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Chaotic (MHA AU) by dork_asaurus
Chaotic (MHA AU)by dork_asaurus
After a messy breakup, Izuku Midoriya is given the opportunity to move abroad. He leaves his old life to start a new chapter, with new people to cherish, with a new atti...
An Eye for an Eye by Diamondragon23
An Eye for an Eyeby Diamondragon23
An eye for an eye and the world goes blind. That was Izuku's favourite quote. All his old classmates never found out why. All of them but one. Bakugo soon found out very...
The Hero Prince (MHA x Fate) by AnastasiusFinch
The Hero Prince (MHA x Fate)by AnastasiusFinch
Perhaps fate's cruel and dark design will forever curse the existence of Izuku Yagi. As one of the only different people in a world full of superpowers, the hostility of...
Izuku's Three Sword Style (One Piece x MHA) by V15EPH
Izuku's Three Sword Style (One Viseph
Izuku Midoriya, as a 4-year-old kid, was saved from his bullies by a new girl in town, Kuina Shimotsuki. The two immediately hit it off and became friends, leading to Ku...
Izuku's Back Hoes by Roi_lo
Izuku's Back Hoesby Ree
It was fine, Izuku didn't care when he was bullied. He had his mother, his friends, everything was fine in Japan. Sure, his idol kinda crushed his dream and all his hope...
Heroes? Villains? Who care! by TinySpiderLily
Heroes? Villains? Who care!by Yunya
So in this story, Izu is quirkless and he did not go to UA because after All Might had crushed his dream he gives up on being a hero. He did meet a few villains and hea...
Predict Everything:Emperor Eye by WhenzleyValenzuelaCo
Predict Everything:Emperor Eyeby FDWCOLLADO
Been bullied and neglected for so long he forgot what when it all started the last thing he remembers was his childhoodfriend gave him advise to kill himself in that mom...
Izuku Newgate (on Pause) by Makedonius
Izuku Newgate (on Pause)by Make
Izuku Newgate formerly known as Izuku Yagi, was abused by his sisters and friends neglected by his parents. Until one day he had enough and run away. He found a weird lo...
The Fist of Vengenance: Moonknight by AtharvaMishra0
The Fist of Vengenance: Moonknightby Atharva Mishra
I will not describe the story much you will understand by reading it.
A Fall from Grace, and His Rise from Disgrace by Diamondragon23
A Fall from Grace, and His Rise Diamondragon23
Izuku Midoriya had a weak quirk. In reality, his quirk was actually perfect for Heroics, but his parents preferred his sister's incredibly powerful Telekinesis quirk. To...
Don't Fear The Reaper  by WolfSama8
Don't Fear The Reaper by Wolf Sama
Toshinori and his wife inko yagi both fresh out of UA barley 6 month into there hero carries when inko got pregnant they weren't ready to be parents but inko refused to...
The reaper by DenizSara132
The reaperby trhelios
inspired by @NuminaVisuals in a cold night, izuku dissapears with his mother dying. leaving his sister to the care of bakugo's. only to return as the most powerful, effi...
proven wrong  by cave-otaku
proven wrong by cave-otaku
after Izuku found out that he was quirkless he started to train every day and study every day. He taught himself how to use a katana and taught himself martial arts he...
The Oldest Hero by Diamondragon23
The Oldest Heroby Diamondragon23
From vast plains, to dense jungles, dinosaurs to humans, he's seen it all. It's a surprise when the humans develop superpowers, just like in the comics. Heroes are born...
Gremlin's of UA by NightStars_Angel
Gremlin's of UAby Nightshade
GREMLIN MHA(Mainly Izuku, Bakugou, Aizawa, and Shoto so far... tho Possibly Kirishima) Chapters vary in length. I try aim for 1,000 but some I might not get passed 500...
Anubis, Protector of innocent- Vigilate Izuku by TheBentBender
Anubis, Protector of innocent- Jesse Slocum
Izuku Midoriya, at the age of 4, was kidnapped, and at the age of 14, he escaped. When he entered his kidnapping, he was a scared little boy. Yet when he left, he was a...
The Ghosts: Phantom Solider by KingDonkeY12
The Ghosts: Phantom Soliderby Patrick
I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE PICTURES PRESENT OR MY HERO ACADEMIA ______________________________ After finding out he was quirk less his sister started abusing him with her f...
The mechanic (Old Version) by WolfSama8
The mechanic (Old Version)by Wolf Sama
This is the old version of my story the new and rewriting versions are separated into 4 books with book number 4 being the current one. So if you want a story with pictu...
Son Of Overhaul. (ON HOLD) by Vallabha2005
Son Of Overhaul. (ON HOLD)by Overhaul
Izuku Chisaki, the quirkless child was abused every single day. He was left off by his parents and had to survive by his own. Thinks change when he encounters his father.
Izuku Yagi: The Emerald Knight by Joyyboyy
Izuku Yagi: The Emerald Knightby Joyyboyy
"In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might, Beware my power... Green Lantern's light!"