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I'll Do My Best Not To Be My Worst (Starker eventually Tony, Peter, Steve) by hamiltontrash5430
I'll Do My Best Not To Be My hamiltontrash5430
A warning, this is an incredibly dark fic and isn't pretty.. There may or may not be a happy ending, that all depends on how my year goes. Peter Parker is a journalist w...
I'm Sorry by sidewayshedgehog
I'm Sorryby sideways
Another short story- quite sad and quite major character death (it's complicated and non-graphic). Based on a prompt by @drink-it-write-it on Tumblr.
172 by pippasherlok
172by pippasherlok
Michael and I have a... complicated relationship
Tell Me Why  by MoistShigaraki
Tell Me Why by Major Shiggy stan
Just things that have happened so far. I'm enjoying this game. Really love writing in this perspective, but also it is really weird. I don't see a lot of writers do this.
For you, I lie. by amm_mp4
For you, I amm_mp4
⚠️TRIGGER WARNING: CONTAINS TOPICS OF ABUSE AND SUICIDE! DNI IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE TO THESE TOPICS!⚠️ Ok so basically I used this as a coping mechanism 😻🙏🏽. Also this...
Not Every Hero Gets A Happy Ending. by Alicemurphy7
Not Every Hero Gets A Happy Alice murphy
title is a work in progress Angsty teens screw up majorly
Hell [Phan]  by yoonkibaby
Hell [Phan] by tobi
darling it's hell without you lower case intended TRIGGER WARNINGS INCLUDE: Cheating, Depression, Suicide, Guilt, Intense Angst ©️ yoonkibaby finished when was @/yoongle...
time's up. [ kakucho fanfic ] by maieriza
time's up. [ kakucho fanfic ]by ♕
ooo. 𝙏𝙄𝙈𝙀'𝙎 𝙐𝙋. ❝ you know i don't have much longer. ❞ 𝗜𝗡 𝗪𝗛𝗜𝗖𝗛 the last person he has left is running out of time, and he doesn't know what to...
I'm sorry by cvrpsek1tty
I'm sorryby carrie
Tanaka x reader :) ❤️ One shot ❤️ I can try to make a part 2
Lover ✿ BNHA by SepticRaven
Lover ✿ BNHAby King Of The Ravens
Where Mineta was short, Shoji was tall. Where Mineta was despised, Shoji was loved. Where Mineta was weak, Shoji was strong. In all mediums, he should hate Shoji, but he...
My Dear Jewel~  by _R0guefort_
My Dear Jewel~ by 𝚁𝚘𝚐𝚞𝚎𝚏𝚘𝚛𝚝
April 11, 2024 Update: Updating the Fic here for once! Safe to say, I'm back everyone <3 Here's the owner of where the cover image was found; c...
Happier by Princessofseaandsun
Happierby Princessofseaandsun
A short oneshot inspired by 'Happier'by marshmellow. (I might write another part to this if people like,but until then im looking for constructive critiscm?) *Crossposte...
Dream smp short stories [Discontinued] by DirtyPants___
Dream smp short stories [ Ghost
I'm gonna throw up (1/15/23) Ew what is this why did I make this 🙁 (7/25/23)
Every redemption arc -Glatt and Ghostbur- by honestly_sickofyou
Every redemption arc -Glatt and Call me honest
Ghostbur and Gschlatt are dead, and have been for some time. The world moves on. "I killed you." "You make me feel alive again." -SET BEFORE THE TIME...
He Turns Me On, But Doesn't Touch Me by kreekey
He Turns Me On, But Doesn't kreek town
"If John were a homosexual, I would've thought he would have made a pass at me in 20 years, wouldn't you?" - Paul McCartney disputing the claims that Lennon ha...
a life without death isn't worth living by The_gayguys
a life without death isn't worth fishbowl
I bet you have always dreamed of living a thousand lives , but you never take into consideration , to live another life you must die beforehand . For a life without deat...
Lovebirds trance by bootybut69695
Lovebirds tranceby bootybut69695
Dream ( Clay ) is lucid dreaming and goes to the city since its where he always longed for. While he's in the city he decides to go to a happy spot and while he sits dow...
the string with only one end (i had no choice) by ollieisajerk
the string with only one end (i ollie
"Hey, George?" asked Alby, and George turned his head, his bleary eyes barely open. "Yeah?" he croaked "Tomorrow, we're gonna go to the Outside...