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Andreil One Shots ;) by GalaxyRaven256
Andreil One Shots ;)by GalaxyRaven256
🧡One shots (short stories) I've thought of for the two. If the personalities or things don't match up in the beginning it's because I didn't read the entire series befo...
AFTG One-Shots by ReignOfAtticus
AFTG One-Shotsby Alexandria Paige
AFTG One-Shotsssssssssss Mostly Neil and Andrew 🦊🧡🦊🧡🦊
Great Pretender// K. Day, A. Minyard by BlendedStories
Great Pretender// K. Day, A. Doltish Daichi
When Wymack goes to recruit Neil, instead of gratitude for showing interest in a kid that the rest of the world had written off as a lost cause, he gets hit with an ulti...
I can't do this alone anymore  by Icedwowza66
I can't do this alone anymore by Boy grande Chimm
Hey! This story is focused around andreil and takes place throughout the current story. Starting Christmas break in The Raven Cycle. What if Riko managed to break Neil...
Aftg react by artmenisgutforyou
Aftg reactby Artmen
The Foxes react to the books/about Neil (not everything I will be skipping some things)
Pipe Dream (The King's Men from Andrew's POV) ✔️ by seasy33
Pipe Dream (The King's Men from Sydney
~COMPLETE~ "You were supposed to be a side effect of the drugs." "I'm not a hallucination." "You are a pipe dream." A/N: After two weeks of...
Memories by wha-tth-efr-ick
Memoriesby wha-tth-efr-ick
"Thalia Warden will be a legal adult on this day next year. Until then, she will live in the foster care system, and will be able to do with her life as she pleases...
Andreil | all for the game | aftg by IdkwhydoIhaveit
Andreil | all for the game | aftgby Don’t mind me
Just stories of Andrew and Neil🌞 🤸‍♀️
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Something Real (Andreil) by scarredsilk
Something Real (Andreil)by scarredsilk
Andrew Minyard spends most nights practicing Exy. He took up the sport years ago, but has failed to tell his family that he plays Exy at all. One night, Neil Josten stum...
Pandora's Jar by ivory-on-the_sun
Pandora's Jarby Ivory Gim
Minna Day couldn't stand that Riko just had to open the jar. It was like it was calling to all of them and only Riko had the weak will to open it. •|⚜️|• Book two of Tr...
All For The Game Memes and Fanart by Zaywhat12
All For The Game Memes and Fanartby Gray Bartolo
All for the Game by Nora Sakavic is such an under appreciated piece of art. To fix that I will use this book to post: rants, memes, fan art, maybe comics, fanfic suggest...
Pipe Dreams  by drew_the_gay
Pipe Dreams by Drew Rae An a/b/o mpreg Andreil au Enjoy lovelies 🧡💜
Finding Mia by wha-tth-efr-ick
Finding Miaby wha-tth-efr-ick
"I need you to do something for me," "What would I possibly do for you?" "Get your filthy hands off this case, you're going to get yourself kil...
The Foxhole Court by Im_ThePlanet_Mars
The Foxhole Courtby Mars.Was.Here.
Neil Josten is the newest addition to the Palmetto State University Exy team. He's short, he's fast, he's got a ton of potential - and he's the runaway son of the murde...
♕ All for the Game TEXTS by starmoons
♕ All for the Game TEXTSby ✧ landen ☽
The Foxhole Court, The Raven King, & The King's Men TEXTS !! Based on the novels by Nora Sakavic ♡ Since Andreil IS CANON, there will be some lovely fluff texts :) Enjoy...
Serendipitous Encounters by XxChaoticQueenxX
Serendipitous Encountersby Lea
serendipitous /ˌsɛrənˈdɪpɪtəs/ adjective occurring or discovered by chance in a happy or beneficial way. Andrew Minyard's departure from Palmetto State University was a...
Neil Josten Fan club by averymanna
Neil Josten Fan clubby DrivingThruTheSuburbs
Hello! I suffer from Neil Josten brain rot, the only cure is writing down all my one-shots and head canons. I might also end up writing some longer stories to go along w...
aftg oneshots [andreil] by adrianisanalien
aftg oneshots [andreil]by moony
andreil/kevandreil fluff, angst, and maybe some smut. will accept requests for matt/dan, allison/renee, and kevaaron. - "I'm not a hallucination," Neil said, n...
Yes or No? by gelexiagal
Yes or No?by Grace
Just some fluff with our boys Andrew and Neil
Синим пламенем. by Sqexxll
Синим пламенем.by Khedeliin Laina
Свет, и сцена, овации и поклонники. Все о чем мечтаешь. Правда розовые очки спадут когда заглянешь за кулисы. Лисы не игроки в экси. Теперь их игра это известная жизнь