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Everlasting; 30 Day Challenge by paperrheart
Everlasting; 30 Day Challengeby eve
All fluff! Lots of ships ;) edit :: we got 1st in Gigi goode today (3/18/21) holy shit
ilysm // biadore 30 day writing challenge by adorexbranjie
ilysm // biadore 30 day writing -A‧₊˚✧
used to be branjie, but after the reunion ep its been changed to biadore. pretty self explanatory, may extend the 30 days if i like it :) these will not be full oneshot...
RPDR oneshots by penelope967
RPDR oneshotsby penelope967
COMPLETED!!! Just a whole bunch of oneshots. -Pearlet -Branjie -Plariel -Biadore Etc Edit: credit to @6Lil_pound_cake9 for the amazing book cover
Red Snow ~ Trixya by In_a_land_of_ships
Red Snow ~ Trixyaby L. Maylott
《 Trixya lesbian AU 》 Katya, a homeless Russian woman who lost everything, shows up looking like death itself at a diner that happens to be owned by Trixie Mattel. Trix...
Biadore: Unheard of (COMPLETED) by DaddyJankee
Biadore: Unheard of (COMPLETED)by (:paige:)
"Some people search all their lives for what we got, a fairytale in motion, with hearts deep as the ocean" Danny Noriega/Adore Delano is polish remover, bitch...
summer lovin ::: trixya by paperrheart
summer lovin ::: trixyaby eve
As the school year ends, Trixie finds herself staying at beach house with her bestfriend. Summer isn't always like this, Trixie doesn't normally get into fights, nor doe...
Nothing but Sisters - Rosénali by thejantasy
Nothing but Sisters - Rosénaliby Phoenix
"If nobody is around what's stopping us?" Lesbian AU
||Tour||-||Trixya Oneshot|| by chemicalburn_trixya
||Tour||-||Trixya Oneshot||by Serena
One shot! Trixie and Katya on tour doing some cute shit.
collision course ♡ rpdr imagines by socihety
collision course ♡ rpdr imaginesby drag race fanatic ♡
♡ ! ♡ a collection of rupaul drag race imagines.
||Son of a preacher man||~ ||Trixya Oneshot|| by chemicalburn_trixya
||Son of a preacher man||~ || Serena
Trixya Trixie Mattel x Katya Zamolodchikova High school AU
Club Seduction- Trixie Mattel x Katya Zamolodchikova  by chemicalburn_trixya
Club Seduction- Trixie Mattel x Serena
Trixie Mattel has no money, no place to stay and no idea how she's going to survive on her own. She left home with absolutely nothing, but the clothes on her back and a...
Better Than the Movies/RPDR One Shots by AsnortCilantro
Better Than the Movies/RPDR One Adore
The title says it all, ain't no need to try and force it.
I Need You - Biadore (COMPLETED) by DaddyJankee
I Need You - Biadore (COMPLETED)by (:paige:)
*SEQUEL TO BIADORE: UNHEARD OF* It's been three years since Danny and Roy got back together. Everything had been going great, until Danny's father passes away. Danny is...
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BIADORE - boundaries  by socihety
BIADORE - boundaries by drag race fanatic ♡
[biadore lesbian au] longing /ˈlɒŋɪŋ/ noun a yearning desire.
TRIXYA ONESHOTS by hearteyestrixya
TRIXYA ONESHOTSby hearteyestrixya
A compilation of short one-chapter trixya fics! Ranges from fluff to angst to anything that pops into my brain! Because it's my book, Debra, and not yours. Follow me on...
life in plastic ;; trixya by hearteyestrixya
life in plastic ;; trixyaby hearteyestrixya
the very innocent trixie mattel finds love in an unexpected place after being bullied at her talent show.
That funny feeling -Biadore- by rosenali_rights
That funny feeling -Biadore-by Rosènali>
"Do you ever get that funny feeling?" Adore asked "what 'funny feeling'?" Courtney questioned confused "Like that funny feeling you can't quite...
i think she found her lobster ~ Jackie x Jan  by biadoreXtrixya
i think she found her lobster ~ E L L I E 🌸
another different one. surprise 😂 both girls, in high school. Jan is new to Bells High while Jackie and her friends have been there since the start. Jan and Jackie se...