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Homeschool Hair by Christine_Owen
Homeschool Hairby Christine Owen
PUBLISHED under the name Homeschool Hair in the Once Upon Now Anthology! It starts with a boy. I mean, doesn't it always?? Join Zoe, a modern day Rapunzel, as she naviga...
  • love
  • fairytale
  • rapunzel
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The Four Baristas of the Apocalypse by Reffster
The Four Baristas of the Apocalypseby Alex Midwinter
In the Earth's darkest hour, unexpected heroes are stirring. Stirring their coffee, that is. When aliens invade, four baristas on a camping trip hardly seem the most lik...
  • superpower
  • superhero
  • sci-fi
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The Road To Avalon™ [Completed] by DawnMDrake
The Road To Avalon™ [Completed]by Dawn-Marie Drake
A Novella ~ (The Corwin Brothers Book 1) "I refuse to come between you and your family. Your mother needs you now, and I truly hope your father recovers. Go be wi...
  • epilogue
  • relationship
  • chicklit
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Traveler by JinnNelson
Travelerby Jinn Nelson
Trapped in a cafe that travels to seven dimensions on an infinite loop, Jaz Contra serves coffee while trying to locate the mysterious white-haired man who put her there...
  • coffee
  • featured
  • barista
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Americano by deburankata
Americanoby o m b a k
Bercerita tentang seorang barista yang bernama Hawa yang dicintai oleh dua orang laki-laki, Habil dan Qobil. Siapakah yang akan Hawa pilih? Habil atau Qobil?
  • kopi
  • romance
  • cerita
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A Knight of Chivalry by Emoddess
A Knight of Chivalryby Emoddess
Twenty-three year old barista, Sage James considers himself a practical man who cherishes predictable routines and tranquillity despite living in a bustling city of Chic...
  • winter
  • drama
  • newadult
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steam - a supercorp au by fireandash3
steam - a supercorp auby fireandash3
"Coffee for Lena Luthor?" Kara Danvers is a quirky, awkward, beautiful barista at the wildly popular Supercafe. Lena Luthor is a makeup artist who just wants t...
  • 2kreads
  • karadanvers
  • coffee
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I don't want a real relationship but I don't want a fictional one by StardustCrusader
I don't want a real relationship StardustCrusader
A thirty year old woman celebrates her birthday playing otome game. She wants forget about her work, life and even her birthday. Once, she starts the game. She has falle...
  • romance
  • thirty
  • reader
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A Chance Meeting by AngelsInTophats
A Chance Meetingby I need sleep
Rin is moving to Ashville, Illinois. He will be a barista at his friend Shura's bar. If only he could get to town. The bus stop is actually pretty far from town. Rin mee...
  • yaoi
  • blueexorcist
  • bars
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Seven Days [Harry Styles] by solacarni
Seven Days [Harry Styles]by saf
She was an 'ordinary' barista. He was the mysterious customer. A few words and a strange choice could change everything. All rights reserved ©solacarni
  • latte
  • harrystyles
  • barista
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About Hope |√ by shella_lu
About Hope |√by Shella Novia
[TAMAT] About Hope - Mengenai Harapan Yang Tak Padam Damar dan Reksa itu berbeda. Begitulah yg Fio simpulkan setelah menghabiskan seumur hidupnya untuk bersahabat denga...
  • emotional
  • school
  • reksa
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나비 - Butterfly. by Chugbog
나비 - 축복 💜
Ranked #1 in Koreanfic. How can he hide those words, how can he escape what designed to be his fate.
  • spanish
  • kfic
  • barista
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Barista | y.m by taieill
Barista | y.mby —evie☁️
"Love is hard. Harder than all the names of coffee." - Coffee & Tea by Eddy Kim & Solar
  • café
  • coffeeshop
  • btsyoongi
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Honestly Banality by donutinaa
Honestly Banalityby chris(teeny)tina
❝talks between two individuals over piquant drinks. a cheesy romance; it's honestly banality.❞ - - cover by the...
  • dialogue
  • romance
  • talks
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「Coffee Blend」+ j.jk by -cloudyjk
「Coffee Blend」+ j.jkby c l o u d y j k
"You are the only one who can withstand my coffee." A story where a girl drinks his coffee with poison in it. +Barista au +Gang au
  • romance
  • jimin
  • gangster
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2p!America x Reader-Love Hate by Dina-soar
2p!America x Reader-Love Hateby Mexico
You loved him in high school, but hated him after you confessed. He's such a jerk! why were you ever into him? Years later, your friends and you revisit your old crush a...
  • college
  • hetalia
  • revenge
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Coffee Beans~ A Kacchako Story by Whiny_Potato_
Coffee Beans~ A Kacchako Storyby Yeeter Skeeter
In which a young waitress meets a detective prodigy and her soon to be partner-in-crime. [/][\][/] I don't own BNHA, credit to Kohei Horikoshi. The plot belongs to me, a...
  • myheroacademia
  • kacchako
  • heartbreak
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barista boy | myg  by H0N3YBOI-
barista boy | myg by D A M S
❝ you're so bitter, barista boy. ❞ ❝ you're too sweet for my liking, anyway. ❞ ─ in which bae seolhyun flirts with a cold barista boy, min yoongi. 「 a barista!min yoongi...
  • uwu
  • story
  • yoongi
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barista by -Leonade
baristaby Leo シ
!!ON HOLD!! each day at 9AM, Jason gets his coffee. each day at 9AM, Jason notices the cute barista. each day at 9AM, Jason falls in love.
  • ace
  • jason
  • jun
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sorry, i broke my phone + chanbaek by niniwp
sorry, i broke my phone + chanbaekby ☆ nini ☆
baektoblack: HOW DARE HE minniemouse: what happened now? baektoblack: HE SAID HE GOT A NEW PHONE AND THEN BROKE IT AGAIN LIKE WHAT KIND OF FUCKING LIAr juST TELL ME IM...
  • chanbaek
  • text
  • byunbaekhyun
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