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Quiet Storm  by dobrevmins
Quiet Storm by Joanna
Everything starts when Emir goes to visit Zeynep at the motel in episode 52. After she ignored his proposition a few days ago and left him, he felt hurt and suspicious a...
Inevitable by mera_gmn
Inevitableby mera_gmn
The story is a rewrite for the events that took place in season one of karasevda. And subsequently a very different events comes later. "What if Asu wasn't able to...
My Sexy Boss by judymahmud
My Sexy Bossby judymahmud
A lovehate story , so Zeynep is a good girl she has nothing to do with bad guys and drinking , but one day when she knew the truth about her father she changed , well sh...
Dangerously in Love by dobrevmins
Dangerously in Loveby Joanna
A glimpse into the life of Turkey's most passionate tv couple "Zeymir" (aka Emir Kozcuoğlu and Zeynep Soydere) and their son, Poyraz. All events are taking pla...
Demons by mera_gmn
Demonsby mera_gmn
A new zeymir fan fiction. The story is following the events of the last episode of karasevda with the exception of the last scene.. what if Asu had killed Nihan at the e...
A life time by mera_gmn
A life timeby mera_gmn
The story does not follow Karasevda theme.. it's completely AU. That's why I didn't write a summary.Let it be a surprise. Hope you'll like it. . . . This is a rewrite an...
Two strangers met with completely different lives , each of them having a dark secret from the past . See how their lives get connected and how their families and frien...
maybe its love by judymahmud
maybe its loveby judymahmud
the story takes place after zeynep had gone to newyork in episode 59 and she thought that emir forgot her , our beloved (kaan urgancioglu and Hazal filiz kucukkose) ❤ pa...
BEKARET +18 by thatmisfitlady
BEKARET +18by elena
inanır mısınız bilmem ama sabahın 5inde uyuyamazken aklıma gelen bir hikaye fikri ve şimdi yazıyoruuum . . odaya fark edilecek şekilde heybetli bir vücut girdi odadaki i...
The Revenant  by dobrevmins
The Revenant by Joanna
How will you cope when the most influential person in your life comes back to haunt you? Will you embrace the darkness or drown with it?" An idea for a potential 3r...
Pianist  by adabelinkalemi
Pianist by sidelyawatty
Töre. Ailelerinin zoruyla evlendirilen Sarp ve Derin. Görme engelli olan Sarp ve okulunu bitiremeden İstanbul'a gönderilen Derin. Her şey Mardin'de başladı, Mardin'de b...
Untamed by judymahmud
Untamedby judymahmud
Zeynep is a 25 years old young woman , when she lived a big tragedy in the past because of her sister Asu which led to her mother's death , she decided never to give up...
Nasip  by gizemlibirisiiiiii
Nasip by gizemlibirisiiiiii
ben isyan edemem, nasip der geçerim.
Kara Sevda - After Goodbye by athena_c
Kara Sevda - After Goodbyeby athena_c
Nihan struggles to cope without Kemal. Weeks have passed since their goodbye and her return to Emir and her family. Can she cope though with a hole so large left in her...
endless love/kara sevda by snowyrosie
endless love/kara sevdaby snowrosie
what happens after ozan dies and everyone thinks Kemal killed Emir? what happens after the end of season 1?
A forever kind of love by kierabale130
A forever kind of loveby kierabale130
Zeynep Soydere comes home to Istanbul after 15 years away. She never wanted to be back in her father's home again, where the biggest tragedy of her life took place. But...
Złoty Chłopak/Kaya&Feraye by SamanthaANomura
Złoty Chłopak/Kaya&Ferayeby SamanthaANomura
Alex wyjeżdża do Stambułu w ramach stypendium. W samolocie nawiązuje znajomość ze starszym od siebie o 4 lata Canem, z pochodzenia Turkiem. Z czasem rodzi się między nim...
kara sevdam. | afet & aziz by r154cm
kara sevdam. | afet & azizby 🤍
| Für meine Mutter, Ç. | "I was never a mischievous person, even when they burned my soul." Afet Öztoprak, geboren 1947, in den erbarmungslosen Bergen Antaky...