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I Think I'm In Love With You by ifyounomeyoudont
I Think I'm In Love With Youby 𝐊 𝐀 𝐘 𝐋 𝐀 <𝟑
"You're such an idiot" I tease "Mhm " "And a prick" "Mhm" " Are just going to keep saying 'mhm' after every sentence?"...
Our way Back {Updated regularly} by Writingsofmyheart_
Our way Back {Updated regularly}by Writingsofmyheart_
A story about 4 bestfriends who were each other's backbones, parted ways years back due to some major circumstances! Advika's life is no less than a series of dramatic...
Unfettered by silailo
Unfetteredby silailo
Determined to take control of their fates, Argen and Arien escape Derolina Castle at the age of sixteen when their cruel mother dies. They adopt new names and find a hom...
Forever Yours by SidNaazian13
Forever Yoursby SidNaazian13
SidNaaz fiction. A tale of love and togetherness. A journey that is heavily inspired by their own, realities. It will be a long, full length story with up and downs, emo...
𝙉𝙄𝘾𝙊 | ✔ by ivawrites_
𝙉𝙄𝘾𝙊 | ✔by ❛ ᶤᵛᵃ ❜
It's no doubt that Nico's in the background with the Seven with all their glory. But that's not it. They forgot him. And so he went to Tartarus. Because at least there...
Once Upon a Blog (Translation) by DotDWizard
Once Upon a Blog (Translation)by DotDWizard
It's been almost a year since eighteen-year-old Valentina Carvajal was in a car accident which left her crippled, scarred, and without a mother. After a very difficult r...
Among the stars (short story) by Aukumono
Among the stars (short story)by A human
The cultural value of belonging Just fun writing! Lol my grammer sucks
Belonging (An Eto x Kaneki Fanfiction) by BananaMonarch
Belonging (An Eto x Kaneki BananaMonarch
Kaneki thinks that he is finally saved from Yamori by Eto, but Eto has another form of torture in mind for him. Eto tries to make him her pet! Kaneki struggles between j...
Sember (Forestfolk, Book 2) by Zoe_Blessing
Sember (Forestfolk, Book 2)by Zoe Blessing
Little Sember stole readers' hearts in "Siena." Join her now, ten years later, as she embarks on a quest of her own to save her people, and to finally accept h...
Forgotten {Jay's little sister} by queen-of-the-ocean7
Forgotten {Jay's little sister}by queen-of-the-ocean7
While Mal, Evie,Jay, and Carlos, are living the perfect life in auradon, they forgot about one little thief. Jewel is jay's little sister and when he went to auradon she...
Saving Pony by Olliepopwritingz
Saving Ponyby Ollie💕💕
"How would you like to join your friend, Johnny?" The Soc on top slurred in my ear, smiling wickedly.The smell of whisky all too strong. It burns his nose, so...
When The Bombs Came Down by Bruigefisher
When The Bombs Came Downby Keira Pickard
World War Two evacuee Jo Miller now lives in a remote country village with a poky middle aged lady and her genteel husband, safe from the German bombs. Mistreated both a...
Out In The Sea by TheWhiteSmile
Out In The Seaby TheWhiteSmile
Yoon Jong Woo ever wanted to do was to cross the Pacific Ocean safe and sound. Seo Moon Jo is convinced everything floating in the seas belong to him. That includes a da...
The Blind Werewolf Princess (1st book of Werewolf Series) by RissaleWriter
The Blind Werewolf Princess (1st Rissa, Rissy, Riss
I always thought that the streets were a place that I was going to end up at. I always thought that I would end up dead on the streets because of... my disability. I alw...
strange days by jesspip1411
strange daysby jesspip1411
After a strange day at school y/n needs to find out what shadow they saw.
Trolls: Ask & Dare Compilation Series (Discontinued) by FangirlFiasco
Trolls: Ask & Dare Compilation Trollex's #1 Fan
Yeah, I know there are SO MUCH of these, but I decided I should try it out (*try*)! Welcome to Trolls: Ask & Dare Compilation Series! Don't be shy, step up and comment +...
You belong to me - RagLak (✔️) by Sukorian
You belong to me - RagLak (✔️)by Sukorian
What happens if he loves her, but she doesn't love him?
What Belongs To The Alpha by Ghost_Writer391
What Belongs To The Alphaby Ghost Writer
"Do you know what you are asking for" it wasn't a question it was a statement, it's no longer a modern thing for mates to mark each other. Let alone the female...
The Devil's Belonging book one by marthe3103
The Devil's Belonging book oneby Marthy
'' let's head back to the council. Let everyone know what happens with people trying to gather and steal the talismans from us ever again.'' The boss said angrily and hi...
Death Changes Everything |Completed| by Paix15
Death Changes Everything | Paix15
Avery has been through enough already but when her and her brothers are in a fatal car crash, Avery's world is turned dramatically. With her family disowning her, she is...