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Frosted Tricksters by PikaWings
Frosted Trickstersby PikaWings
After Bunny yells at him, and the guardians turn their back on him, Jack searches for the one person he knows would never turn his back on him. The one person who will a...
Angel of healing and love - Nicholas St.North by OGSmithdmu
Angel of healing and love - OGSmithdmu
Seraphine was the very first guardian. Manny asked her to not interfere with the dark ages so she was never given the chance to meet the other four guardians. That is un...
Guardian Angel (Jack Frost X OC) by Vigilante24
Guardian Angel (Jack Frost X OC)by Vigilante24
Before Jack Frost and even before the 4 Legendary Guardians & Pitch, there was the first guardian made my Manny; her name, Angela. She fought the boogieman and many othe...
Cupid's Rising by AuthorA97
Cupid's Risingby AuthorA97
She has no idea how long she's been doing this. Her memories only go back three months, she could have been doing it for centuries before and she wouldn't know. But, if...
Of the Northmost Winds and Skies  by Might_be_an_alien
Of the Northmost Winds and Skies by Definitely an alien
Jack was sure the worst was behind him by the time they defeated Pitch Black. The lonely, invisible Jack Frost became a Guardian, and his memories were gradually coming...
Rise of the Guardians female Jack Frost x E. Aster bunnymund by Rebelkindalove
Rise of the Guardians female Rebelkindalove
"My fellow guardians, it's is our job to watch over the children of the world and keep them safe. To bring them wonder, hope, and dreams. So I have called us all he...
Alysanne Snow by BrittanyWilton
Alysanne Snowby Brittany Wilton
The Night King was gone, but Alysanne had lived long enough to see another King take his place and this one wasn't going away anytime soon. She also knew that the Man in...
Jack's Staff (A Rise of the Guardians One Shot) by MolMcN
Jack's Staff (A Rise of the MolMcN
When Pitch traded Baby Tooth for Jack's staff, Jack was not able to fix it afterwards. The staff helps him keep control of his powers and it causes him pain when he trie...
The power of Love  by -an0n0m0us-
The power of Love by ?..
Aphrodite - the Greek Goddess of Love "Why do you feel guilty for something that isn't your fault?" "Because I could have saved him, I have the power to...
Rise of the Gardians Gif Images by Casper-Da-Ghost
Rise of the Gardians Gif Imagesby Simp 4 Alot of people
RotG X Reader ☆Charaters☆ °Jake Frost °Santa °North° Claus °Tooth Fairy °Easter Bunny °Sandy ● Pitch Black ● °Jamie or his friends I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE CHARATERS...
Mother Nature? [Rise Of The Guardians X Reader] by HaleCloud
Mother Nature? [Rise Of The HaleCloud
Its been 10 years since the defeat of Pitch Black. The man in the moon senses an upcoming danger, he has returned. Pitch Black, back how? There is always fear in the wor...
Baby Tragon as a Guardian?! (Rotg/Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal) by DarkZexal3676
Baby Tragon as a Guardian?! ( #96ShadowMist
What happens if a Baby Tragon is summoned as a next Guardian???
Frozen III - Legends Untold by missatlantic17
Frozen III - Legends Untoldby missatlantic17
What would happen if your two favorite snow spirits are in the same universe? ... After a black mist covered and forced all of Northuldra to evacuate, Elsa is faced wit...
Messing With Father Time by xThe_NightOwlx
Messing With Father Timeby NightOwl
Jack Frost was always one to make jokes and play pranks. After all, he's the guardian of fun; that is his centre. However, when he has a disagreement with a fellow spiri...
(Hijack)The Dragon Riders by Sparrow7717
(Hijack)The Dragon Ridersby Sparrow7717
Hiccup. The boy with the world's biggest secret. And the king street racer of Berk. When Jackson Frost comes to town Hiccup sees his chance to get out of the racing busi...
Rise of the Guardians by TheJackFrost
Rise of the Guardiansby Jack Frost
When an evil spirit known as Pitch lays down the gauntlet to take over the world, the immortal Guardians must join forces for the first time to protect the hopes, belief...
The 3 Life & Death Sisters by TheMarsMoon
The 3 Life & Death Sistersby TheMarsMoon
Once upon a time, there were no guardians. The world was dull. There wasn't much happiness. And Manny was lonely. Eventually, he wanted to help the world he was constant...
Rise of the Guardians  by ArianaSpell_Offical
Rise of the Guardians by ArianaSpell_Offical
We all know about our heroes Santa Clause Sandman Jack Frost and The Tooth Fairy and The Easter Bunny and the villain Pitch Black also none as the Boogeyman the mythica...