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His Safe Haven  by Rash_max16
His Safe Haven by Tayara Sarkar
_Dhara Sinha_ : A smart and confidant finance woman. The grand-daughter of Ashalata Malakar Sinha , the matriarch of the wealthy and influential Sinha family of West Ben...
Caught In The Cyclone Of Love (COMPLETED) by oratiousreader22
Caught In The Cyclone Of Love ( Devimanju Mohan
**** Sanjana is a lonely girl with a complicated past, for whom life is never easy. After facing a major tragedy she moves to London in hope of finding peace. But no-one...
My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker by sofea_ray05
My Crown Prince Consort Is a Sofea Dimas Piang
Author: Zi Yunxi This story is not mine. All credits to the AUTHOR and TRANSLATOR. For offline purposes ONLY. Ongoing!! (BOOK 3) Synopsis A genius talisman practitioner...
"Aloof" [Kim Taehyung] 21+ by Sneha_india_
"Aloof" [Kim Taehyung] 21+by Sólíçítós
"I can kill my children, I am pain, the death" He laughed. "And I am life, I am a mother, a savior, Taehyung" _____________ "Bring Y/n in front...
Glass Butterfly by DignifiedEmpress
Glass Butterflyby Hera
He hated her. She was in love with him. But everything changed. She changed. She has given up. He changed. He wanted her. And now, he wants her back. Hera Castillo. Sh...
99.9% 𝑿𝑶𝑿𝑶 𝒇𝒓𝒆𝒆 by Tsubaki_0000
99.9% 𝑿𝑶𝑿𝑶 𝒇𝒓𝒆𝒆by Tsubaki_0000
Morticia Katz, surely known by everyone at school as the girl who's got trouble tied between her legs, have just 0.1% of her emotions reserved for miscellaneous. 99.9%...
Hidden ink of Heart by Mackenlo
Hidden ink of Heartby M.Ronda
Let me allure the ghost of the past, Clothed with dire love and profanity- Seduce me or not I'll suffice my pleasure through poetry.
Breaking by AudreyJane1221
Breakingby SPOBY MY OTP
Joshua Stone, a typical rich boy. The quarterback of the football team. A teen not looking for the love of life. A teen who just wants to live in his life in the moment...
Lucifer Mondragon (DTS #1) by YourKnightInMare
Lucifer Mondragon (DTS #1)by YKIM
Lucifer Mondragon is a devil personified. But no one knows it or maybe he was just good at pretending. Like the story of an angel who fell in hell his life is more of de...
Almost by marbursss
Almostby Marburs
Time heals all wounds. Yet, I am back at it again. Mourning. Crying. Broken. Incomplete. When can I be freed again? I thought that I am okay now. But the moment I saw hi...
The Paper Boy in the Photograph  by 4rchangel
The Paper Boy in the Photograph by HufflesTheWriter
A little girl met a young boy in a rather peculiar way. He accidentally ran into her while he was making deliveries on his bicycle. Before he could apologize, however, t...
TALES!! by blosses
TALES!!by Crimson
Just thoughts.....
My Moon by ljferdz21
My Moonby Lalynarie
A loyal friend to mine.
Beyond Words by Strange_Pen
Beyond Wordsby koshi
On her 18th birthday, Liora discovers she can read minds. Intrigued by Silas, a mysterious and aloof young man, she persistently delves into his thoughts, gradually unra...
Drowsiness by mellowcholy
Drowsinessby Audrina Dollanganger
Sebastian meets the new girl, Violet, on the train back to their boarding school. Sebastian is hyper, boisterous and the class clown, the antithesis of cold and aloof Vi...
Loving June by Juneisonefire
Loving Juneby June
June, a 24 years old graduate student who has moved to another country to pursue her dreams for a brighter future. She is simple yet strong-headed. Sometimes, she's also...
Beauty and the Needless Beast by romancelesswriter
Beauty and the Needless Beastby Sonia Cerene
What if the enigmatic and aloof needless man suddenly needs YOU?