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Sunset Over Seoul (Rosé x Reader) by midnightclub34
Sunset Over Seoul (Rosé x Reader)by midnight club
A serious conversation with Rosé's older sister replayed in your head; it was from a long time ago, when you'd first decided you were serious about each other: "She...
personal | lisoo by deloctrl
personal | lisooby delo
My Personal Secretary AU Kim jisoo, daughter of Korea's 3rd most successful businessman, comes back home from the states for a quick vacation. Her only request is for se...
Stay Away [Lisa x Fem!Reader] ✔✔ by PotatoDudz
Stay Away [Lisa x Fem!Reader] ✔✔by Evelynn's pet
You went to a Blackpink concert but who knew going to that concert would change how you live your life now? Just having one encounter in your life slowly unravelled the...
MADRID. by bebegorll
#4 mar ♡
[ jjk x pcy ] ❝siempre fuiste tú.❞ 一 in which two lost souls trying to find relief, instead find something unexpected in the heart of spain. madrid © 2022, bebegorll
Mafia || Rosé by atticushawk0221
Mafia || Roséby Hawk A.
Can someone tell you about love and at the same time make you fall in love?
how would you like your coffee? by 7milktea
how would you like your coffee?by 7milktea
"Something tells me that you're more interested in us than the coffee." Bts x Blackpink AU BTS Jungkook x BLACKPINK Rosé AU Gang AU
YOUNGER•𝓻𝓸𝓼𝓮𝓴𝓸𝓸𝓴• by roses_and_promises
YOUNGER•𝓻𝓸𝓼𝓮𝓴𝓸𝓸𝓴•by Author R.A.P
We are kids as we remember and now we've grown a lot. Started July 2019 READ FOR THE ANTI ROSEKOOK: *IF YOU DON'T LIKE MY SHIP AND YOU STILL OPENED THIS BOOK THEN YOU'RE...
from me, to you; rosékook by deuxmin
from me, to you; rosékookby deuxmin
an indie singer songwriter coming out of hiatus releases a series of love letters through her album; penned to the world, herself and an almost lover, she doesn't expect...
Anti-Romantic Geek & Over Impulsive Beauty (COMPLETED) by chaexjune
Anti-Romantic Geek & Over nxtmve
Rosé is sick of her short-term dating life and wants to find a man who can be loyal to her and her only. She does not want to play around with love anymore after seeing...
Angel with a Shotgun by chaexjune
Angel with a Shotgunby nxtmve
🌸🌸🌸 Park Chaeyoung - a good girl in her father's eyes. She is smart, kind, friendly, cheerful and not to forget an attractive young woman who just wants to enjoy the...
VIRAL / rk by deuxmin
VIRAL / rkby deuxmin
a viral tweet leads to unlikely relationships.
Unexpected Encounter (Rosekook Fanfic) by Qahe_02
Unexpected Encounter (Rosekook Qahe_02
What happen if the two idols were arranged to do a duet..? It happen to Rose and Jungkook.. They were arranged to perform a songs with full of emotion.. What happen if b...
The Heartbreaker's Heart Stealer (COMPLETED) by chaexjune
The Heartbreaker's Heart Stealer ( nxtmve
💔💕 He breaks every girl's heart, And now he is going to steal a girl's heart again, But the girl will break his heart countless times, And he will still try to steal...
Black Rose (Rosé X Male Reader) by Mr____Vin
Black Rose (Rosé X Male Reader)by Vin ( • ω • )
You're an orphan. Ever since you entered a high school, everything is super hard for you and the one that took care of you. You used to live with your step grandmother w...
Mafia Siblings (BANGPINK X YN) by likookOT7
Mafia Siblings (BANGPINK X YN)by ❤️🌚Luna 🌚❤️
[ PURE SIBLINGS BOOK ] Y/N Jung's mother decides to marry the most dangerous mafia king Gong Yoo and also a single father of 11. Taehyung and Jennie: She isn't our siste...
crybaby | jirose by itz_angeltime
crybaby | jiroseby Pasta & Mochi
❝Such a crybaby!❞ ❝Stop crying stupid!❞ ❝Aww! The loser's crying!❞ ... ❝You know, let's have fun crybaby...❞ highest ranking: #1 in BLACKBANGTAN #2 in BLACKBANGTAN #5 in...
Incognito || Blackpink Smut Oneshots by dabisonlyfucktoy
Incognito || Blackpink Smut
you didn't see the title? requests are always open <3
Love Dearly by wupew21
Love Dearlyby wupew21
If you love someone dearly, you love them very much. Note : * English is not my mother language, expect many grammatical error and typo. Published : 22/07/2021
Notebook || chaennie™ [✔️] by sadmuseum
Notebook || chaennie™ [✔️]by ℳ™
❝Every time you smile, I love you more ♡❞ A secret admirer leaves small compliments in Jennie's notebooks whenever she lend her notebooks to her classmates. ‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾...
mon amour | jenlisa ✔️ by boyslikeskz
mon amour | jenlisa ✔️by boyslikeskz
I. I was born to be loved by her. Highest Ranking : #2 kpopau (New) #25 park #1 blackpinkinyourarea #11 blackpinkjennie #1 blackpinklisa #11 blackpinkjisoo [based from...