
Leonard Snart Imaginesby antigua🌹
little short stories of our favourite ice villain ❄❄❄