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me and you - Gigi Goode x Crystal Methyd - Crygi  by RennieLovegood
me and you - Gigi Goode x RennieLovegood
Gigi and Crystal were too busy to fall in love during drag race, but now it's press week and there's no way to escape the chemistry. I write them as drag queens, refere...
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Let Them Chase Us ~ Crygi by biadoreXtrixya
Let Them Chase Us ~ Crygiby E L L I E 🌸
Another high school AU lmao. Crystal has recently moved to from Missouri to LA and is starting her new school in a few days. She loved there with her mum and brother aft...
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Season 12 one shots  by AchairDelano69
Season 12 one shots by the only Mrs Doll
Just a bunch of one shots in a book :)
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instagram: season 12 queens (mostly crygi☺️☺️) by gigixcrystal_
instagram: season 12 queens ( Bella😌🥰
i'm doing an insta with all the ru girls
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Nostalgia  by eldebargebaby
Nostalgia by ✨2 Gay 2 Function✨
I found you once again. I don't want it to end. ~The sequel to -You're Too Goode To Me-~
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i think she found her lobster ~ Jackie x Jan  by biadoreXtrixya
i think she found her lobster ~ E L L I E 🌸
another different one. surprise 😂 both girls, in high school. Jan is new to Bells High while Jackie and her friends have been there since the start. Jan and Jackie se...
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After Midnight || Supernatural  by itsanothernobody
After Midnight || Supernatural by • A •
"There's a little bit of devil in her angel eyes." Supernatural Season 12+ Jack Kline COMPLETED 4/13/19 >> don't own nothing.
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instagram // crygi  by angelmethyd
instagram // crygi by 🧃
in which gigi is a instagram model and crystal is a useless lesbian lesbian crygi au ☀︎︎
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Miss GoodeMethyd by crygipending
Miss GoodeMethydby crygipending
A realistic love story for Gigi and Crystal if there had been no drag race✨
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Polaroid 🎞  Gigi Goode X reader by agoodedrag
Polaroid 🎞 Gigi Goode X readerby 🌟💋🌟
It's the simple things, A Polaroid that starts everything and the journey behind it all 💗 (started as a oneshot)
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Red vs Blue Season 12: Male Oc by xSpartanLeox
Red vs Blue Season 12: Male Ocby SpartanLeo
RvB Season 12, with their friends captured, Leo, Tucker, Zeta, Grif, Simmons and Caboose now find themselves caught in the middle of a planet-wide civil war, and if they...
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Smoke / Jack Kline by neptunes__
Smoke / Jack Klineby jaeden
I'm a normal hunter hunting monsters thats until I get a call from my brothers, about a hunt Sam and Dean Winchester. Thats where I meet Lucifers son Jack Kline. - Discl...
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13th Doctor OneShots S2 by D4rkSw4nQueen
13th Doctor OneShots S2by MissTimeyWimey!!
I don't Own any of the characters that belongs to the (BBC) Doctor Who. Hey Fam, So because these Oneshots/fics are going to be based of the episodes of S12 like the fi...
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Two Worlds // Crystal Methyd x Gigi Goode // by DistressedCurlyFries
Two Worlds // Crystal Methyd x DistressedCurlyFries
No one had ever proven that the rumours were true, and no one ever will because Meridiem and Alazam were two worlds that would never collide.
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You're Too Goode To Me... by eldebargebaby
You're Too Goode To ✨2 Gay 2 Function✨
Two best friends become long will it last? Forever?
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Make it right (crystal×gigi)  by Gigithunderfuck
Make it right (crystal×gigi) by Gistal
The most powerful thing you can do is become the image of your own imagination.
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 Getting Home, a Supernatural Fanfiction by KittyHazelnut
Getting Home, a Supernatural KittyHazelnut
Macie is far from a normal girl. She's the daughter of Lucifer and an almost-human girl. She's growing at an unreasonable rate, no longer resembling the baby she was a w...
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The Life of Percy Jackson by KatieMossman
The Life of Percy Jacksonby Katie Mossman
In The Percy Jackson books we are never told much about Sally's family, What if Her Family were hunters? What if she tried to leave that life behind to raise Percy? Will...
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When we were young (crystal×gigi)  by Gigithunderfuck
When we were young (crystal×gigi) by Gistal
The past is hard to forget
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I Don't Wanna Live Forever by killians_revenge
I Don't Wanna Live Foreverby Ashley Jones
"So tell me a story...."-Arthur Ketch Sequel to @destielsdreamer 's "Walking The Wire" Brie Ride was a normal person with hopes and dreams. She's a...
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