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Set You Free (CANEM) by ebeohpebeohp
Set You Free (CANEM)by Feb
"Let me explain it like this. She has this never ending passion. I mean, it's the kind of passion I've never seen in my life, not only in a woman, but in anybody at...
Only love can conquer fear. (DracoMalfoyLovestory) by Sectumsempralways
Only love can conquer fear. ( Sectumsempralways
ONLY LOVE CAN CONQUER FEAR DRACO MALFOY Lovestory ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Year 6. Main character: Scarlett More: Draco Malfoy Harry Potter...
Ask Shuichi Saihara  by Saiharaismychild
Ask Shuichi Saihara by Wigs don't like me:(
Pretty self explanatory from the title. Just ask the boi some questions. WARNING: THIS BOOK IS VERY SAIMATSU HEAVY. IF YOU DON'T LIKE THAT, THEN I DON'T RECOMMEND READIN...
101 Ways to Ask Lily Evans Out by QueenGrace11
101 Ways to Ask Lily Evans Outby QueenGrace11
A series of one shots about how James asked out Lily.
Quanto amiamo questa serie? Quanto ci fa sognare ? Infinitamente direi. E se provassi a creare dei WHAT IF? Senza snaturare la bellissima essenza di questa storia ,ma a...
Harry Potter GIFs  by ginnysharry
Harry Potter GIFs by Stan WayV
I'm like this series so much, it gives inspiration and it's just great. So I'm making this, I have Harry Potter imagines so if you want to check out my other stories. No...
Ask or Dare- Rescue Bots Academy  by Dangergirl64
Ask or Dare- Rescue Bots Academy by Danger™
Ask or Dare (almost) anything! ***Some foul language*** A/N: Some answers may be based on my own opinions but interpreted by the recruits in their own manner, depending...
Ask Or Dare The Warner Siblings. [COMPLETED] by LRJay_
Ask Or Dare The Warner Siblings. [ jay ✨
"Hi! We're the Warner brothers!" Yakko and Wakko yell out together. "--And the Warner sister!" Dot adds in. "I'm Yakko!" "I'm Wa...
Ask Tom Riddle by ThatObviousFangirl
Ask Tom Riddleby - ari -
This account has been hacked by Voldemort. My name is Tom Marvolo Riddle, the heir of Salazar Slytherin. I am considering on making this book a Horcrux. I am willing to...
Ask/Dare The Creepypastas by VikingMetalToby
Ask/Dare The Creepypastasby ⦻
Oh god this book is so embarrassing it physically hurts.
Transformers ask or dare by WhiteWolfNinja
Transformers ask or dareby WhiteWolfNinja
I'm board as hell so i thought why not do an ask or dare while i come up with an idea to write the next chapter of my reborn as a sparkling in transformers prime book. ...
With Newtmas by DaronJayLemke123
With Newtmasby DaronJayLemke
Memes, short stories, request, ask Newt and Thomas, what ever you want it to be.
Ask/Dare SCPs and author by UniteTogether
Ask/Dare SCPs and authorby UniteTogether
For now the story is finished, but if I get enough questions or dares, I may create few more parts. SCPs that you can ask questions: SCP-001 "Scarlet King" SC...
Interviews With Your Favourite Characters by dlcroisette
Interviews With Your Favourite dlcroisette
An interview book with a twist - you get to ask your favrourite characters questions. Ever wanted to talk to a character in a book? Ask them a question? Want to know...
Life With The Meme Squad by OliveMint
Life With The Meme Squadby OliveMint
Cover made by @ICECREAM7149 Error is NOT a female in this story. No female skeletons in this story. What happens in one book stays in that book unless it's a series. ~~~...
Quiet Storm  by dobrevmins
Quiet Storm by Joanna
Everything starts when Emir goes to visit Zeynep at the motel in episode 52. After she ignored his proposition a few days ago and left him, he felt hurt and suspicious a...
Young Love (Child!Reader x Child!Sans) -ALL AU- by AsuRose
Young Love (Child!Reader x Child! Asuna Rose
(y/n), the new kid at the daycare, was very shy, and stayed by PJ as much as she could. But, she starts to become friends with everyone. How will this young love turn ou...
Piggy Ask, Truth or Dare {REQUESTS OPEN} by HeliGro2
Piggy Ask, Truth or Dare { ~Hëłěńā~
Art 100% by me. I've seen a lot of people do this so I decided to do one myself. Feel free to request anything No one will probably see this ;-; Characters are not mine...
Boşver ... (TAMAMLANDI) by bendebilmiyorum5
lisede geçen klasik hikayelerden biri ama burda sadece badboy yok onun kadar asi ve ona kolayca kafa tutabilecek bir kız var.Bakalım serseriler sadece saf kızları mı sev...
Rescue Riders Ask Or Dare by UltraJackieJackal
Rescue Riders Ask Or Dareby Jackie the Jackal
Ask or dare rescue riders addition! Have fun and nothing inappropriate please.