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Shinobu Kochou x Fem!Reader by sleepinthrumyalarms
Shinobu Kochou x Fem!Readerby sasha romanova
- oneshots - hcs - would includes i do smut, too requests are open!! 4.09 - #7 in #shinobukocho 22.09 - #1 in #shinobukochou
bittersüß - juzo by iwannafartnow
bittersüß - juzoby y/n
"Und wieder spürt Ju dieses beschissene Gefühl. Der bittere Nachgeschmack dieses viel zu süßen Kusses. Aber einfach zu bitter, um es ignorieren zu können. Aber auch...
The Stanley Parable - Stanley x Narrator  by M1chelle124
The Stanley Parable - Stanley x Michelle-Sarah
This is a story about a man named Stanley who falls in love with the Narrator- Wait no that's not the right script! Where is it? One Moment, please.. It has to be somewh...
Ship Head Cannons by Gailshipsasunaru
Ship Head Cannonsby Abigail Riabtsev
this book is a book of my ships and there head cannons these are in my opinion so all hate will be deleted thank you for your time and good night.
Lovely Sights | Gay Story by NaruhodoAWrighto
Lovely Sights | Gay Storyby Naruhodo A. Wrighto
Felix Parks is a blind 17 year old high-schooler, who is often made fun of over his condition. He has been thinking about love too much lately, and how he might never be...
Doctor  by psychooooo_24
Doctor by Blackrose2478
Bxb Story Psychooooo_24
Dewangga [Sedang Proses Revisi] by Anggadextrous
Dewangga [Sedang Proses Revisi]by Angga
"Dek, kamu jadi member kedelapan iKON aja, ya ya ya?" "Eh? Aku?"
How To Steal A Heart ♡ Olivia Rodrigo X Fem OC! by fameadows
How To Steal A Heart ♡ Olivia Vivi ♡
Ana had a summer job as a life guard at the beach. What happens when she meets Olivia, the girl who got a summer job at the ice cream shop, and one night the unexpected...
Gay Club by SadRusalka
Gay Clubby 𝘾𝙝𝙚𝙧𝙧𝙮 𝘾𝙤𝙡𝙖
Nie wiem co to, ale może się przyjmie. Najwyższe notowania: #3 W klub
The phases I Maddy x Cassie by FreshSmut69
The phases I Maddy x Cassieby FreshSmut69
They used to be best friends until Maddy found out about Cassies dark secret. Will they continue to be friend or even more?
Flower Boy & Girl [hanlice] by shintayi
Flower Boy & Girl [hanlice]by Hanbin Lisa
Dalam menjalin hubungan, itu wajar jika sebuah konflik datang. Justru itu yang membuat kita rela mengorbankan apa saja demi bisa bersama dengan seorang yang kita cintai
Just Some Cute Heartstopper Stuff by swordloss
Just Some Cute Heartstopper Stuffby swordloss
I'm so obsessed with Heartstopper so this is just a book with some Heartstopper stuff. Headcanons, fanart, me ranting about it and that kind of stuff 😂🥰 And you can r...
Matt Sturniolo and you - one shots by EscritoreAnonime
Matt Sturniolo and you - one shotsby EscritoreAnonime
one shots with moments narrated as Matt and you, non specified gender
Falling for Mr. Flores by prisonerayle
Falling for Mr. Floresby Warden
"It's really hard for me to fall in love not until Yrhoe Lousé Flores confess his feelings to me, making it hard to believe that a so-called 'bading' like him would...
Keep my secret (English version) by BabyPastaPesto_53
Keep my secret (English version)by BabyPastaPesto_53
Alexandra, a 16-year-old young woman, finds herself separated from her friends when she moves in the middle of the school year from her small provincial town for her mot...
feathers by 99_nine_99
feathersby Bermuda
This is the story of Sapnap, a beginner wizard that was send out on an impossible task. He must break a curse so powerful that only the feathers of a nearly extinct spec...
Orientation.S [Terminé] by park_hanav
Orientation.S [Terminé]by 𝐿𝑖𝑡𝑡𝑙𝑒 𝐺𝑖𝑟𝑙
-24/11/18 Cette histoire a été écrite lorsque j'étais au collège, c'est à dire il y a fort fort longtemps, je l'ai publié mais pour une raison que j'ai oublié je l'ai dé...
Adventure at Another Level  by ShinsStorys
Adventure at Another Level by Shin
The plan was to make an interesting fantasy adventure but the Groupe didn't expect to end up in a real one (Book cover is only a place holder till I draw the real one)
Friending by nanana6699
Tak ada persahabatan yang murni itu kata orang, lantas bagaimana menurut Nara dan Hanbin ? sepasang sahabat yang memegang teguh prinsip Persahabatan diantara mereka wala...