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All For The Game Memes and Fanart by Zaywhat12
All For The Game Memes and Fanartby Gray Bartolo
All for the Game by Nora Sakavic is such an under appreciated piece of art. To fix that I will use this book to post: rants, memes, fan art, maybe comics, fanfic suggest...
Finding Mia by wha-tth-efr-ick
Finding Miaby wha-tth-efr-ick
"I need you to do something for me," "What would I possibly do for you?" "Get your filthy hands off this case, you're going to get yourself kil...
Serendipitous Encounters by XxChaoticQueenxX
Serendipitous Encountersby Lea
serendipitous /ˌsɛrənˈdɪpɪtəs/ adjective occurring or discovered by chance in a happy or beneficial way. Andrew Minyard's departure from Palmetto State University was a...
Tears (Foxes fic) by ZetaTheAlien
Tears (Foxes fic)by Zeta
After Neil's death and how the team reacts. Andrew's reaction. Kevin's reaction. And how they moved on. DISCLAIMER: This is unedited so I am apologizing for any mistak...
Great Pretender// K. Day, A. Minyard by BlendedStories
Great Pretender// K. Day, A. Minya...by Doltish Daichi
When Wymack goes to recruit Neil, instead of gratitude for showing interest in a kid that the rest of the world had written off as a lost cause, he gets hit with an ulti...
You brought what home?| andreil fanfic  by 3rachasmaknae
You brought what home?| andreil fa...by 3rachasmaknae
Neil decided it was a brilliant idea to bring a surprise home to the dorms. Short story (technically completed, but I'll probably add to it)
Another Minyard?  by Mio_Eli
Another Minyard? by Aaron Minyard
Mio was a student in high school that was going to graduate in 2 years and when he was at is after school sports club his coach told him there was someone for him waitin...
All for the Game by kevdvys
All for the Gameby kevdvys
just a bunch of super adorable one-shots of this amazing series called All for the Game. Enjoyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!
Sick by Mio_Eli
Sickby Aaron Minyard
It was Wednesday and Kevin woke up and he had a headache and his body felt heavy and he immediately knew from that it would be a bad day He wanted to sleep in and not wa...
Between the Two | andriel fanfic  by 3rachasmaknae
Between the Two | andriel fanfic by 3rachasmaknae
Neil is learning Korean because of a friend, Andrew doesn't like this and decided to pick up a dangerous sport because of it.