Minecraft Life by DiamondDestroyer04
Minecraft Lifeby DiamondDestroyer04
A 12 year old Girl named Jada gets stuck in Minecraft for a Competition that could kill her or the others around her. What will she do?
  • pro
  • tournament
  • wattys2018
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Connection Block by JayTrinidadRivera
Connection Blockby Jay Trinidad Rivera
"I love Him!" I said. "But he's my brother!" She said. "And he is my bestfriend." He said. .................... Hi. I'm Joshua. 18 years ol...
  • complicated
  • bxb
  • blocks
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Information book by lightningstrike5757
Information bookby Clarina Stoneheart
This book is purely for information on my other books. This has no story at all. Well except for sneak peaks if I feel like it.
  • myriad
  • undertale
  • hope
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Mincraft by deadlyraihan4560
Mincraftby Raihan Dorani
This is book is going to tell you how to play min craft and how to make a min craft world and houses.
  • creepers
  • crafting
  • games
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TOPG by CPSoapMactavish
TOPGby Soap Mactavish
  • hate
  • fishing
  • consperan
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