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Value of Love (4x fanfic) by ChocoYip
Value of Love (4x fanfic)by ChocoYip
Four and X had always been best friends, they would do everything together! but when Three and One become sceptical of their true relationship, they do..... an expiremen...
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[ON HIATUS] Alien from another planet [BFB Fic] by R0yalSweet
[ON HIATUS] Alien from another 0ak0aks
Imagine being an algebralien like truly imagine... you have many abilities and that is treated as would be expected, you likewise don't need to manage occupations as wel...
Hated Love - Fubble story [HUMANIZED] by ilypizzacookie
Hated Love - Fubble story [ Golden
I made because I noticed the lack of fubble stories on this site This is also inspired by tinsope, go give them a look
The Perfect Subjects | A BfB/BfDI fanfic by ClownTownUSA
The Perfect Subjects | A BfB/ Clown Icon 😻
A doctor makes living objects. Raised in small, isolated environments. Heavily monitored and kept perfect. But some of them, don't come out the way they were supposed to...
BFDI/BFB/TPOT Oneshots! ❤ - Book One by TheDemiEnbyPop
BFDI/BFB/TPOT Oneshots! ❤ - Book Call me Demi!
Hi friends! This is my book of BFB oneshots! You can request Character x Reader, but most oneshots will be Character x Character. Feel free to request anything, within m...
My BFB and maybe I.I Nsfw art book | [I'M NOT SORRY HAHAH-] by 3_Am_Coffee
My BFB and maybe I.I Nsfw art ցօԵϲհɑ
it's in the title- cover art does not belong to me but the art on this book does, unless I say otherwise .... we all need god. This contains BFB objects and probably ...
Starting Anew | 4X BFB by _xfohvz
Starting Anew | 4X BFBby silly guy
[ set after the last episode of bfb, this is a 4x story! and no, there will be no smut, expect spoilers for the entire show. ] - - - - - enjoy! p.s. | This is not a s...
Road Kill || [BFB Au] by RoseEryna
Road Kill || [BFB Au]by RoseEryna
{this au takes place in BFB 27, as you could alternate route} The challenge had ended, Four and the contestants decide that the weather in the desert is too hot...
Treasure Box. (A BFB 4X fanfiction) by Number_macaroni
Treasure Box. (A BFB 4X fanfiction)by Hiccup
Four and X have been friends ever since Four was banished from the equation playground. But they'd rather not be friends... they want to be something bigger. And when a...
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꧁Our Exit꧂ - a BFB fanfic by TippyToas
꧁Our Exit꧂ - a BFB fanficby needs break
On BFB 3, Leafy got eliminated and sucked into Four as punishment. There, she found a small classroom called the E.X.I.T(Eternal .Xalgebra .Iclass .TwithFour) in the mi...
(DISCONTINUED) The Lucky and The Unlucky - 4X Fanfiction by clowningly
(DISCONTINUED) The Lucky and The whitmore
Four and X have known each other since their childhoods. Four has always been the unlucky one, while X the lucky one (due to their value being 7). They are the best of f...
Simply Less Value ( 2 theory fic???)  by dangocountryhuman
Simply Less Value ( 2 theory Orange Mochi
I wrote this book because I was sick of people making Two look like a villain. Sooo why not make this dedicated to Two. Think of a "bad guy" looking like a pr...
Used to be best friends.. | BFB/TPOT Fic by JustA_Bi
Used to be best friends.. | BFB/ JustA_Bi
What if Four and Two we're best friends before? They we're doing everything together till Four meet X? Slowly Four drifted away from Two and started to do everything the...
"...Hey, Leafy!" | A BFB FANFICTION 🚨🚨(HIATUS)🚨🚨 by blooberywaffle
"...Hey, Leafy!" | A BFB
What happens if BFB didn't go as planned? What if Loser used his power for evil? What if he wasn't what we all seemed he was? Leafy soon faces the reality of those quest...
BFB AU The Three Musketeers  by RoseEryna
BFB AU The Three Musketeers by RoseEryna
Once Upon A Time, There was a Kingdom called BFB Kingdom After the Ex King 2 Stealing half of its Residents They all Lived in Peace and Harmony (wow so dramatic) Until o...
The Flame's Shooting Star (Bfb Fanfiction) by melonist_lord
The Flame's Shooting Star (Bfb sav / melona
Leafy, being a known pop star in the country, has gone on a very unusual mission for someone as famous as her. She tries to find her one and only childhood best friend w...
BFB Kindergarten!/ A BFB Au [CANCELLED] by RoseEryna
BFB Kindergarten!/ A BFB Au [ RoseEryna
Four is semi depressed over the fact that Two just stole half his show and his co host. The other numbers felt pity for him and even Three! So Three takes his time to ma...
Somewhere Else [Bfb Fanfiction] BACK IN PRODUCTION by KatieKatDragon27
Somewhere Else [Bfb Fanfiction] Katie the Writer/Artist
"And it was said, two algebraic expressions of far different backgrounds, will find each other in an unlikely scenario, learning to depend and care for one another...
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