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(Oneshot) Hai Thằng Chồng , Vkookga <3 by minyoongichimte
(Oneshot) Hai Thằng Chồng , Vkookg...by Hàn Thiên Nhi <3
VKOOKGA Một câu chuyện li kì đầy kịch tính của 3 nhân vật :D Thể loại : đam mĩ nhatas thụ đa công hài .....vv.....mmm......... đọc đi rồi biết hay cỡ nào :)
  • tiên
  • vkook
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Just my luck by zoegirl2005
Just my luckby zoegirl2005
15 year old boys Dominic and Nick go on a adventure of horror with Brooklyn (she is a girl). They all are best friends having the time of their life in the woods.... Whe...
  • peaceout
  • annikaelainee
  • horror
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Ask Jeremike by limechildmike
Ask Jeremikeby Mike Schmidt
Hi I'm Mike. Jeremy and I want some questions. please satisfy me and jere
  • foxy
  • aliceisinvolved
  • helpus
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Your only night at Freddy's by JayAtron9001
Your only night at Freddy'sby The JayAtron9001
Lol FNAF 2 night seven yor Fritz Smith POV and OMG
  • fnaf2
  • hia
  • phoneguy
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Weird Stuff by Masktina_123
Weird Stuffby Masktina_123
I will be just doing weird stuff to this. Please don't be mad at things I might say, or do....I will do this to make people laugh or just not people laugh so yeah bye
  • hia
  • imbored
Descriptions are not needed for he kind of stories xD
  • hiya
  • hello
  • heya
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Hia  by music_trash13
Hia by ....
I make so many of these but oh well
  • hia
  • bio
  • alone
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50 shades of flop by -MyLittleNialler
50 shades of flopby -MyLittleNialler
☁︎you're a hoe☁︎ ☁︎dem hoes ain't loyal☁︎ ☁︎this is a shit story. Thank you☁︎
  • shades
  • nvm
  • idiot
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Hai by Doughnut_Pirate
Haiby Kenny McCormick
Welllllll Hai I'm such a badass
  • aih
  • hai
  • hia
When I Ramble by ImmaHemmingsGirl
When I Rambleby ImmaHemmingsGirl
  • pmmeh
  • bored
  • hia
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Crossfandom Randomness  by FabFangirlFamily
Crossfandom Randomness by LemonadeLovers
Well long ago in a galaxy, far, far, away, Dumbledore told young Katniss, "Go find Percy's blue cookies and bring back Italy's pasta." There she went down the...
  • percy
  • hia
  • fun
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