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My Luffy (Luffy x Reader) by Chopper4682
My Luffy (Luffy x Reader)by Interested Fellow
SECOND PLACE IN ONE PIECE 2015!!!!!!! Here you are an assassin, when the dorky and (adorable) annoying captain asked you to join his crew being you , you couldn't resist...
Freedom & Fate | One Piece x Reader by ama_rin
Freedom & Fate | One Piece x Readerby Rin
"Fate will find a way." A girl who ran away from fate, a girl who aspires to live freely. Hazy memories and the possessions on her body are the...
Psychotic  ✓ by liarsdiaries
Psychotic ✓by liarsdiaries
#1 in Mystery/Thriller ( 05/17/17 ) "I'm afraid to be alone with my thoughts..." "why?" "Because they're dangerous... and that makes me da...
# The wrong Mr Right.  by Ferrero_Roccher
# The wrong Mr Right. by Ferrero
Sanyukta Aggarwal is a single hardworking mother who puts her daughter ,Rimi over her happiness. If only her hot ,glamorous and fun-loving nanny ,Ishika Khanna was bette...
We Can Make It If We Try (Styles Triplets X Louis)**ON HOLD** by Larry-Is-So-Real
We Can Make It If We Try (Styles Larry💞
Louis is an omega and the school nerd who is poor and abused at school for being gay.Marcel is an alpha and hes a nerd even though he is rich and his brothers are famous...
Taylor Swift Wants Me?! by imadedisswift13
Taylor Swift Wants Me?!by imadedisswift13
A Swiftie with a shitty life who got a huge lifechange as soon as she met her idol. Well, kinda like meeting her idol... a story full of troubles as well for our 13-yea...
The Ventors by evadarewriting
The Ventorsby Stef
Luna Rhodes never really stood out in any way. She wasn't popular in high school and she definitely didn't do anything out of the ordinary. But one day, she crosses path...
Deaf [A One Direction Fanfic] -Amy's Adventures Book 1- #Wattys2014 by CherrySodakota
Deaf [A One Direction Fanfic] Dakota
You know, I've never been the most normal girl. I only have one friend, I'm not interested in normal things, and I live in an orphanage. Yup, I'm an orphan. And just to...
I Told You Not To Fall in Love. ✔ by xchaoticthoughtsx
I Told You Not To Fall in Love. ✔by S 🥀
"A girl and guy can never remain just best friends!" Two childhood best friends, born on the same day. Absolutely unseparable. One tragedy makes them part the...
Defying All Odds #Wattys2015 by JessieKaitie1517
Defying All Odds #Wattys2015by Kaitlyn & Jessica
21 year old Evelyn Anderson was diagnosed with stage zero lung cancer. Instead of going through treatment, Evie hides the life threatening phenomenon by saying she’s a c...
Decieve by MustafaShareef
Decieveby Mustafa Shareef
A story of a police officer who gets deceived all along first by his fiancee and then by so many people he crosses paths with.
❝ Who will you be when the night falls as the shadows come to reclaim their light?❞ © allyzzle, 2019
My Best Friends' Sister by princess_skittlez
My Best Friends' Sisterby Princess
I quickly rushed over with my hands ready to catch Yesha the same time as they stepped back, when she dropped in my hand I gave her a smile. "Thanks, bodyguard"...
The Happy Ending | urvX by itsUrvX
The Happy Ending | urvXby urvX
[Highest Ranking #32 in Short Stories] "I love her and she loved me, and that would be our fairytale. Eva Jenesis Shields-Torres is my happy ending." _________...
Memories                            「  a Pokemon fanfic 」 by Kstash
#15 Uri
Name's Uri; I'm 18 years old. And if your wondering, this isn't some damn sob story about my life. It's about my revenge against Team Plasma and their bastard of a leade...
Dear Diary. by princess_skittlez
Dear Princess
Skylar Reid is one of the quite girls in her year and also the girl that no one notices. Or so she thought. Mason Rivers had a crush on Skylar since they had first start...
Human Error - A Steven Universe FanFiction by gigairne
Human Error - A Steven Universe collabs r overrated
Meet Pearl. He's not very bright, and the only thing he can do is pass the salt shaker to Rose Quartz, his master. But of course, that is what Pearls are intended for, i...
Newly met Soulmates by moon_child135
Newly met Soulmatesby moon_child135
But...I just met her. But, I feel like I've known her a lifetime.