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Living Royalty  by uzyxxxx18
Living Royalty by Uzmah Omar
Two sisters. Two brothers. As different as polar opposites...but then, doesn't the saying go "like poles repel and opposite poles attract"? It sure doesn't see...
Mannat......A Love Story by erumkhan19
Mannat......A Love Storyby erum khan
it is Dhoombros Fan fiction, actually a Hussain Asif's story, his journey towards the stars he wanted to touch and that one special girl he kept on meeting in his life...
My Life in Pieces✔️:#projectNigeria by sherie_fah
My Life in Pieces✔️:#projectNigeriaby Aliyu Sharifat .A.
Do you know any other Zoeya Aliyu?. Its your wedding card and better get prepared you are getting married in two weeks!". For a moment there I went numb, deaf, life...
What Love Can Do by Ayshaleena
What Love Can Doby Aysha Adams
It's all started from hate to love ❤️
100 Pick Up Lines (Book 1) by pandacornlova
100 Pick Up Lines (Book 1)by B.A.E
Exactly what the title says . . . Book 2 is OUT NOW, completed, with 100 MORE pick up lines for you to enjoy! Book 3 is OUT NOW, with 30 HALLOWEEN pick up lines!!
A True Heart's Desire (#MissionDesi) by AyshaHun
A True Heart's Desire ( AyshaHun
When your parents decide to choose the person you will spend the rest of your life with, it doesn't always go well. Especially if he is the human form of headaches... We...
Maryam and Shehryaar by erumkhan19
Maryam and Shehryaarby erum khan
This is a novella, it is mostly about a girl named Maryam Afzaal and the twists in her life, the biggest twist came when she met the Dhoombros and her life went upside d...
The Secret Behind True Love  by Ayshaleena
The Secret Behind True Love by Aysha Adams
Each and every step of her makes me dizzy in the ocean of love. When she smile, it takes me away from all anguish of life. And anytime she talked to me, it makes feel...
Adhoore Hum #Wattys2015✔️ by __snowflakes__
Adhoore Hum #Wattys2015✔️by Sarca.Stee.Cally
**COMPLETED** SEQUEL TO SAJDAH Shehryaar and Asmaara meet again after three years of no contact at all. A lot has changed yet, a lot is still the same. Hussain and Pree...
100 Things Boys Need To Know  by pandacornlova
100 Things Boys Need To Know by B.A.E
A girls opinion book . . . For guys who have a special girl, but don't quite understand her or girls fully. Girls, if you have something to add comment it, and I'll add...
Bratz  by DecadeNormani
Bratz by DecadeNormani
Sasha, Yasmine, Jade, and Chloe are a group of crazy, wild, talented, and fashionable teenage friends that are discovering themselves and learning about life.
Unwittingly by happyperson081
Unwittinglyby Elysian
"All of the noble ladies, aged 18-20, and all of the noble lords, aged 18-25, are invited to attend a betrothal celebration. On the first night, a masquerade ball s...
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𝐵𝑙𝑖𝑛𝑑 || 𝐶𝑙𝑢𝑒𝑙𝑒𝑠𝑠  by aslutforaubreyplaza
𝐵𝑙𝑖𝑛𝑑 || 𝐶𝑙𝑢𝑒𝑙𝑒𝑠𝑠 by a slut for nancy drew
In which Cher is too blinde see Josh's best friend is in love with her. I don't own Clueless or the outfits
Life's Full of Your Love by Jalebi88
Life's Full of Your Loveby Jalebi88
Zara has always dreamed of a perfect life. All her life she's looked for her Prince Charming. Will she find him? Will he find her? Will life be perfect, just the way Zar...
If I Stay: A Divergent Fanfic by booksarentwaterproof
If I Stay: A Divergent Fanficby booksarentwaterproof
This is another Divergent FanFiction but instead of this being a Divergent High its going to be after Dauntless Initiation and everyone picks jobs! No war or anything! S...
As if.. by MemiorsofMad
Love ...
Beintehaa Mohabbat by sprinklesondesserts
Beintehaa Mohabbatby Sprinklesondesserts
Love is also like life Every corner is not easy Every corner doesn't bring happiness But if we can't leave life alone Then why should we leave love? He's a heart thro...