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The Stanley Parable - Stanley x Narrator  by M1chelle124
The Stanley Parable - Stanley x Michelle-Sarah
This is a story about a man named Stanley who falls in love with the Narrator- Wait no that's not the right script! Where is it? One Moment, please.. It has to be somewh...
Anthony unravels his neighborhood's hidden identity with a shock, excitement and fun. His stalking skills are definitely worth it when he found out his real colors are.
Lovely Sights | Gay Story by NaruhodoAWrighto
Lovely Sights | Gay Storyby Naruhodo A. Wrighto
Felix Parks is a blind 17 year old high-schooler, who is often made fun of over his condition. He has been thinking about love too much lately, and how he might never be...
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bittersüß - juzo by iwannafartnow
bittersüß - juzoby y/n
"Und wieder spürt Ju dieses beschissene Gefühl. Der bittere Nachgeschmack dieses viel zu süßen Kusses. Aber einfach zu bitter, um es ignorieren zu können. Aber auch...
Forever Winter [ Taylor Swift Her Daughter ] by EmilyScarlettt
Forever Winter [ Taylor Swift EmilyScarlettt
Can i go where you go? In which, Scarlett Marie Swift falls in love with her bestfriend Gracie Abrams. But is she able to do it with her past? Her parents Taylor Swift...
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Doctor  by psychooooo_24
Doctor by Blackrose2478
Bxb Story Psychooooo_24
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Matt Sturniolo and you - one shots by EscritoreAnonime
Matt Sturniolo and you - one shotsby EscritoreAnonime
one shots with moments narrated as Matt and you, non specified gender
online sweethearts by pluiedebaises
online sweetheartsby qis<3
Lilith meet Rhea on a game and slowly falls into this well-known trap that is love. lilith x rhea the cover is from an artist on Pinterest
Matt Sturniolo - One shots by EscritoreAnonime
Matt Sturniolo - One shotsby EscritoreAnonime
Where Matt hooks up with... a guy?
queer memes 3 by nobadvibesinmycereal
queer memes 3by amanda
hey again here's another book of wholesome lgbtq+ memes. hope you enjoy! also, none of the memes are mine, just comments, so don't come at me, i put these at public doma...
Soulbound Secrets by frustrating_bones
Soulbound Secretsby frustrating_bones
What if, one night, as you read your favorite story, your soul is transferred to the body's main villain? Slow update
Ichor Steam (Not Just Comrades) (Hange x Fem Reader)  by Annarchieinyourhead
Ichor Steam (Not Just Comrades) ( Annarchie
Y/N was there when Shiganshina fell Under The attack of titans. Even though it wasn't her hometown she experienced something she can't ever forget. When she runs away fr...
...and they were roommates | Oneshots by Potentional_Writter
...and they were roommates | Text Below Is Lying.
Just a bunch of gay one shots to make your day better Or worse. Hey, just a little warning. There are a few touchy topics, I'd say. Also, I'm no professional writer, but...
How To Steal A Heart ♡ Olivia Rodrigo X Fem OC! by fameadows
How To Steal A Heart ♡ Olivia Vivi ♡
Ana had a summer job as a life guard at the beach. What happens when she meets Olivia, the girl who got a summer job at the ice cream shop, and one night the unexpected...
The way back home (Klance)  by cookielover61
The way back home (Klance) by cookielover61
This story is finding place after they defeated the galra, only the garla didn't come to earth. Just before he started at the Garrison, Lance came out to his family. Thi...
Not Attracted To You by DanielaPraulinya
Not Attracted To Youby danla
mostly just a light story about neighbors. CONVERTED FROM BRITTANA STORY!
My Life Experience Till Now by Rosetto_lazypanda
My Life Experience Till Nowby Rosetto_lazypanda
This story will tell is about me...hope u enjoy Cette histoire parlera de moi ... j'espère que vous apprécierez
Heartstopper Oneshots  by swordloss
Heartstopper Oneshots by swordloss
Okay we all know I'm obsessed with heartstopper by now, so why not make a oneshot book? - I don't own the characters - swearing