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bsd ship pictures by Gemodratai
bsd ship picturesby Xipol
pictures of bsd ships and bsd characters none of the pictures are mine so credit goes to the owners for those -updates weekly-
my opinion on bsd ships. by My_Roomba
my opinion on bsd MrWorldwide 🇮🇱
im a multi shipper and I dont do gacha but I wanted to share my opinion on ships :3 so enjoy. (these are my personal opinions dont kill me please)
Rating BSD ships because I can :) by KokolMysariam
Rating BSD ships because I can :)by KokolMysariam
⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ discontinued, OUTDATED opinions. My lack of motivation has finally caught up with me and school is stressing me out so I decided to no longer continue thi...
⭐️My opinion on Bungou Stray Dogs ships⭐️ by justsomerandomweeb
⭐️My opinion on Bungou Stray Trash
This fandom has so many godtier ships that I had to make this, I just love??? literally every single ship??? Fair warning, I have a soft spot for rarepairs. Also Oda bes...
♡ Bungo Stray Dogs oneshots ♡ by lizzylivesonmars
♡ Bungo Stray Dogs oneshots ♡by ☆ Lizzy ☆
A collection of bungo stray dogs one shots and headcannons ♡
ship GC by My_Roomba
ship GCby MrWorldwide 🇮🇱
my favorite ships but into one group chat!!
Lucy's Valentine's Day Surprise by carmoxide
Lucy's Valentine's Day Surpriseby carmoxide
Lucy was disappointed slightly, she watched all her friends have silly little Valentine's celebrations but she lacked her own. She wondered if they forgot and dwelled in...
Would you like some coffee? //Atsulucy Fanfic//Bungou Stray Dogs// 🐯❤️☕️ by ImJustRin_lol
Would you like some coffee? // ImJustRin_lol
Atsushi and Lucy are obviously in love, their just a tad oblivious. Thanks to a certain someone, Lucy finally realizes what she's feeling is not some weird sickness but...
My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me? by My_Roomba
My God, my God, why hast Thou MrWorldwide 🇮🇱
fyodor is alive after 12 years and dazai and atsushi are shocked. They basically talk.
Bsd one shots  by beechuuuu
Bsd one shots by beechuuu
A few one shots of my bsd ships ;-;
Bsd Ships: My Opinions  by MaddelinTsuma
Bsd Ships: My Opinions by Trissz
Basically I'm bored, so I'm going to give you my opinion about the ships from one of my favorite animes, Bungo Stray Dogs
Fyolai anniversary!! by My_Roomba
Fyolai anniversary!!by MrWorldwide 🇮🇱
fyolai anniversary along with many other ships
Oneshots Bungou de mala calidad by CEO_ofSex
Oneshots Bungou de mala calidadby Kandrac el CEO del Sekso
Oneshots de Bungou stray dogs, nada mas. Por ahora están: Soukoku Tachigin Atsulucy Ranposano [+18] Atsulucy (+18)
haunted house by My_Roomba
haunted houseby MrWorldwide 🇮🇱
bsd characters in a haunted house who ya gonna call? GHOST BUSTERS
Heart Shaped Lollipops  by Lunare1234567
Heart Shaped Lollipops by Eggy_uui6
Atsushi likes Lucy and is the last person to figure it out. (And Kyoka helps him out) Art belongs to Faegot_ on Twitter!! (Also on Ao3)
Bungo Stray Dogs one shot  by Gyutaros_Husband
Bungo Stray Dogs one shot by Atsushisdeadparents
I'll do Dazatsu Shin Soukoku Chuuaku Atsulucy Siglai Sigzai Kenji x Kyouka Rair Pairs crosships hell I'll do X reader if anyone wants some and any legal ones that aren'...
Bungou Stray Dogs Oneshots!  by wei_wuxi4n
Bungou Stray Dogs Oneshots! by Olezka // Xavier
Hello I'm Xavier. Any ship is free to be requested as long as it's legal and not 1ncest. you request Naomi x Tanizaki? welp your not getting it. you request Elise x M...
🌹flower shop🌹 by My_Roomba
🌹flower shop🌹by MrWorldwide 🇮🇱
Lucy and atsushi are 31 and 30 and own a flower shop. just a cute wholesome fic I might update later.
Kill The Feelings Away by Yaorulz
Kill The Feelings Awayby Yao
"Fedya, my intimate friend. My only friend. God, stop me from what I'm about to feel.."