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~Winds of Change Bring Hurricanes~ by WhiteDireWolves
~Winds of Change Bring Hurricanes~by Bekah Boo
When Flaky moves back to Happy Tree Town after staying with a relative, she meets an unexpected love interest. Will things turn out the way she hopes? Or will she be in...
Htf boyfriend scenarios by Phantom_Chan
Htf boyfriend scenariosby The Queen
Is now trying to get these pages done, with maybe new characters and stuff! I'm making htf boyfriend scenarios now don't worry I will still work on the fnaf one that's a...
Psychotic Love (Flippy X Flaky) by 3zumii
Psychotic Love (Flippy X Flaky)by Ezumii
Just an old story I wrote when I was younger, slowly working on finishing this book. I promise.
Sleepovers [Complete] by DemiGboss
Sleepovers [Complete]by DGBoss
The girls are having a sleepover and some of the guys are spying. Things get a little.... When the girls find out Flaky has interesting night clothes her mother got her...
Fliqpy/flippy x reader by DeadStoat
Fliqpy/flippy x readerby Spooks
HEEEEREEES JOHNNY! jk its a story for all my happy tree friends fans out there UwU (PREVEIW) You look up from Cuddles corpse and see Flippy, standing with your knife o...
Danganronpa: Joy of Ferocity (HTF x Danganronpa) by Aloof_Spirit
Danganronpa: Joy of Ferocity ( Aloof Spirit
Do you like Danganronpa? Do you like Happy Tree Friends? Or do you just want to see cute animals kill each other in a mystery solving Killing Game? Then this series is p...
Happy Tree Friends x Reader Oneshots! by Pinkrain65
Happy Tree Friends x Reader Rain
I'm growing to love these characters and I think you do too and that's why you're here. Some oneshots of characters being in love with you. I'm not currently doing reque...
Flippy x Flaky stories by Phantomhed
Flippy x Flaky storiesby Htf fan
This is just me drawing scenarios of my fav characters in a love triangle from htf and then writing details on the situation. One is a green bear with severe PTSD, the o...
Weak by maidoftime0_0
Weakby maidoftime0_0
(WARNING: Story contains violence, profanity, and nsfw) Flaky is a anxiety filled girl who has to deal with the struggle of living in a town where if you die one day, yo...
HTF Incorrect Quotes by LuluandLogan1373
HTF Incorrect Quotesby Piece o' Garbage
Incorrect quotes, but htf.
Happy Tree Friends x reader [I Was High When I Made This Give Me A Break] by HtfSagaSama
Happy Tree Friends x reader [I Flippy on Steroids
Ya this has Ooc written all over it Highest Rank Achieved~ 1st Place in htf Highest Rank Achieved~ 2nd Place in Happytreefriends
My Flippy with Ptsd by TUNA3Fish
My Flippy with Ptsdby TUNA3Fish
This is a htf Flippy x Reader x Flipqy so cringe! Yay.
💘Happy Tree Friends Opinion Ships!💘 by LiraJayJay
💘Happy Tree Friends Opinion 💜Anime Girl💜
Hey guys! This is the 9th version of Opinion ships book that I have published and it's going to be about Happy Tree Friends Ships! It's 100% safe so feel free to comment...
Viral Love | Viral Hit / How To Fight  by MaisedX
Viral Love | Viral Hit / How To 𝒽𝓊𝒾
Hobin is an outsider in his school. Bullying, pranking, all the negative activities must have involved him unfortunately. In short, he is out of luck. The bullying staye...
All About Me Part Eight by antluvr
All About Me Part Eightby Rayna
I can't believe this is the eighth part of this series!
Will you still love me? (Flippy/Fliqpy x Splendid) by Amiracle100
Will you still love me? (Flippy/ Rotten_Bug100
Since coming back from war, Flippy, the town's veteran suffers from PTSD. His evil alter has made his life a living nightmare. But after meeting the town's hero for the...
(HTF) Happy Tree Friends Incorrect Quotes by liftyHTF2317
(HTF) Happy Tree Friends liftyHTF
Quotes inspired by the show Happy Tree Friends!! I don't own Happy Tree Friends or any of the characters!!
HTF Ship Review by CoffeeNOrder66
HTF Ship Reviewby YeetusDeletusMyLife
⚠️Disclaimer: These are my opinions on the ships⚠️