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Chainsmoking your Love by CartoonFF
Chainsmoking your Loveby CartoonFF
Lincoln Loud was viewed by many to be a strong, caring, and kind person. He had suffered through so much, Sister Fight Protocol, Bad Luck, everything that was thrown at...
Family Bond by Babysqid
Family Bondby Babysqid
When Lincoln is gravely injured by Luna, the rest of the family is left to ponder how close they really are, and discover how frail a family bond truly is.
How NSL Should Have Happened by Ch276Zj
How NSL Should Have Happenedby Ch276Zj
This is another NSL fanfic that shows a different take from the first NSL fanfic that I've made which is still ongoing. I don't own The Loud House or it's characters, Th...
Loud Visions by PaulHoon
Loud Visionsby Rack44
As Lincoln Loud lives with his ten sisters, he develops a unique power, the ability to see into the future and all the various different outcomes. With this power, he ca...
Auntie B in the loud house! by Bunny_loud19
Auntie B in the loud house!by ♛ Queen
after no-Luck for Lincoln his whole family kicked him out of the house force him to sleep outside but a unexpected guest will be coming in the loud house
Brother Of Vengeance by MasterCaster2000
Brother Of Vengeanceby MC without the Hammer
After a near-fatal accident, Lincoln Loud is forced to make a deal with a demon called Mephisto to save his sister's life. Now cursed to be the world's newest Ghost Ride...
A "Cheezy" Valentine's Day Story by ShiploIrlas
A "Cheezy" Valentine's Day Storyby ˜”*°•.✫ Shiplo Irlas ✫.•°*”˜
Ronnie Anne thinks that Valentine's Day is cheezy and stupid, but she later changes her mind, after she starts developing a crush on her best friend Lincoln Loud.
The Loud Sisters Strike Back by broadwaycutie16
The Loud Sisters Strike Backby Broadway Cutie 16
Four middle school mean queens are about to learn a lesson-never mess with a boy who has ten sisters.
Mystic in Amity Park by moonlightshade307grt
Mystic in Amity Parkby moonlightshade307grt
he couldn't take it. He just couldn't. the abuse that his supposed family has put him through has been to much so he seemed help and before he knew he was moving to Amit...
Lincoln's new life by r0b0tf4c3
Lincoln's new lifeby r0b0tf4c3
Lincoln's life changes when a woman comes to adopt him when he was left to die in a squirrel suit. (Yes, NSL, STFU)
Louds & Stitch (TLH x Lilo & Stitch) by Lance1889
Louds & Stitch (TLH x Lilo & Lance1889
Dr. Jumba Jookiba is convicted by the United Galactic Federation of illegal genetic experimentation; he has created Experiment 626, an aggressive and near-indestructible...
A female perspective. by Superbbbbb
A female Superbbbbb
after a accident with one of Lisa's experiments Lincoln life changes...possible for ever.
Lincoln's Guardian by Edeemer17
Lincoln's Guardianby Edeemer17
A Loud House Jurassic Park/World crossover In this alternate universe the dinosaurs introduction into the modern ecosystem happens in 2015 and the Indoraptor survives i...
🌟Lincoln Loud in The Orphan Daycare! ( A NSL AU! )🌟 by 1532141V
🌟Lincoln Loud in The Orphan 🌞August🌞
During the events of NSL, Lincoln gets tired of being bad luck, and his anger to his family rises as he runs away to find a lovable family that would not treat him like...
I'm in a band by r0b0tf4c3
I'm in a bandby r0b0tf4c3
Lincoln Loud forms a metal band with his new friends
Lincoln the worldwalker by Hollowhunter2
Lincoln the worldwalkerby Hollowhunter2
What if Lincoln was a worldwalker? What if he leaves his family who calls him Bad luck? And what if he has met his great love before but forgot it?
The Loud House-Genderbent Edition by _nickelodeon_lover_
The Loud House-Genderbent Editionby _nickelodeon_lover_
You are the only girl out of 11 children. That's right, you have ten brothers. You have survived this for 11 years...can you take in any more?
Loud Ops: overdrive 2025 by omegacrow-nexus
Loud Ops: overdrive 2025by omegacrow-nexus
(another NSL fanfic) Takes place in the middle of the night as lincoln was walking through the streets of royal woods as he was kicked out of his own home by his family...
Enough 2 (Loud House Fanfiction) by BunionBoy301
Enough 2 (Loud House Fanfiction)by BunionBoy301
Lincoln Loud feels guilty for his actions in his previous adventure. Now that he is stranded in the Southern part of Chicago, with barely anyone to turn to, and the poli...
The Unforgiving (REWRITE) by CartoonFF
The Unforgiving (REWRITE)by CartoonFF
after his family threw him out, Lincoln ran from home and was never heard from again. 14 years later, Lynn Sr. dies shortly after an accident, Rita tells the siblings th...