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images drv3  by -_MrColo_-
images drv3 by .
It's very random, I don't remember because I have it but I'll just post it here. [The drawings belong to their creators]
fairy lights | Amasai by laaffytaffy
fairy lights | Amasaiby NEW ACC @Rexzinatorr
[ COMPLETED ON 11/25/2020, 8:00 PM EST ] Shuichi Saihara, 16. Soulmates were always on his mind. Everywhere he went, soulmates. It's like their trying to tell him that h...
AmaSai Writing Prompts by Nash1445
AmaSai Writing Promptsby Nash1445
Because AmaSai is my OTP and it needs more fanfics and such
He came from above by yokaimilk
He came from aboveby Phantom
Rantarou was just an ordinary college student, wanting to just get by in life. That is until he meets his overly kind roommate who just so happens to be keeping a secret.
danganronpa maid cafe! by arandomfangirl4456
danganronpa maid cafe!by arandomfangirl4456
•|Just a cute and wholesome story about your two favorite maids falling in love! ^w^|• enjoy!
~Amasai oneshots~ by Lilypuppy1231
~Amasai oneshots~by lostinthesky
🚨!!NEW KEY FOR ANY READERS NEW OR OLD!!!! (This is easier for me) 🚨 ☕ - Angst 🍋- Smut 🌺 - Fluff! These are just some oneshots of my otp ship amasai (Rantaro x Shui...
✠ dance circle ✠ ✞ saimami ✞ (DISCONTINUED) by ratatouile_loves_you
✠ dance circle ✠ ✞ saimami ✞ ( ¤ange¤
shuichi saihara was just a normal teenager, getting dragged into parties by his friend, but, he would never socialize in parties. though, this day was different. TRIGGER...
Drawing Death...|| Amasai by Hopeful-kuma
Drawing Death...|| Amasaiby Shu
A young male named Rantaro Amami was born with a...unique burden on his shoulders. One day this burden intertwines his anothers fates together...a young detective who un...
The story after it all by Submissive-Detective
The story after it allby Shuichi Saihara
This story takes place in an au much like the end, or well, story line of their physical bodies, telling of what happened afetr the 73rd season of the killing game Danga...
worthless ( oumasai/amasai)  by Aki_Marshova
worthless ( oumasai/amasai) by Aki_Marshova
ok, I've written a new chapter and realized that it's too much, I don't wanna trigger anyone. Almost everyone's here are children or young teens, I don't think it's a go...
Drv3 Chatfic!by JustaFluffFangirl!
SEASON 1 OF DRV3 CHATFIC It's bad at the first few chapters but don't worry it gets gooood 🤤 Chat Fucking Fics! "Seriously babe ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS-" &quo...
Literal Hell || A NDRV3 Chat Fic by P-PANDABEARS_
Literal Hell || A NDRV3 Chat Ficby 🔥; ↴ 𝘚𝘢𝘱𝘱𝘺𝘯𝘢𝘱𝘱𝘺 ❞
(Cover is a wip... Maybe.) A certain purple-haired male has made a group chat! It's gonna be chaotic, that's for sure. I mean, why wouldn't it be? There's gonna be drama...
Amasai oneshots by GIMMETHATFLUUFFF
Amasai oneshotsby JustaFluffFangirl!
I Don't Need Your Help, I Think by _written_weirdo_
I Don't Need Your Help, I Thinkby written
I've seen this cover used a gazillion times but idgaf it's cute. I'll write a description when I feel like it. ⚠️sad shuichi alert⚠️
rantaro x shuichi Oneshot (smut) by shuichi-is-hot
rantaro x shuichi Oneshot (smut)by Shuichi_kun
 smut I have nothing to Say Shuichi is 19 Rantaro is 20
If I can help you (an Amasai fanfic) by yokaimilk
If I can help you (an Amasai Phantom
Kaede was Shuuichi's best friend until one day she had to move away. Worrying about Shuuichi's state, she asks her childhood friend, Rantarou Amami, to care for him in h...
Amasai fluff collection by yokaimilk
Amasai fluff collectionby Phantom
I should be working on other stories but instead, I do this.
Hope's peak Bar? (on hold) by Submissive-Detective
Hope's peak Bar? (on hold)by Shuichi Saihara
so this is a university au. Shuichi Saihara enrolls into Hope's peak university late. it's an amasai fic. I suck at descriptions, and that's the end. enjoy
Crush Culture  by emodetective
Crush Culture by Naib
!!! WAS Are You Bored Yet? SAME FIC JUST DIFFERENT TITLE !!! I have no clue I'll probably be winging it as I go along so sorry if it doesn't flow well qwq but it's saima...