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Angels of Death | Lost and Found | Zaray Fanfic by dedfairie
Angels of Death | Lost and Found | Hanna
Zack meets Rachel in the orphanage when she's little. Not being like the other kids who turn and scream at him, he develops a friendship with her. After a night in hell...
Wanted for Murder by Mk_Otaku
Wanted for Murderby Cole
This story is of Not only zack has a crazed killer side but also Ray. Rachel Gardner a 16 year old girl living with abusive parents who strangly started going out at nig...
Rachel and the "Serial Killer" by ShuarZei
Rachel and the "Serial Killer"by マカRoseTea:3
When Rachel Gardner ran from home, she came across a serial killer(or she thought he is) Zack. After he rescue Rachel from a drunker, she pass out and woke up in an almo...
watchdog  ➼  zackray 《Yankee Gakuen AU》 by simonexviii
watchdog ➼ zackray 《Yankee simone's place
based from the drama CD Yankee Gakkuen AU . Isaac Foster is a student at Satsuten High. A delinquent. He does whatever he wants and cares about no one. The Prologue...
Love Spell by allison4800
Love Spellby allison4800
while on a mission,a witch puts a curse on Ray to make him fall in love with the first person he sees and that person happens to be Zari who was on the mission with him...
Angels of Death~Zaray by steqhxnie
Angels of Death~Zarayby steph :3
Zack & Rachel finally got out that mystery place they were put into with the 6 floors, but the cops are looking for Zack cause he is a murderer. Him and Rachel run away...
Angels of Death Ending Explained by Gluemoy
Angels of Death Ending Explainedby Ailmeha
I'm going to be sharing the most likely, reasonable ending of Angels of Death. Honestly, feel as if a lot of people are confused about the ending and make up random the...
DC Legends Of Tomorrow- A Zaray Fanfic by Unknownrrrr
DC Legends Of Tomorrow- A Zaray Unknownrrrr
This is not original. Only cut and paste.
Locked away by SpitfireEagen
Locked awayby Spitfire Eagen
After realizing that Rachel had killed her father and helped a well known serial killer in a few other murders the police decided it would be best to send both Rachel Ga...
DAISUKI~♡    ○●satsuriku no tenshi fanfic●○   [SLOW UPDATE] by panda_neechan
DAISUKI~♡ ○●satsuriku no panda
It all start when Rachel met Isaac and ask him a favor. She want him to help her to make friends. Rachel want to go out from her lonely zone. She want to know people. Sh...
Zack and Ray the beginning to the end by zoekitten245
Zack and Ray the beginning to zoekitten245
This story starts out basically as a Recap of the anime, but told more in Zacks Perspective, the rest will be fanfic, based on what might happen after they escaped. Upda...
Leaving the past behind ~ bright stars at a new horizon (ZaRay) by SierraFireCat
Leaving the past behind ~ bright SierraFireCat
This is my version of what would happen after episode 16. And surprise, it's a love story! It may take some time, because it's the first time I'm writing a ship-ff and...
Care to Dance? by KhymerVulture
Care to Dance?by KhymerVulture
Zack asks Rachel to prom. (Yankee Gakuen AU)
Amor secreto  by lizanthonellA
Amor secreto by lizanthonellA
Se trata de una chica Logan ella piensa que su vida es atroz hasta que llega Allison que le dará un retorno a su vida...
Angels Of Death - Your Mine by slushoowrites
Angels Of Death - Your Mineby slushoo
Rachel is abandoned by family and is ended up in a orphanage, She attempts to do suicide until a shadow figure saves her and wakes up ending up within a group of people...
There is always life before death by IDunnoReallyHelp
There is always life before deathby Help
In a world where there are pairs of people, polar opposites, the average person represents extremely common elements. Having control over certain things can be powerful...
zaray death falls for life by iloveanimetomesoul
zaray death falls for lifeby animeforevermyreality
The next redo^^ Zack is the god of death and always has hater the humans, the way they deceive and hate, and his fellow gods are , cathy: the god of poverty Danny: the...
Zaray { Zack x Rachel} Discountinued!!!! by Lily_the_best12
Zaray { Zack x Rachel} Shouti aizwaia
Rachel was Abused Until Ray Found her, Just jumping ⚠️ Tw⚠️ suicide death blood gore