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When The Walls Come Tumblin' Down (9-1-1s/Chicago Fire/Law & Orders) by WritersBlock039
When The Walls Come Tumblin' Down...by Miss Moffat
"You can bend me, you can break me, but you better stand clear when the walls come tumblin' down." ~ John Mellencamp, "Crumblin' Down" In which the 2...
Christmas Amóre by Jessi2708
Christmas Amóreby Jess!
After three months of a near silent arranged marriage, Mrs. Stacey Williams is determined to make it work with her husband. With December just around the corner, there's...
Dinner at Shergils by KKaag4
Dinner at Shergilsby KoraSaKaagaz
This story takes place mid way in ZDMN show story after Karan's bhabhi invites Monami to dinner at her place. Monami and Karan visit the Shergil house. But the evening d...
The boy at the back of the class (Rem Dogg Fanfic) by noxdragon11
The boy at the back of the class (...by Emi💕
Georgia Atherton had just started at Abbey Grove when she meets a Rem-Dogg. When their teachers pairs them up they form an unlikely friendship which turns into more.
Pokémon BW: Rise of Clarity (book 3 of the HBoD series) by TheRisingFlame
Pokémon BW: Rise of Clarity (book...by TheRisingFlame
The Wrong Crowd [Wattys 2020] by ur_favouritexx
The Wrong Crowd [Wattys 2020]by _CallmeTK_
A NIGERIAN THEMED NOVEL "You have got your tities out and panties in a twist but your crush doesn't still notice you." Ore is a sixteen-year-old undergraduate...
Four Elements Book 3 - Sacrifice by MarionAvalon
Four Elements Book 3 - Sacrificeby Marion Aval’aen
Third installment in the Four Elements series. Andie and her friends finally reached senior year. But of course, when you're the living incarnations of fire, earth, w...
My Oh-So Life by avery1311
My Oh-So Lifeby Avery
This is a story about two people who were on different paths until destiny bought them together to live, love and explore their dreams and desires. She is a young, ambi...
a cigarette for cade | ongoing by neces-sarah-ly
a cigarette for cade | ongoingby sarah
❝ Do you know what's harder than being alive, Willow? It's being alive when you're in love. ❞ ▬▬▬▬ For sixteen-year-old Willow Knight, her life has never been anyt...
Eremin: Your the closet to Heaven that I'll ever be by Elmoisaglove04
Eremin: Your the closet to Heaven...by Elmoisaglove04
NOT CANON: original story and not canon at all, just used the characters. Armin Arlert is slowly falling in love with his childhood best friend, Eren Yeager. He is atte...
The Turtle Charm by MiaNena545
The Turtle Charmby MiaNena545
(Edited because I was surprised by how much of a romance I've been making it...🐢💙) Hello, everybody! I was skeptical about the new version of TMNT, but I found myself...
Yearbook Club. ||Joshua Bassett|| by trulyrodriguez
Yearbook Club. ||Joshua Bassett||by trulyrodriguez
When Hayden and her family move to Pasadena, California: she questions herself wether she likes her new home or if she wishes her parents never decided to leave their ol...
Coping by Solstice51
Copingby Solstice
Everyone has different coping mechanisms for dealing with loss. Killua and Gon are quite different as well.
Counterparts - A DC Animated Fanfic by MagentaMisery
Counterparts - A DC Animated Fanficby MagentaMisery
Jump City is a relatively safe place, low crime rates, a booming local economy and a team of teenage superheroes who protect the citizens from harm... But in a few sho...
My Saviour - 13th Doctor by MonkeyTail204
My Saviour - 13th Doctorby MagicTardis
Elexia is just an ordinary girl until the day she meets the Doctor and her 'gang'. She soon finds herself falling for the Doctor. I do not own the Doctor or her companio...
Use? by Rodri327
Use?by Star_bboii
"You asked me for one thing....and i couldn't even do that."
Just a Cleon story :) by CruelCarlosLessWorld
Just a Cleon story :)by ACruelCarlosLessWorld
This story takes place after the Raccoon City outbreak (re2) it picks up at the true ending of the game (so 2nd run ending) This is my first ever story so bear with me...
The everlasting bond: love beyond death by MadisonPlum
The everlasting bond: love beyond...by Madison Plum
Death would usually mean the end of a love story but for Opal and Bors: Opal's death was just the being as these souls never meet before Opal's ghostly existence are you...
The See Saw. by khushboobishtsabi
The See Saw.by Khushboo Bisht
I don't know who you are to me... but there is something about your absence that can make my heart void.
Carry You {Taebin} by TyunnieBFF
Carry You {Taebin}by Via[비아]🌘🌔
5 times Soobin carries Taehyun + the 1 time Taehyun carries him _ Words: 4,089