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An Apple A Day(Trixya) by Trixya_Shlyukha
An Apple A Day(Trixya)by .Trixya_Shlyukha.
Trixie is the new math teacher who has recently broken off her engagement to follow her passion of teaching.. Katya is the cheerleader who wears her skirts a little too...
a girl like you - trixya by ohhoneytrixya
a girl like you - trixyaby ohhoneytrixya
the good girl falls for the school rebel and they slowly fall in love; with each other, with themselves and with life. women are meant to be loved, not understood. (smu...
The only exception.- Trixya by pinkymattel
The only exception.- Trixyaby 🤠
Trixie Mattel was a beautiful blonde-haired girl whose biggest dream was to be able to sing on a stage. Katya Zamolodchikova was the cruelest and most feared biker aroun...
Flirt - Trixie Mattel x Katya Zamolodchikova  by chemicalburn_trixya
Flirt - Trixie Mattel x Katya Serena
Trixie Mattel was hot, young and smart. Anyone and everyone who knew her could tell you that. She owned Trixie Cosmetics at 20 and just so happened to be the hottest mak...
anxiety; trixya  by rakemom
anxiety; trixya by woman
anxiety /aŋˈzʌɪəti/ noun a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome.
red side of the moon- trixya by katyamattl
red side of the moon- trixyaby katyamattl
a trixya lesbian au. one where Trixie is a shy junior & Katya is an outspoken senior. one where someone gets a crush. one where they have a good time. (The characters o...
warm ; trixya ✗ by byezamo
warm ; trixya ✗by byezamo
warm (adj); having or showing enthusiasm, affection, or kindness. or the one where katya wants to sell old dolly parton albums and trixie wants to buy them. [short stor...
Red Snow ~ Trixya by In_a_land_of_ships
Red Snow ~ Trixyaby L. Maylott
《 Trixya lesbian AU 》 Katya, a homeless Russian woman who lost everything, shows up looking like death itself at a diner that happens to be owned by Trixie Mattel. Trix...
I'm a mess without you ; Trixya by ElisaSophieBiewer
I'm a mess without you ; Trixyaby Elisa.Zamo
"I know that I said promises are promises and I'm so sorry that I did this" "Go away you liar" Long fan fic about Trixie and Katya ;) Uploads every...
Trixya One Shots by nastyhookerhoe
Trixya One Shotsby nastyhookerhoe
one shots surrounding the characters of Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova. there is some fluff, some smut, and some heartbreak. a little bit of everything for every...
How's the weather? by M_suka
How's the weather?by musuka
Katya learns the hard way that promises dont always go as planned
one true pairing - otp, trixya by qtgrierr
one true pairing - otp, trixyaby alisha🍯
a trixya fanfic - they're my otp, they're your otp and of course, they are their own.
toxic by pr3tty_puppy
toxicby zxmo.mxttel
trixie mattel is perfect. pretty, smart, generous. tall and blonde with honey brown eyes. she is most popular girl in school, despite being a junior. she gets good grade...
weak ; trixya ✗ by byezamo
weak ; trixya ✗by byezamo
weak (adj): liable to break or give way under pressure; easily damaged. or the one where a bad girl falls in love with a good girl. [completed] - highest ranking #1 on t...
token punk ~ trixya college/roommates au by orpheus8
token punk ~ trixya college/ orpheus
Katya moves into Trixie's dorm unexpectedly, and it takes no time at all before they're at each others throats. Their bickering is thinly veiled however, and they slowly...
Katya? by lexylpt
Katya?by Dizzy
The buddy systems turns out to be a lot more than she expected
'tis the damn season by galaxybrunost505
'tis the damn seasonby galaxybrunost505
5+1: the five Christmases Trixie stayed and the one she didn't. Based on Taylor Swift's 'tis the damn season/dorothea.
When I kissed the teacher by Rockstar1657
When I kissed the teacherby A person
Trixie is a math and art teacher. Katya is a new student. Let's see what happens.
I will always love you  by little_goodgirl
I will always love you by little_goodgirl
"Time have passed but can't stop thinking about you. I will always love you." Trixie and Katya met in high school. They fell in love. They broke up. Then ye...
untitled (2) trixya by morgojayy26
untitled (2) trixyaby slut4katya
a broken hearted katya decides to jump back into the dating scene, discovering trixie, an older woman in a dating website. after nights of calls and texts, katya makes a...
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