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Be mine.. || Bianca x Adore by tildaanistoon
Be mine.. || Bianca x Adoreby Tilda
One Month since the finale episode of RuPauls dragrace aired. Adore is meeting her soulmate Bianca after what feels like forever. Will this still lead to a happy ever af...
Biadore: Unheard of (COMPLETED) by DaddyJankee
Biadore: Unheard of (COMPLETED)by (:paige:)
"Some people search all their lives for what we got, a fairytale in motion, with hearts deep as the ocean" Danny Noriega/Adore Delano is polish remover, bitch...
Paradise by katya_sanction
Paradiseby April
You're the bartender at the local bar. One slow afternoon, a man comes in and orders from you. Except, there's one thing he forgot to mention when you first met. (Katya...
I Need You - Biadore (COMPLETED) by DaddyJankee
I Need You - Biadore (COMPLETED)by (:paige:)
*SEQUEL TO BIADORE: UNHEARD OF* It's been three years since Danny and Roy got back together. Everything had been going great, until Danny's father passes away. Danny is...
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The story of Biadore by a_slice_of_crazy
The story of Biadoreby a_slice_of_crazy
Bianca tells the story of her and Adore, from the moment they met, up until the present day. There's love, tears and heartbreak.
Lego House [feat. BiaDore] by TITUSGREY
Lego House [feat. BiaDore]by екатерина ✨
The second book of the BiaDore SHEERAN series. Inspired by the singles from Ed Sheeran's debut studio album "+" (pronounced "plus") 1. The A Team 2...
Where We Land [feat. BiaDore] by TITUSGREY
Where We Land [feat. BiaDore]by екатерина ✨
The first book of the BiaDore SHEERAN series. Inspired by Ed Sheeran's 2010 album "Songs I Wrote with Amy - EP" 1. Fall 2. Fire Alarms 3. Where We Land 4. Col...
Sucker for love- a biadore fan fic by dragxlover
Sucker for love- a biadore fan ficby Bella😌🥰
Adore Delano has a little crush on Bianca Del Rio she also goes through depression and feels that Bianca a talented drag queen will never fall for a drag queen like her
Rupauls Drag Race Imagines And Prefrences by LottieBeau1
Rupauls Drag Race Imagines And Beau
There may be spelling mistakes These are stories of the contestants from Rupauls Drag Race. If you cant find your favourite drag queen. Bare with! Ill try my best to...
Typical ~ Biadore  by biadoreXtrixya
Typical ~ Biadore by E L L I E 🌸
Your typical high school au 🍕
Photograph [feat. BiaDore] by TITUSGREY
Photograph [feat. BiaDore]by екатерина ✨
The third book of the BiaDore SHEERAN series. Inspired by the singles from x (pronounced "multiply"), the second studio album by English singer-songwriter, Ed...
Caught in the Act by rpdrlove
Caught in the Actby rpdrlove
Adore walks in to find BIANCA DEL RIO and COURTNEY ACT together. Like, as a couple. What the Hell? When did this happen? Adore shouldn't care but... Bianca is her bigges...
Ship oneshots|drag queens  by biadoreXtrixya
Ship oneshots|drag queens by E L L I E 🌸
Just a bunch of one shots. Comment for a ship you want me to write about ❤️
Holiday House  by ZamosKatya
Holiday House by ZamosKatya
Katya retired from drag in 2018 after she and Trixie parted ways. Will her small town life change forever when trixie makes an appearance at her fiftieth birthday?
Drag race on shots } 1 by boscosgirlfriend
Drag race on shots } 1by Gay
Just a bunch of one shots to cure my depression.
token punk ~ trixya college/roommates au by orpheus8
token punk ~ trixya college/ orpheus
Katya moves into Trixie's dorm unexpectedly, and it takes no time at all before they're at each others throats. Their bickering is thinly veiled however, and they slowly...
Biadore ~ A Day To Remember  by biadoreXtrixya
Biadore ~ A Day To Remember by E L L I E 🌸
This is a story I'm going to be working in for a while and it's gonna have a lot of chapters so be prepared! Hope you enjoy! 💞
✔️||Tour||-||Trixya Oneshot|| by cryingforhelp_trixya
✔️||Tour||-||Trixya Oneshot||by Serena
One shot! Trixie and Katya on tour doing some cute shit.