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ranbify // ranboo x reader by boisveryswag
ranbify // ranboo x readerby im swag
when the small streamer y/n makes her spotify activity public her mods start a twitter page dedicated to tweet every song she listens to. turns out, her music taste was...
wilbursoot x fem oc :) ~You've only got one chance, Kiss her you fool~ -Kids That Fly
OC OP Skyrim male reader x highschool dxd  by skylab25
OC OP Skyrim male reader x sky lab
this is my very first story so please be gentle with comments. Know I will be adding mods from any Skyrim platform so if you have a mod you wanna see message me about it.
FNF x female! Reader headcanons by ItzToliu24
FNF x female! Reader headcanonsby _TolNotShort_
This is FNF x female! Reader head canons and will contain both mods and originals! (I'm not taking requests sorry:( Also please no hate or I shall report you and they wi...
Of Fond Memories (Skyrim Oneshots) [Requests Closed] by TheDragonBreath
Of Fond Memories (Skyrim Oneshots) ᎠᏒᎪᎶᎾᏁ bᏒᎬᎪᏆh
[Continuation of my book "Of Fond Memories" but it's entirely dedicated for Skyrim oneshots only, unlike my first book which was about both WoW and Skyrim] In...
Don't Leave Me... -Ruv x gender neutral!reader by flow3r_pr1nc3ss
Don't Leave Me... -Ruv x gender Orchid
DISCLAIMER: none of the photos used are mine I found them on Pinterest. :) Mutuals go away. :| Some things may not be canon and I apologise for that but I will try my be...
Friday Night Funkin x Top/Seme Male Reader by BonBonChuChu69
Friday Night Funkin x Top/Seme Simpher >:)
Here we go again! Just request... and I'll do the rest
Aph Crew X reader oneshots by Emer4ldL0ver
Aph Crew X reader oneshotsby Kat&Rando
Gimme request rn Tags: I MOVED DOWN CAUSE I'M NOT UPDATING LMAO- {Heads up} -bad spelling -blood/gore -the video above the chapters is what the chapter is based off of...
friday night funkin x male reader One Shots by clamsleepy
friday night funkin x male sleepy
Male reader x friday night funkin mods
Ask: Error & Ink (Mob Trash & Mob Garbage) [Vietnames Translate] (Updating...) by DoriDoki
Ask: Error & Ink (Mob Trash & Khảm Khảm
- Lưu ý: Ask này không ship Error Ink, mong những bạn xem đây là OTP đừng trở nên quá khích! Tính cách của hai nhân vật này không dựa trên artist tạo ra họ, mà dựa trên...
the mod // tubbo x reader by boisveryswag
the mod // tubbo x readerby im swag
when Tubbo has an accident with his mods he decides he wants to replace some of them so he openes the mod applications. that's when 17 year old y/n decides to apply, eve...
[Completed!] A Teacher And A Student|| Bob x bosip||   by Wolfg7728
[Completed!] A Teacher And A Anak pungud :(
A cringe story' :') !! TW: unhealty obsession, kidnapping, gore, swearing !! ⚠️please read this description ⚠️ this book is writen after the amoraltra drama incident o...
{♡Artificial Smut♡} (Starlight Mayhem/On Command) by Ivyesle2568
{♡Artificial Smut♡} (Starlight Ivybelle
(Smut/Lemon🍋) originally posted on Ao3 (don't like this ship? don't read.) This is for only legal adults. so if you're underage, why tf did you click this? Go away! Eww...
Fairy Tail Modded into a New World (Fairy Tail x Oc) by DarkNarukami112
Fairy Tail Modded into a New Dark Narukami
A boy named Rarano Isomei was your average 18 year old American Gamer Weeb before his accident. Rarano died in a car wreck with his family. After he woke up he found him...
✿ { yandere! } fnf x reader ✿ by t3ethmeeth
✿ { yandere! } fnf x reader ✿by yikes
I'll come back later big guy Σ੧(❛□❛✿) 2022 update; I didn't come back
"Gettin Freaky On a Friday Night" Friday Night Funkin Roleplay  by XxTiredBeannxX
"Gettin Freaky On a Friday Night" XxTiredBeannxX
Friday Night Funkin' is a free-to-play and open-source indie rhythm game for PC developed by Canadian programmer Cameron Taylor, also known ninjamuffin99, in OpenFL via...
Universal Collision - New Dawn by C1009007
Universal Collision - New Dawnby CarlosYT
The sequel to Universal Collision is out baby, with new characters and a whole new plot, but now the story reintroduces characters and more. Also, THIS STORY CONTAINS MA...
Roger Daltrey Imagines by alicemaydaltrey
Roger Daltrey Imaginesby alice may daltrey
A whole book of Roger Daltrey imagines, written by myself. This book is updated fairly frequently. Requests are open! ✨