My Absence  by EyesInMyGalaxy
My Absence by -K
Nala is a lost girl. She is abused, a werewolf/vampire/witch hybrid. She is malnourished, and in a severe condition. "You stupid girl! You deserve to die! You kill...
  • magic
  • witches
  • vampires
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Too Young ( Post Malone ) by SammGreekCity
Too Young ( Post Malone )by Samantha
In which a young woman wants to live her life to the fullest. Along the way she meets someone who she falls in love with. However, her life style has changed completely...
  • austinrichardpost
  • famous
  • tooyoung
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Save me Mr.Mafia by AsianWriterxX
Save me Mr.Mafiaby Michelle....and Duck
Tori Haven is the quiet girl at school. People mistake her as a mute since they never heard her use her voice. She has a voice, it's just that she has nothing to say. On...
  • moment
  • eric
  • slapping
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Miraculous Zodiac Signs by _sailorladybug
Miraculous Zodiac Signsby i m f i n e (🥀)
Everything Miraculous translated into Zodiac signs!
  • ladybug
  • senpaiiiii
  • erm
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Mr Heartbreaker by BelindaRinn
Mr Heartbreakerby Belinda Rinn
"In this sad life, you're my beautiful tragedy"-Juli- Kisah cinta mereka tidak seagung kisah cinta Romeo & Juliet, kerana mereka adalah Romi & Juli. Romi bukan...
  • hate
  • truelove
  • love
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You and My Dejavu by un1corn_alli3
You and My Dejavuby Allie B.
Sana Minatozaki (사나/湊崎 紗夏) and Hirai Momo (모모/平井 もも) are a starting up couple in the k-idol community, and sharing their secret could be really big, in hopes that they a...
  • dejavu
  • samo
  • lgbtq
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Mine 2: Always Mine by KishaPayne
Mine 2: Always Mineby Author🌞ish💎📖💎📖💎🌞
Its not perfect but it's MINE
  • hate
  • dejavu
  • roman
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Deja Vu {Trill Sammy} by TrillJxmmi
Deja Vu {Trill Sammy}by Slim
Ever had Deja Vu? Well to Aaliyah Brown it may become an everyday reality as she dreams constantly about Makai Collins, who she has never paid attention to or had ever t...
  • nosleep
  • yuhyuh
  • trillsammy
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The Man Behind My Nightmares by hopeful_nonsense
The Man Behind My Nightmaresby Yaj Lrae Nicnal
Man behind my Nightmares, Show up where ever I go... Date Started: 11- 11- 2018 Date Finished: --|--|----
  • man
  • mystery
  • perfect
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Vortex by linglingdamaster
Vortexby Rain Neverson
"I know you." "Y-you do? You remember me?" "I don't know." Baby you never had a chance. Love can make you insane, how far are you willing t...
  • partyomo
  • urban
  • love
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Dé Jà Vu Our Rewinded Love (On Going) by scieyennes
Dé Jà Vu Our Rewinded Love (On CzethIanne🌻
Carieza De Los Santos Joshua Corpuz They were lovers back then. They've treasure the love, the fun, the struggle and the sadness. They were the typical couple na palagi...
  • broken
  • scieyennes
  • love
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Sensations by Taeyang_i
Sensationsby Star Gaze
Dreams are our alternate reality of sorts. What if it isn't? Would you run? Could you run? ⚠️Warning⚠️ •matured content •psychotic behaviour •triggering content •death
  • dejavu
  • fantasy
  • wattyawards
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Deodorant, Detention and Déjà vu by fictionandtea
Deodorant, Detention and Déjà vuby fictionandtea
He brought his mouth to my ear. "Your cute when you blush." I felt my heart race. - Fayre plans to survive high school by keeping to herself. She is successful...
  • lachowski
  • detention
  • xavier
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Like Déjà Vu  by Freshpaul97
Like Déjà Vu by Obinna Paul
It's the year 2245. Earth is on the brink of an apocalypse when the moon suddenly gets nuked out of the sky. In no time, pandemonium erupts on the street. "We are a...
  • timetravel
  • african
  • dejavu
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The story is set up in the modern era, Y/N an alien from the planet Mercury is transported into the body of a human girl on earth, where everyone she meets has a dark pa...
  • bts
  • love
  • jk
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Deja Vu by prosenpoetry
Deja Vuby lεα καlεs
Those years always recalls me of all the happiness and the love, but can it be replayed in this world of despair and hate? [05-09-18: #729 for Poetry] [From 09-18-17 to...
  • hate
  • sadness
  • thesassys
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Shattered Memories (Gakuen Alice) by Suminako
Shattered Memories (Gakuen Alice)by Suminako
Akayuki Suminako, the girl with the Nullification Alice finds herself in Gakuen Alice for following her crush who attends here. Just as she gains a reputation for being...
  • betrayal
  • lies
  • gakuenalice
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Mysterious Ways: A "Fourteen Days" One-Shot by sallyjay4
Mysterious Ways: A "Fourteen Days" Sally Jay
After forty-one years, the woman whose plight stuck with Father Thomas is back to make one final confession. (Yes, this is very related to "In the Year of the Cat...
  • brianmay
  • religion
  • queen
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Reverse by Pipper_ian
Reverseby Pipper_ian
Lahat ng Bagay na nangyayari sa mundo may rason, Iyon ay ang bagay na kailangan mopang tuklasin... Paano naman kaya kung ang bagay na iyon din ang kikitil sa iyong buhay...
  • mysterious
  • pain
  • untold
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What If.||e.d and g.d by twindolan
What If.||e.d and g.dby Dolan Twins xD
"I'm sorry...... I don't remember you a-and I f-feel terrible but WHAT CAN I DO!! I DIDNT CHOOSE TO FORGET 3 YEARS OF MY LIFE !!!!!! ... and forget someone who I wo...
  • ethandolan
  • sadness
  • dejavu
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