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The birth - ACOSF Feysand POV by wantedroyalty
The birth - ACOSF Feysand POVby Sara S. 🌙✨
**ACOSF SPOILER*** Ever wonder what went on from Feyre and Rhysand's POV when Feyre went into labour? This is exactly it! See what Feyre was up the days preceding the b...
A Court Of Flames and Endless Darkness by Blue-Sky-06
A Court Of Flames and Endless Blue-Sky-06
A crossover between acotar and the tog series between Feyre and Rhysand's son, and Aelin and Rowen's daughter. Rayila is transported to Prythain through a portal. Th...
A Court of Friends and Family by AgentCarter16
A Court of Friends and Familyby Aslan Claire
Feyre and Rhysand have been mated for 15 years, and the wait of trying to become parents is finally over. Or is it? Join the Court of Dreams as they ride through the hi...
Gwynriel Fan Fiction by meher-sumedha
Gwynriel Fan Fictionby Gwynriel fanfictionalist
You all can read any chapter you like cause you don't need to know the chapter before for reading the next one. I've named the chapters as well so you can read whoever's...
Gwynriel Fanfic : After We Marry by meher-sumedha
Gwynriel Fanfic : After We Marryby Gwynriel fanfictionalist
TW in some chapters, 18+, read at your own risk
Twenty Lashes by Daevastanner
Twenty Lashesby Daevastanner
Lucien inclined his head, lowering his voice, "Tamlin convinced Amarantha to spare my life, but instead he had to bestow me with twenty lashes." Elain's eyes w...
A Court of Sun and Stars by victoriadedante18
A Court of Sun and Starsby Victoria De Dante
Unknowing daughter of High Lord Helion escapes the torture of Hybern and finds herself back in the Prythian after 50 years, only to find herself Under the Mountain. Will...
Feyre fights Tamlin by wantedroyalty
Feyre fights Tamlinby Sara S. 🌙✨
Set 100 years in the future. Feyre pays Tamlin a visit after he hurts her niece (Nessian's daughter) who is mated to Tamlin's son. This is based on a roleplay inspired...
A Court of Fated Demons by rachelclairesilber
A Court of Fated Demonsby rachelclairesilber
Azriel and Elain are complicated. She has a mate she despises; he has pined after the same woman for over 500 years. Yet, when Feyre and Rhysand invite their family to s...
Between Realms by Dolphinsrule888
Between Realmsby DFD Stories
*****Disclaimer****** I own none of these characters and the settings, all of the work belongs to our lovely Queen Sarah J Maas. But lady we need this out now and so hel...
A Court of Starlight by Rowax_76
A Court of Starlightby Rowax
The action of this book happens between ACoWaR and ACoFaS. PS: The break up between Amren and Varian won't happen in the original books
A Court of Thorns and Roses Fanfic by AddelaineHayles
A Court of Thorns and Roses Fanficby AddelaineHayles
This is taking place after Silver Flames. Personally, I think we got insight into some characters and completely lost some others. This will spoil Silver Flames. I chose...
Book's Beckoning || ( THE BOOK SAGA ) by bIackbutIer
Book's Beckoning || ( THE BOOK 𝖗𝖍𝖞𝖘𝖆𝖓𝖉
"A dark blue sky. It slowly filled my vision with no stars in sight." SARAH J. MAAS * A young and terrified girl locks herself away from interaction and from o...
A Court of Smoke and Fire (ACOTAR Fanfic) by CopingWithVines
A Court of Smoke and Fire ( CopingWithVines
Aryana and Lily Woodrow are twin sisters. They never had it too rough, but they never had it good either. One day, something happens that neither of them can remember, a...
A Court of Flames and Shadows by LeeraIvy
A Court of Flames and Shadowsby Leera Ivy
Daemati are feared and coveted throughout Prythian. Seren Marzena is one of the few among their ranks. When her power is revealed to Beron Vanserra, High Lord of the Aut...
A Court of Sunflowers and Stardust by _lacyy
A Court of Sunflowers and Stardustby _Lace_
Nobody expected the female that tried to kill The High Lord and Lady of Night's son would become so significant to The Night Court.