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Z APOCALYPSE by exotic_derp
At the year 2020, the world had been infiltrated with a deadly virus that turned people into flesh-eating monsters. The world that we know of had been destroyed as human...
Fated Mistake by pab0panda
Fated Mistakeby Pab0Panda
Four strangers. Two Weddings. A fated switch. A millionaire's son isn't supposed to marry a gang leader. A gang leader's son isn't supposed to marry a Minister's son. R...
DON'T MESS WITH THE NERD ⏸️ by chubbyeol_jones
DON'T MESS WITH THE NERD ⏸️by chubbyeol_jones
LOOKS CAN BE DECEIVING. Is he a nerd? Yes. Is he tatooed? Yes. Is he short tempered? Yes. Is he good looking? YES. Is he a bad boy? Yes. Is he a good boy? Yes. Are you s...
kitten // chanbaek by gtxuuu
kitten // chanbaekby •̀ㅅ•́ 🌻
in which Chanyeol meets a boy with fluffy ears
forced love ; chanbaek by xiummieb
forced love ; chanbaekby hiatus
[COMPLETED] Nothing wrong will happen between two people that hate each other under the same roof, right? highest: #44 in fanfiction. #16 in bae...
HMU? • instagram • Chanbaek/Baekyeol by fre_mo
HMU? • instagram • Chanbaek/ fre_mo
Basic instagram story about an overly excited Baekhyun meeting a wild Chanyeol with an excessively developed daddy kink. Plus many other weird characters that do not re...
Cursed Prince by oohsehunkuco
Cursed Princeby oohsehunkuco
အခ်ိန္ကာလကား သကၠရာဇ္ (၉၂၆) ခုႏွစ္၊ ဂိုေလ်ာမင္းဆက္၊ ထယ္ဂ်ိဳဘုရင္ အုပ္စိုးစဥ္ကာလျဖစ္သည္။ ကိုယ္လုပ္ေတာ္တစ္ဦးအား ရက္စက္စြာသတ္ျဖတ္ခ့ဲမႈေၾကာင့္ ထိုကိုယ္လုပ္ေတာ္က ေသြးသစၥာက်ိန...
Fanboy ! [bbh.pcy] | Repairing  by bcdwolf
Fanboy ! [bbh.pcy] | Repairing by .
[COMPLETED] The nerdy Byun Baekhyun has a huge crush on the famous actor and singer Park Chanyeol but unfortunately he would never notice him.. or would he? Cover inspo:...
do you really love me ? by chapangi
do you really love me ?by 𝗦𝗧𝗔𝗥𝗚𝗔𝗭𝗜𝗡𝗚
[COMPLETED] currently editing! "Do you really love me?" Baekhyun questions Chanyeol, who stands in front of him, as Eunji quickly exits the scene to the bedroo...
instagram//chanbaek by chanbaekisgay
instagram//chanbaekby chanbaekisgay
Chanyeol accidentally stumbled upon a porn video in the net, what shocked him was that the man in the video kept calling out his name. What's worse, was how he got hard...
[english] park chanyeol's hidden son • chanbaek by Deerbabolti
[english] park chanyeol's hidden 『アブ』
[ ENGLISH / COMPLETED / MPREG × BXB × YAOI || • CHANBAEK / ORIGINALLY WRITTEN BY DEERBABOLTI ] I'm Byun Baekhyun, a single-parent who raised my own son named Byun Jespe...
Taekook//) I Need You by felicitykook
Taekook//) I Need Youby Jeon Sun-Hee
§boy×boy. §mpreg. §agnst.
Unpretty Romance [CHANBAEK] ||COMPLETED|| by HHCB_Aeri12
Unpretty Romance [CHANBAEK] || Rina
One's job is to save people while the other's job is to beat people. One wants a romantic beautiful love while the other hates romance. Sometimes, romance is unpretty. C...
Arrange Marriage And Pregnant [chanbaek] by someonewholovesexo
Arrange Marriage And Pregnant [ yeollie
what happens when baekhyun is forced to marry chanyeol? what happens when baekhyun got pregnant accidentally? will chanyeol take care of him and the child or leave them...
Fix you • Chanbaek by baekkookie_
Fix you • Chanbaekby 生きる人
Byun Baekhyun, the volleyball club captain, lost his brother 10 months ago. Park Chanyeol, the ace of his volleyball team, got kicked out of school and came to Baekhyun...
Mr.Byun... by Fire_puppy
ကိုယ့္အရိပ္ေတြေအာက္က လြတ္ေျမာက္လိမ့္မယ္လို႔ ထင္ေနသလားငယ္... (warning:Chanyeol uke only!!) Baekyeol yaoi Sorry for bad writings 90°bow #Yoohyunee
The Bodyguard (‌کامل شده) by sezuall
The Bodyguard (‌کامل شده)by ⊱• Sezuall •⊰
فن فیکشن "بادیگارد" 🍷•• Name: The Bodyguard 🍷•• Couple: Chanbaek (Main), Kaisoo, Hunhan, Sulay & Xiuchen 🍷•• Genre: Romance, Dram, Action, Nc+21 🍷•• Write...
ChanBaek One shots by April_girl02
ChanBaek One shotsby April_girl02
[Requests Closed for the moment!!] Warning some chapter include : Smut and/or male pregnancy. Other ships also included. Suggestions for chapters allowed.
ChanBaek Recommendations by Malvary
ChanBaek Recommendationsby Málvary (Hiatus)
Just a list of ChanBaek fics that I've read and I think people should read too. Don't know what to read: check this list. ♡ ChanBaek MAINLY AFF, AO3, LiveJournal... (so...
locked [chanbaek and kaisoo] by kensgurlyo
locked [chanbaek and kaisoo]by lucía
baekhyun desperately needs a job, so when a mysterious manager of a huge company offers him one he does not hesitate. even if the job comes with a strange deal. A story...