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Four Elements Book 3 - Sacrifice by MarionAvalon
Four Elements Book 3 - Sacrificeby Marion Aval’aen
Third installment in the Four Elements series. Andie and her friends finally reached senior year. But of course, when you're the living incarnations of fire, earth, w...
{Smut Warning} Big Fun {Kurt Kelly X Ram Sweeney} by BitterySweetThings
{Smut Warning} Big Fun {Kurt Kelly...by BitterySweetThings
{this art is not mine. I can't draw people.} {Under editing} So drunk that he doesn't even know his own name, Ram Sweeney drags his best friend, Kurt Kelly, into a room...
The boy at the back of the class (Rem Dogg Fanfic) by Emik1230
The boy at the back of the class (...by Emi💕
Georgia Atherton had just started at Abbey Grove when she meets a Rem-Dogg. When their teachers pairs them up they form an unlikely friendship which turns into more.
Counterparts - A DC Animated Fanfic by MagentaMisery
Counterparts - A DC Animated Fanficby MagentaMisery
Jump City is a relatively safe place, low crime rates, a booming local economy and a team of teenage superheroes who protect the citizens from harm... But in a few sho...
When The Walls Come Tumblin' Down (9-1-1s/Chicago Fire/Law & Orders) by WritersBlock039
When The Walls Come Tumblin' Down...by Miss Moffat
"You can bend me, you can break me, but you better stand clear when the walls come tumblin' down." ~ John Mellencamp, "Crumblin' Down" In which the 2...
The Wrong Crowd [Wattys 2020] by ur_favouritexx
The Wrong Crowd [Wattys 2020]by _CallmeTK_
A NIGERIAN THEMED NOVEL "You have got your tities out and panties in a twist but your crush doesn't still notice you." Ore is a sixteen-year-old undergraduate...
a cigarette for cade | ongoing by neces-sarah-ly
a cigarette for cade | ongoingby sarah
❝ Do you know what's harder than being alive, Willow? It's being alive when you're in love. ❞ ▬▬▬▬ For sixteen-year-old Willow Knight, her life has never been anyt...
On the Edge of Tomorrow by 0liviaRose436
On the Edge of Tomorrowby 0liviaRose436
What if falling in love meant giving up yourself, your privacy; would you still fall? The choices of youth can shape the lives of many. Focused on her future, Lily Turn...
Christmas Amóre by Jessi2708
Christmas Amóreby Jess!
After three months of a near silent arranged marriage, Mrs. Stacey Williams is determined to make it work with her husband. With December just around the corner, there's...
Use? by Rodri327
Use?by Star_bboii
"You asked me for one thing....and i couldn't even do that."
Pen Paper Out by bb_bhavya
Pen Paper Outby Bhavya Batra
Two people met in college and started to fall for each other. It looks so sweet meeting daily, finding ways to talk, secretly admiring each other. But this simple sweet...
The Slytherin Troublemaker by Liv9Liv
The Slytherin Troublemakerby Liv
Shayla Diggory was just a normal witch growing up in an ordinary wizarding household. Getting the letter to Hogwarts was the first step in becoming a proper witch. As an...
The Female Warrior by euphotheshyintrovert
The Female Warriorby euphotheshyintrovert
"I do not care about what they think. Whom I love and do not love should not concern them. I want you, Amana, and no one else............ Please, just......at least...
It's what I've always wanted (Tom Hiddleston Love Story) by Helenazombie
It's what I've always wanted (Tom...by Helenazombie
A love story about Tom Hiddleston and a small town girl.
Coping by Solstice51
Copingby Solstice
Everyone has different coping mechanisms for dealing with loss. Killua and Gon are quite different as well.
hey. by Sharklady219
hey.by Heather Daze
Two friends- one male and one female- texting each other..... becoming best friends in the process. Every text message they've sent to each other.
Pokémon BW: Rise of Clarity by TheRisingFlame
Pokémon BW: Rise of Clarityby TheRisingFlame
Fall of Vastonia by PeytonClaypool
Fall of Vastoniaby Peyton Claypool
August 7th 1355. The day the sun rose west.○ ~Vastonia was a thriving kingdom until the sun's reversal. Vastonians were people of power. These people had at least a litt...
ArShi OS - Can't Let You Go by PotterGirl93
ArShi OS - Can't Let You Goby The Girl Next Door
When the mere thought of losing someone makes you realise how important that someone is in your life. This is a One-Shot fanfiction based on the characters, of the pop...
Diving In The Rain (Yuu Nishinoya X Reader) by DragonAgeBabe
Diving In The Rain (Yuu Nishinoya...by Mistress Drossel Keinz
Trapped by a sudden rainstorm on a small bench, you get closer to Nishinoya, your classmate you had never really talked to, who you THOUGHT was nothing more than a loud...