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I always was there by DistantSkyC0r3
I always was thereby ❀Yᴍɪʀ❀
Saimatsu and Irumota angst:) Oumeno? Maybe👀👀 And other shit-
A Melody With You ~ Saimatsu Fanfiction by aSilentPassion
A Melody With You ~ Saimatsu xBlank
A Hopes Peak Academy without despair? Shuichi Saihara and Kaede Akamatsu are first years at Hopes Peak Academy and together they get through their high school life in th...
The Ultimate Hunt {DRV3 AU}  by Sunset99991
The Ultimate Hunt {DRV3 AU} by Sunset99991
Nearly a week after an alert was triggered for the ultimates, still none of them have been found. They stayed in hiding, separated, alone. Police were convinced they wou...
Symphony  by QwertiUwU
Symphony by QwertiUwU
"A killing game that shouldn't have happened. A fate that no one had deserved. Circumstances full of fear and despair. What if it was a lie? What if it never happe...
A Classroom of Chaos and other crap (A Danganronpa V3 Chat-Fic) by Creepercraftguy
A Classroom of Chaos and other Creepercraftguy
I decided to return to Wattpad and make this after a year or so of making my last fic. However, the chances are, this one is going to be a lot more weird, given the tone...
saimatsu smut (god help me) by byaxkuya05
saimatsu smut (god help me)by byaxkuya05
I got bored at 6am and thought "oh! saimatsu smut haha funny" this is a joke don't take it seriously
5 Years On: A Danganronpa V3 Story by Blue_Beanz_123
5 Years On: A Danganronpa V3 Storyby Blue Beanz
After Escaping the world of V3. Shuichi, Maki and Himiko find out that their friends are alive and well. Five years later and the cast have grown. Physically and mentall...
Nobody's Fool But Yours | Saimatsu & Momoharu by Marshtompz
Nobody's Fool But Yours | Marshal
It made perfect sense. Yet, Shuichi couldn't understand it. Since when were Kaede and Kaito dating? (Crossposted to AO3 and under the same username, Marsh...
♡The Saimatsu Family: A Bunch Of Love♡ by piano_sweetie
♡The Saimatsu Family: A Bunch Of .♡Kaede Akamatsu♡.
In this story, Kaede and Shuichi are finally a couple! They decide to take care of Kokichi, and they finally develop they're own family. Mama, Dada, and baby grape! Thi...
Saimatsu Oneshots || 🎀🎹 by UltimatePianista
Saimatsu Oneshots || 🎀🎹by 🌸𝒮𝒶𝓇𝒶🌸
i will update often enough ,, But i made this just because i really wanted to share some of my headcannons in a book where i don't have to think for a beginning and end...
Love Is Mysterious  by HatsOffForKaede
Love Is Mysterious by HatsOffForKaede
They say love is mysterious, you can't control who you do or don't love. Love can be found in the most despair inducing places or the most hope inducing. One thing that...
Danganronpa Twitter AU by hajimestibbies
Danganronpa Twitter AUby hajimeisahimbo
Yet another twitter au i have lots of angst planned so beware of that 😈
give me a chance 🎶 pregame saimatsu by UnlimitedNonsense
give me a chance 🎶 pregame ༉‧₊˚✧nonsense ♪
I've never done Saimatsu before so bare with me- ⚠️MAJOR DRV3 SPOILERS!⚠️ Saihara and Akamatsu, two fans of Danganronpa. One, a bit of an outcasted nerd, who will never...
saimatsu thigh fic (pregame) by Noee_falls
saimatsu thigh fic (pregame)by Unicorn
I'm really sorry. This is for a friend.
Saimatsu One-Shots by KawaiiGroovycat
Saimatsu One-Shotsby shipping and sinking
An anthology of Saimatsu fluff and stuff my OTP trash heart couldn't resist writing about!
Let's Be Together by KokichiWithAHat
Let's Be Togetherby KokichiWithAHat
Let's Be Together is a Saimatsu fanfiction about Kaede Akamatsu who on her way to school stumbles across Shuichi Saihara in nearby park. They quickly become friends but...
Your Maid - Maid!Ouma Oumasai Fanfiction by TalentlessChloe
Your Maid - Maid!Ouma Oumasai UnTalentedChloe
When Shuichi and his girlfriend Kaede hire a new maid by the name of Kokichi, what was supposed to be a simple transaction between a client and a maid eventually begins...