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𝕂𝕚𝕝𝕝𝕖𝕣 ℂ𝕝𝕠𝕨𝕟| Kaz Brekker by larrythebusdriver
𝕂𝕚𝕝𝕝𝕖𝕣 ℂ𝕝𝕠𝕨𝕟| Kaz Brekkerby larrythebusdriver
SOC (n.) An originally comedic character driven to some form of murderous tenancies A CONVICT WITH A TASTE FOR REVENGE A SHARPSHOOTER WHO CAN'T WALK AWAY FROM A WAGER A...
Zade Meadows x Reader (Adeline) by xangelsent
Zade Meadows x Reader (Adeline)by xangelsent
I'm pretty sure most people know who zade is, but let's be forreal I'd do anything for this man. literally anything the story of hunting adeline or haunting adeline isn'...
Echos of the Solver [ Uzi x N ] { Murder Drones } by luhzcy
Echos of the Solver [ Uzi x N ] { 🌙// ~ Tsuki!
The icon/drawing/story book picture is drawn and made by me, you cant use it. (btw its cyn :3) In the wake of the harrowing events, Uzi, a zombie drone grappling with t...
Silver Scars by Riss9898
Silver Scarsby
In the concrete jungle only two things are certain; money and death. Lorenzo is a billionaire. He got to the top with blood, sweat and tears. None of which were his. He...
Family Line ✹ Kenji Kishimoto by kltrosies
Family Line ✹ Kenji Kishimotoby ​​
I watch the fathers with their little girls, and wonder what I did to deserve this
Abditory by MalibuWrites
Abditoryby Malibu Wright
Calenthe's life fell to pieces after the death of her mother. Her father became a ruthless dictator and her home became a warzone. Calenthe risks her life to run away fr...
The chaos princess by Hello-word12
The chaos princessby Jane R.
What if a hunted princess start a rebellion? Revenge gives her strength. In a word of magic and powers people are described by a mark; and if you don't have one is even...
Where We Meet by kenjiik
Where We Meetby kenjiik
Opposing Kingdoms, a Girl with a Gift she didn't know she had, cause someone erased her memories, Elvie is Determined to Find the person behind her Memory loss, and the...
Maybe in another life (agggtm)  by Ibrahim103719
Maybe in another life (agggtm) by Ibrahim103719
Following Andie Bel's disappearance we know that teenager Pippa Fitz Amobi had solved all that was left of Andie's life. Lets take a look into the life of Andie Bel and...
the possives husband  by _kooficxImagines
the possives husband by _kooficx Imagines
Hello everybody my first story don't do copy mine
The Beautiful Beginning  by Samar1307
The Beautiful Beginning by Samar1307
The story is about a boy Samuel who fell in love with his jr. Kylie . Samuel is mad for her & can go down to any limit for her !! His madness is increasing time by time...
Bound by a Necklace  by The_quiet_girl_lv
Bound by a Necklace by The_quiet_girl_lv
"Dare" I breath through my lips. Nathaniel smirked in satisfaction as his plan was going well. "I dare you to French kiss, Mr. Armani" He said calmly...
Rewrite The Future by meganbyrnexx
Rewrite The Futureby meganbyrnexx
Jessica Morgan is a smart girl who comes from an extremely rich family. When her first summer trip abroad without her parents doesn't go as planned, she comes home to di...
Entice Me  by JadeSolistice
Entice Me by IRIS
The age of the Reestablishment came to an end twenty five years ago with the rise of the Resistance. The question is, after all this time, is it enough? A Revolution is...
Ps: Ho Fame Di Te by phoeniix_stories
Ps: Ho Fame Di Teby Giorgia
"Non è una scelta, è un bisogno." Sophia vive con una famiglia adottiva in una casa con giardino a New Orleans. Sembrerebbe la famiglia perfetta, no? Ma dietro...
The Academy's Twisted Enemies | Dark Romance by Leeleeace1
The Academy's Twisted Enemies | Lien A
Azira's whole world consisted of being a hero. The daughter of the Dynamic Duo, she was destined to fulfill her role as the dutiful daughter in the Heroes Academy. A wo...
Love Drama by Emmibellanu
Love Dramaby Emmibellanu
Yunha was tired of her live with her parents. They were always drunk and treated her like the last piece of trash so she decided to runaway. She joined a school called '...
Careless | A Powerless Fanfiction by -swimming_queen-
Careless | A Powerless Fanfictionby Areum
What if Reckless by Lauren Roberts had ended a bit differently? What if the Imperials never found Kai and Paedyn in the poppy field? What if Kai finally got his happy en...
Arranged-Or-Not by st4r_lov3r
Arranged-Or-Notby st4r_lov3r
Aurora Faye is now out of college and working in a victorious company. Aurora left all of her history in the past. She now goes by Aurora if that wasn't obvious and she...
The Teacher's Pet by RainySvn
The Teacher's Petby RainySvn
**Completed** BOOK ONE, in the secret society series. Where he is black, she's white, where he is dark, she's light. Kat is the girl James never knew he needed. There i...