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Desperate Gay Husband (BOYXBOY) by GeraldBuddiman
Desperate Gay Husband (BOYXBOY)by Geraheart_17
Bakit kung kailan nafe-feel mo nang nahuhulog na siya sayo, syaka naman may babalik at mababaliwala ka na naman ulit. Anong laban ng malusog na ako sa may sakit na maha...
Love trouble by BoolovesBii
Love troubleby BoolovesBii
Gulf kanawut is a former group of Boy's love but there's was a rumor that caused him to leave the group he's now a solo artist and even if the issue was gone for years b...
🔥   เมีย - THE WIFE 🔥  by OpiumCoca
🔥 เมีย - THE WIFE 🔥 by Opium Coca
"I don't care if your husband's gonna kill me but I can't hide my feelings anymore. I love you, Sir Gulf. I really do." ...
KimPorchay(Y/n)Fanfiction by Cazz_Ann
KimPorchay(Y/n)Fanfictionby Stephanie
Hi Everyone This is Kim and Porchay fanfiction As you can see in the title y/n is still here;) This story you will see some snips of the main family in my another fanfic...
"The Lone Assassin" (Completed) by roses1088
"The Lone Assassin" (Completed)by Rosil Write
A vengeful soul, A cold heart that made of stone, And a focused mind of his own. In a world full of deceit, greed, selfishness, and crimes. A lone person lurking in a...
In Love with My Boyfriend [ILwMB BOOK 2] by Jy_Klaoud
In Love with My Boyfriend [ILwMB EroS KlaouD
↪Few months of marriage, Bright and Win live a loving and peaceful life with a caring family and trusted friends, they live a very beautiful living. Until, a girl from...
❕❕In Love with My Brother [ILwMB BOOK 1] (UNDER EDITING & REWRITING) ❕❕ by Jy_Klaoud
❕❕In Love with My Brother [ILwMB EroS KlaouD
↪Being a son of a wealthy family is nice. However, having a very protective, possessive, handsome and caring brother make it 10 times more nice. Keeping you away from da...
Fake Dating by MsAchel23
Fake Datingby xchelxzgluis
When you really fall in love to someone but the person you really love came back and the worst is you can't lose them both..
Touches are... Your Love! (Completed) by roses1088
Touches are... Your Love! ( Rosil Write
After he caught his fiance in a hotel cheating on him with his best friend, Mew Suppasit drown himself in alcohol and drove home in a drunken state. There he meets a hug...
"When Shadows Collide" (Book 2 of Midnight Howling)  by roses1088
"When Shadows Collide" (Book 2 Rosil Write
Elijah Gabriel a rich CEO of the Trimix Lycan Industry. A gold and white fur wolf met his mate at the age of fifteen. The green eyes wolf emits black smoke as his power...
I Love You My Mr. Genius by Dyosaleciously
I Love You My Mr. Geniusby Laarnie Jalober
Primitivo Jose Sinclair story. Tael and Myth Sinclair Son Date Start: October 30, 2021
fonnie(highschool AU) {Completed} by JustEnoughForACoffee
fonnie(highschool AU) {Completed}by Just Enough For A Coffee
Bonnie has always been the stereotypical definition of an art nerd. He has top marks in all his classes except gym, he can play the guitar, he is skilled in art which ca...
❤️💚We Are Made To Love ❤️💚  ( Ongoing ) by BunnyLiyo
❤️💚We Are Made To Love ❤️💚 ( Bunny Liyo 🐇🦁
" අමාවක රැය අදුර දුරලා වඩින පසළොස් සද ලෙසින්.... දිවිය නුඹගේ හැඩ දමන්නම් සදේ සිසිලස නංවමින්.... තනිකමෙන් පිරි නුඹේ දිවියට උරුමකම් කියමින් ඉතින්... කැප කරන්නම් මගේ...
Exchange to Love  by whenmariawrite
Exchange to Love by Tixna
If your life had EXCHANGE for your father's company wealth what would you gonna do..... Type Phawatthakul is the only child of there family , after his mom died he got...
Carnillate : Our Usual Place by Copgi_n_mallows
Carnillate : Our Usual Placeby khuncopgimallows
I walked in my favorite dessert cafe and it became a daily routine to me. I thought this was going to be an ordinary day. Then I saw her with him. They were smiling , l...
Beloved, the story of Julian and Knox. A two young souls who will encounter a lot of pain and suffering while fighting for the word, LOVE. He fell first but I fell hard...
office popularity||soukoku & shin soukoku/bungou stray dogs(bsd) {fanfic, MY AU} by sobersnows
office popularity||soukoku & lazy mf
"u seem so excited..why?" "won't u get excited on ur first day of work?" "not really. who gave u that idea?" "you're boring as always...
Unexpected Love (on-going) [bxb]  by xydorrr
Unexpected Love (on-going) [bxb] by Xydor
Main characters: Drake Russel Scott Clyden Ace Harisson
The Extra Wants To Live (BL) by casualkei
The Extra Wants To Live (BL)by casualkei
[A Boy's Love Reincarnation Story] Don did not expect that he would be reborn as Dawn Cloveria in the novel entitled "The Rose Quartz." As an extra that would...
KUTOB (BXB)  by xydorrr
KUTOB (BXB) by Xydor
This story is one-shot story, no season 2 or even part 2.