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Taming The Rebel by phoenixforever03
Taming The Rebelby phoenixforever03
Rank #37 short story Rank #1 sb5 Tee is a rebellious student and Tae is the Student Council President. They attract each other despite being poles apart. An excerpt from...
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Ye Xian [ BL Story ] by BlacklYandDarksK
Ye Xian [ BL Story ]by BlacklY&DarksK
The Young Lord must find this beautiful person that he saw bathing in the spring one night under the full bright moon. While a mere servant blushes "OH MY GOD! The...
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TayNew Oneshot by ColourBlueHeart
TayNew Oneshotby Blue
Compilation of TayNew/PeteKao oneshot. Hope you guys like it 💙
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Apologize  by ColourBlueHeart
Apologize by Blue
PeteKao FanFic (ON GOING) It's been 5 years and Kao is still inlove with him.
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Verboten Mate (BoyxBoy) by Shinouji
Verboten Mate (BoyxBoy)by Shinouji
The third book of Rejection Series: Allen, a little boy from complicated family. He is innocent, cheerful and forgiving, but everything changed after he fell into the ha...
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ေကာင္းကင္ရဲ႕ပင္လယ္ျပာ(completed) by Hnine-Wana
ေကာင္းကင္ရဲ႕ပင္လယ္ျပာ(completed)by Hnine-Wana
ေကာင္းကင္နဲ႔ပင္လယ္ဟာထိစပ္သလုိနဲ႔တကယ္တမ္းေတာ့မဆုံစည္းနုိင္ေအာင္ကြာေဝးလြန္းတယ္ မင္းနဲ႔ကုိယ္နဲ႔ကေရာ?
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fonnie(highschool AU) {Completed} by Skyler-Winters
fonnie(highschool AU) {Completed}by Skyler Avon
Bonnie has always been the stereotypical definition of an art nerd. He has top marks in all his classes except gym, he can play the guitar, he is skilled in art which ca...
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Closer by ZeeA03
Closerby ZeeA03
Tin Medthanan is a young man who is very handsome, intelligent, playboy, bisexual and comes from a wealthy family. Can Kirakorn is a young man with a cute face, humble...
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2Min - SOLDIER [BL] - END by punkidsMT
2Min - SOLDIER [BL] - ENDby Punk Kids_MT
Sebagai prajurit militer yang terlatih, Minho tak suka bermain-main dengan apa pun. Hidupnya selalu diisi dengan misi terencana dan tujuan yang jelas. Karena itulah Minh...
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The new boy *Minsung* by sweet_girl_16_
The new boy *Minsung*by Nia
"I love you," he said as he leans his forehead on the beautiful boy he calls his boyfriend... The other looks at him with a smile, those eyes are sparkling as...
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OUR LOVE STORY by Mikiro_00
What if one day you will gone, And I woke up to a Dream? That was half reality and half lies Should I stop to love you? Or still love you until the End of Our Love Story...
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Tangent by littlemao
Tangentby XiaoMao
Wu Ming Er has been living alone for 2 years and he is good at taking care of his own self. But Gu Wang Yi came to take over the job suddenly. Against his will, Gu Wang...
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What will you do if the person you love the most hurt you the most? Will you give love another chance or will you shut all doors for love forever? This is the story abou...
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Bones [Ryden] by ButNotTxday
Bones [Ryden]by 𝔐𝔞𝔩𝔡𝔦𝔠𝔦𝔬𝔫
"¿No quieres venir conmigo? ¿No quieres sentir mis huesos en tus huesos? Es completamente natural." Un cambio puede mejorarte, ¿Sabes? ¿Para qué quieres una vi...
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LoveSick: College Life by xbrelcx
LoveSick: College Lifeby Panda L.C.
After long years have passed, I always curious to what happened to our favorite BL couple: PHUNXNOH!!! Did they end up together even in college or their's love for each...
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Carnillate : Our Usual Place by Copgi_n_mallows
Carnillate : Our Usual Placeby copgi_alpha_baby_choco_mallows
I walked in my favorite dessert cafe and it became a daily routine to me. I thought this was going to be an ordinary day. Then I saw her with him. They were smiling , l...
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Please Say Yes! My Head Hazer(Kongthit's Story) by tangitan
Please Say Yes! My Head Hazer( tangitan
(Tamat) Ini prequel, jadi alangkah lebih baik baca cerita pertama dulu. (What is love?). cuma cerita abal-abal (ide cerita mainstream pake banget) hasil delu gara2 terl...
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LEOLUCAS: Still Us by bbhnica
LEOLUCAS: Still Usby bbhnica
The seventeen-year old Lucas Yao was asked to help Leo Yang cope up with the new environment where he'll be staying for one school year. Kahit labag sa loob ng binata da...
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TOUCH (me with your heart) - ON GOING by mreveilles
TOUCH (me with your heart) - ON mreveilles
"Aku tak ingin disentuh oleh siapapun." adalah kata - kata yang menjadi mimpi buruk bagi Nick. Dan kata - kata inilah yang membuat kehidupannya berubah 180 der...
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In Five Months by Copgi_n_mallows
In Five Monthsby copgi_alpha_baby_choco_mallows
"Is it that bad that you want to cry about it?" Even though I sounded like I was joking I can feel my heart was breaking to pieces. But I just kept smiling, tr...
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