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#Online•jdb by justinxbiebers
#Online•jdbby k e l l y
Unknown Number (3) Unknown Number is typing... Unknown Number Where are you? What happens when Charlotte Windsor gets a text from an Unknown Number and it turns out to b...
Never Let You Go- A Justin Bieber Interracial Love Story (BWWM) by batmanwife13
Never Let You Go- A Justin Karrington Jones
An original Justin Bieber Interracial Love Story. Gabrielle Selene Barnes is a 24 year-old Black woman from Atlanta, Georgia. For the past seven years, Gabrielle has be...
Shadows by carmenisadreamer
Shadowsby Carmen
He was like a mystery in the shadows and she was like a ray of light which had the potential to illuminate the darkest corners of his heart, only if he allowed her to. W...
texting [bieber] by -hornybieber
texting [bieber]by morgan
unknown:hey baby girl. last night was amazing. Sophia: you have the wrong number, so bye. unknown: wait this isn't amber? Sophia: this is sophia. now bye highest ranking...
×All Bad× |Justin Bieber| by Jerryismypizza
×All Bad× |Justin Bieber|by Bizzle
"They try to get at me..." "But I ain't all bad" And she believed that.
The Wedding Planner -Justin Bieber- by escapehemmings
The Wedding Planner -Justin Bieber-by diana
Never let your high school enemy plan your wedding. Lake and Justin never got along in high school. After six years of not seeing each other, the two are reunited in...
The New Guy - Justin Bieber by BMcCann6
The New Guy - Justin Bieberby BMcCann
The new guy, Justin Bieber, at school gets introduced to Hailey through her best friends and instantly clicks with them. Hailey has a boyfriend who is toxic and manipula...
Trust | Jastin | by beliebers4ever1994
Trust | Jastin |by Bigger than Satan
Justin Bieber lives a seemingly happy life with his fiancé. It looks perfect to everyone on the outside when in reality it's anything but. Jason McCann sees through the...
The Angel and her Demon by ObsessedBieber
The Angel and her Demonby ObsessedBieber
"Oh trust me shawty, I'm no regular kid." And with that, he walked away, leaving me there totally dumbfounded by what just happened.
How to Become Parents -Justin Bieber- by escapehemmings
How to Become Parents -Justin diana
Finley feels like she had everything going for her until the unfortunate day her best friend, Charlotte, passes away during childbirth. With the baby left behind in the...
Justin Bieber gif Imagines by Justinssweatshirt
Justin Bieber gif Imaginesby Justinssweatshirt
Justin is my bby🥺 so I had to make some gif imagines about the handsome man himself . If you're a belieber and you love Justin then I'm sure you'll love these. Hope you...
Texts | Justin Bieber Fanfic by yappabear
Texts | Justin Bieber Fanficby yappabear
In which Justin Bieber accidentally sends a text to the wrong number. But this little message becomes something much bigger. - Unknown number: Hey Em! Last night was fu...
BabySitting Justin | justin bieber by baddieco
BabySitting Justin | justin bieberby Luana
Troubled boy falls for his babysitter, nd shit gets complicated
wrong love [justin bieber-interracial/bwwm] by ericaawrites
wrong love [justin blue
it's hard to be in love when everyone says it's wrong.
The Instagram Model by Miabear15
The Instagram Modelby Miabear15
Sequel to INSTAGRAM Read the other book first Or don't and be confused Totally up to you though
Tainted → Justin Bieber by kxngjustin
Tainted → Justin Bieberby 1 800 THOTLINE BLING
One girl. One summer. One guy with one mission. Copyright 2015. kxngjustin WARNING: MATURE LANGUAGE SEXUAL/CONTENT.
Bad Liar  by windinhersails
Bad Liar by h🥀
He was bad.......or maybe she was just a bad liar. Justin Bieber returns back to his home country, Canada, for the holidays. But what happens when he bumps into his ex g...
Love Has No Number-Jastin AU- by DefJaebeom
Love Has No Number-Jastin AU-by astro
When Business Mobile Jason McCann Is Hired At Outspoken sixteen year old Justin Bieber's High school to be his mentor. He gets a strange liking towards his young problem...
Feel Me [Jelena story] by princess_mccann
Feel Me [Jelena story]by princess_mccann
In human life love is not the only problem,even in family they got a problem.A problem that's hard to face with thier child and sometime's they can't handle it,that's th...
Demons  by windinhersails
Demons by h🥀
*COMPLETED* "Don't get too close, it's dark inside. It's where my demons hide." "Get too close, there is hell inside of me, it's where your demons can hid...