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Happy Tree Friends Oneshots (EDITING) by LancelotPuppet
Happy Tree Friends Oneshots ( Lance
Romance is all around Happy Tree Town,and everyone is trying to find their lover. What romance will await them? Requests: OPEN REQUEST ANYTHING. ANGST, FLUFFY OR NEUTRAL...
How to fall inlove..flippyxflaky by Aestheticbeach
How to fall inlove..flippyxflakyby Aestheticbeach
Flaky gets invited to hang out with some friends and they choose to play truth & dare..bad idea! #57 in flakyxflippy 2/22/24 (I had more higher rates in tags but nervet...
Viral Love | Viral Hit / How To Fight  by MaisedX
Viral Love | Viral Hit / How To 𝒽𝓊𝒾
Hobin is an outsider in his school. Bullying, pranking, all the negative activities must have involved him unfortunately. In short, he is out of luck. The bullying staye...
💘Happy Tree Friends Opinion Ships!💘 by LiraJayJay
💘Happy Tree Friends Opinion 💜Anime Girl💜
Hey guys! This is the 9th version of Opinion ships book that I have published and it's going to be about Happy Tree Friends Ships! It's 100% safe so feel free to comment...
Hard To Forget.™ by MBCrazy1
Hard To Forget.™by Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen.
The last we heard of Destiny, she was left crying behind her school building and pregnant, while Trey was going to Julliard, a performing arts school in New York, to pur...
You've Gone Mad | Yandere!Splendid x Reader by -Ephemer
You've Gone Mad | Yandere! -Ephemer
[Human AU] Splendid knew it was wrong, but he couldn't stop. He followed you, watched you, wanted you, but he couldn't have you--not when everyone else was getting in th...
The Tyrant's Reward by Phantomhed
The Tyrant's Rewardby Htf fan
On the youngest princess's anniversary, an army of relentless soldiers had infiltrated the castle walls alongside their king, Flippy, the ruler of Sequoia. Madness, chao...
Weak by maidoftime0_0
Weakby maidoftime0_0
(WARNING: Story contains violence, profanity, and nsfw) Flaky is a anxiety filled girl who has to deal with the struggle of living in a town where if you die one day, yo...
This book contains Zodiacs but Happy Tree Friends edition! Nothing here is not meant to be accurate and is just meant for entertainment purposes only! I do not own H...
HTF Ship Review by VestigeSlut
HTF Ship Reviewby Second My Hero
⚠️Disclaimer: These are my opinions on the ships⚠️
Happy tree friends oneshots (requests open) by reddcordandhtflover3
Happy tree friends oneshots ( Reddcordandhtflover3
Yep I'm gonna make these, mostly human aus, mostly gay. Might do "x reader" fanfics in this Requests are open
Diary of a cursed porcupine by Phantomhed
Diary of a cursed porcupineby Htf fan
This is where I (Crayon_consumer) write my headcannons of my htf AU. In it, I'll attempt to give some background to the story of the htf characters in my AU, essentially...
Happy Tree Friends x reader by spacejam123
Happy Tree Friends x readerby juicy plums
Since i found no good stories for them like always I'm making my own for them this will be good stay with me y'all
Old friends {Flippy X Flaky} by official_enderlox
Old friends {Flippy X Flaky}by I'm a lovesick fool...
Flaky had known flippy since she was nine. He was the one who always protected her. He was taken away from her when she was eleven. Now, six years later, she reunites wi...
Flippy x Flaky stories by Phantomhed
Flippy x Flaky storiesby Htf fan
This is just me drawing scenarios of my fav characters in a love triangle from htf and then writing details on the situation. One is a green bear with severe PTSD, the o...
Terrible Hero + Killer Veteran  by lunalitpetals
Terrible Hero + Killer Veteran by lunalitpetals
Disclaimer this is a fanfic and I do not own any of the characters used! • All characters belong to Mondo Media • • Art not mine either! • * Human AU * Fliqpy has a cru...
♡Baby Mama♡ by Manhwaobsessedfreak1
fuck shit ass cuntifier bitch face what I'd say when I get oneof my fingers stuck in between the car door and the other side of the car door. :▪︎{ ☆Follow Y/n REYEZ...
How to Take Care of... by FreedomBean
How to Take Care Asmodeus
This is a bunch of "How to Take Care of ___", meaning I'll put how to take care of a certain character. You can request a character if you'd like! Just a warni...
NIÑERO *Flippy x splendid* - temporada 2 XD  by Splendid4898
NIÑERO *Flippy x splendid* - Splendid4898
Hola esto solo es una continuación a mi manera de la historia "Niñero" búscalo como Niñero (Splendid x Flippy), si no te gusta este tipo de historias o simplem...
Flippy x Flaky by Damnotthisagain
Flippy x Flakyby ✨✝️Blessyn✝️✨
Flippy recently gets cheated on by ____ while his other side (Fliqpy ) kills the man his ex cheated on with he finds injured Flaky