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Lucky In Love- A Sam and Luna Fanfic by BlueBelleIsabelle
Lucky In Love- A Sam and Luna Isabelle
Lovers Luna Loud and Sam Sharp discover their love for one another as they battle through the chaos of family and school. :) Disclaimer #1- I do not own the Loud Hous...
Imagenes de TLH (The Loud House) by Marianaleman24
Imagenes de TLH (The Loud House)by Marianaleman24
El titulo dice todo (Pueden haber imágenes fuertes). Entonces si, aquí puedes encontrar imágenes de the loud house (varias e.e)y muchas parejas desde loudcest hasta...bu...
Godzilla vs Lincong: The Beast of NSL by Omega0999
Godzilla vs Lincong: The Beast Monstrous Theropod
After having enough of his sisters, Lincoln felt rage at his family, but eventually, that rage, will turn him into a Monster, literally....... but little did he know...
LOUD IN THE FOUNDATION (ft THE_13_CLUB) by demonicwritins73
LOUD IN THE FOUNDATION (ft demonicwritins73
What if Lincoln didn't lie about having badluck to have time for himself, but to have time for a certain foundation. I didn't work on this story by myself I got help fro...
Anger Issues by Ch276Zj
Anger Issuesby Ch276Zj
The Loud sister's have been a massive pain towards the whole town of Royal Woods. And it's time that they knew that. I don't own The Loud House or it's characters...the...
The Loudest Of Them All - (Discontinued) by ZexyZane
The Loudest Of Them All - ( xXZexyZaneXx
The Loud House gets louder. With a long-lost member, How will the Loud Family react to this sudden revelation? Join the misadventures of the Loud Family as they tackle u...
Lincoln the Lion King by MeggieConte
Lincoln the Lion Kingby Flora Conte
A fantastical story full of music, action and fantasy! In the Kingdom of Hyrule, a lion cub named Lincoln is going to one day be the King. However, before he takes the t...
A female perspective. by Superbbbbb
A female Superbbbbb
after a accident with one of Lisa's experiments Lincoln life changes...possible for ever.
Pokemon: The Loudest Ranger by Hollowhunter2
Pokemon: The Loudest Rangerby Hollowhunter2
Title idea from @Lance1889 check his stories out. I know there are quite a few Pokemon x Loud House stories, but this one is a little different.
Loud Ops: overdrive 2025 by omegacrow-nexus
Loud Ops: overdrive 2025by omegacrow-nexus
(another NSL fanfic) Takes place in the middle of the night as lincoln was walking through the streets of royal woods as he was kicked out of his own home by his family...
The bully became the bullied by Nov29x
The bully became the bulliedby Cecilio Mendoza
Ronnie Annie has bullying Lincoln back when they were 11. She did it because she wanted Lori to break up with Bobby, but her plan backfire and Lincoln's sisters thought...
 high school loud DxD by kojirohyuga03
high school loud DxDby Alan Arturo Gonzalez
Lincoln loud a young man who ran away from home because he tried to help his two older sisters but he made it worse and the others blame him for that so he grabs his stu...
LH: A Helluva Family (Vivziepop's Helluva Boss & Hazbin Hotel x Loud House) by Lance1889
LH: A Helluva Family (Vivziepop' Lance1889
When one of Lisa's experiments actually kills the Loud siblings, their souls are knocked off the line to heaven by an unseen force from the Void, the place between, Eart...
Family Bond by Babysqid
Family Bondby Babysqid
When Lincoln is gravely injured by Luna, the rest of the family is left to ponder how close they really are, and discover how frail a family bond truly is.
TLH: A Soldier's Heart by CL-005
TLH: A Soldier's Heartby ༒︎𝙳𝙰𝚁𝙺𝙵𝙻𝙾𝚆𝙴𝚁༒︎
Lincoln Loud, A boy who is mistreated by his family and friends because his 'BAD LUCK' thanks to his sister Lynn jr who blamed him for loosing a baseball game (stupid ri...
Big Bro Loud by Davis5583
Big Bro Loudby Davis
Oc Big brother Lucas Loud how will his appearance in the loud universe change things.
The Loud House (fanfic) by Zzocharyreturns
The Loud House (fanfic)by Zzoocharyreturns
Hello. I wasn't always with a nice family. There have been others before them. I was beaten up, abused. Those things have always made me mistrust grownups. Until...they...
The Loud House Adventures of Logan Loud by AlphaGodzilla97
The Loud House Adventures of AlphaGodzilla97
My first Loud House fanfic featuring an original character, Logan Loud, younger brother of Lincoln Loud.
Moonlight fangs by dce1002
Moonlight fangsby dce1002
After loud family discovers lincoln a vampire he leave royalwoods not before turning luna into a vampire. She goes through the process of transforming into a vampire. Wh...
The Loud House: Tower of Terror by BlueRaccoon27
The Loud House: Tower of Terrorby BlueRaccoon27
When Lincoln Loud and his sisters take a vacation in Hollywood, they discover that the place they decide to stay in during their trip is not what they expect and is in f...