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Solos contra el mundo - Simbar by Dandelion-Girl
Solos contra el mundo - Simbarby Nessie M
Ámbar Smith was always the perfect girl loved by everyone. But poor choices, and twists in her life left her alone and hopeless. She lost everything, even the love of he...
masters of the scene | lutteo au by deliverydefresas
masters of the scene | lutteo auby Maro
Matteo Balsano is a famous singer who has been crushing on this one girl he saw every day behind a window many years ago, back when he first started recording his debut...
What If by Fangirl_C
What Ifby ☾
"What if Simón hadn't found the handkerchief that day? What if they had had their movie date like they planned to?" A canon divergence simbar AU.
Simbar one shots by sky-girls
Simbar one shotsby B
a bunch of simbar one shots I wrote for tumblr prompts. Cover by
Soy Sol (A Soy Luna Fanfic) by Sapphire_TheWriter
Soy Sol (A Soy Luna Fanfic)by Sapphire_TheWriter
This story takes place three years after season three of Soy Luna. Luna tries to manage life dealing with Matteo's new stardom and coping with the breakup of the Roller...
One Shots | SIMBAR by deliverydefresas
One Shots | SIMBARby Maro
a collection of simbar prompts I've gotten on tumblr. cover made by the wonderful sky-girls, whom i love lots ✨
Luna ¬ James Potter II  (o.h.)  by prongsletteee
Luna ¬ James Potter II (o.h.) by prongsletteee
'l just hope it's not too late to follow my heart.' {James Sirius Potter x OC} {Next Generation- Marauders Era} {Started 8/8/2018} I only own my OCs all rights go to JKR...
Punto y aparte by _AlexaLozano
Punto y aparteby _AlexaLozano
Carolina y Agustín han seguido sus sueños, después de terminar el proyecto de Soy Luna, cada quien tomo un camino diferente, Caro está participando en una maravillosa ob...
Miracles of Love (Soy Luna Pregnancy series) by Elik128
Miracles of Love (Soy Luna Elik128
Have you ever imagined, how would your favourite skaters face parenthood and pregnancy? Or when are they going to have their first child? Then is this fanfiction for you...
Lutteo one shots by deliverychicafresa
Lutteo one shotsby deliverychicafresa
A collection of Lutteo one shots. Cover by
My Half Brother - SL (COMPLETA) by fanfics_LM
My Half Brother - SL (COMPLETA)by Fanfics BR
SE AMAR VOCÊ FOR CRIME, QUAL SERÁ MINHA SENTENÇA? •Sinopse• Os pais de Karol se separaram quando ela era pequena. Ela passou a morar com seu pai,já que sua mãe foi p...
Instagram Soy Luna  by softzenere
Instagram Soy Luna by 𝘼𝙢𝙗𝙖𝙧𝙎𝙢𝙞𝙩𝙝
Alors qu'ils sont au lycée, une bande va vivre une aventure où elle rencontrera leurs premiers amours, leurs premiers rêves, et leurs premiers pas dans la vie d'adulte...
I hate you, I love you - Simbar by Dandelion-Girl
I hate you, I love you - Simbarby Nessie M
Inspired by Soy Luna 3 trailer, this is set after episode 2x80. Ámbar and Simón couldn't be worse. She needs him but won't let that happen. He hates her but is always t...
Drabbles and Oneshots by Fangirl_C
Drabbles and Oneshotsby ☾
Collection of Simbar Drabbles and One-Shots I post on Tumblr.
oneshots | lutteo by ac-ars
oneshots | lutteoby pau
completely random lutteo oneshots
Significant Other Forever (Soy Luna Fan Fiction) by Elik128
Significant Other Forever (Soy Elik128
Ever wondered how Matteo proposed to Luna? If Gaston came back? Or how was first time of your favourite skaters? Then is this fan fiction for you. I hope you like it :)...
Instagram Soy Luna -Karol, Valentina y Carolina-.. by AguslinaMichaentinaR
Instagram Soy Luna -Karol, Soy luna
Instagram, con drama, tristeza, amor, shippeos, celos ETC #1 en MejoresAmigas
Black Out  by yellowligths
Black Out by useless lesbian
a soy luna 3 take focused only on ambar.
RESET by Shemovesaway
RESETby Shemovesaway
A Simbar Story. ¿Y si Ámbar pudiera regresar el tiempo e iniciar de nuevo? No más venganzas, no más dramas. Una oportunidad única para reparar su relación con Simón. Te...
We Ain't Never Getting Older by sky-girls
We Ain't Never Getting Olderby B
The one where Luna really needs help with calculus and Ámbar offers her ex boyfriend as a tutor, or also known as the one where Ámbar has a plan to get back with her ex...