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The Possessive God of the Underworld Owns Me! by Wolfen
The Possessive God of the Leighanne Reisner
There's Hell to Pay... But how bad can it possibly get? How about being kidnapped by the God of the Underworld while trying to escape a cheating boyfriend? Not to mentio...
  • love
  • goddesses
  • sassy
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Scars left by Memories by chrisiti345
Scars left by Memoriesby Christie Thames
MEMORIES! The one thing you can't forget. And if those memories are the ones turned into nightmares then they haunt you for the rest of your life. It is said that each a...
  • sassy
  • drama
  • lgbt
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A Slave at Heart by KANDIECART
A Slave at Heartby Rita
Six years ago, I left my heart with a man who could never return my love. I left my heart with a man whose whole world was dependent on his material possessions and the...
  • friendswithbenefits
  • fakefiance
  • cold
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Alone by ashleyo2023
A-L-O-N-E They don't know what it really feels like.
  • alone
  • aloof
  • cold
Shades of Dark by The_Aloof
Shades of Darkby Supriya
This book consists of views from different people on darkness. Check out for more.
  • shadesofdark
  • aloof
  • thoughts
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Abduction by mikoblu
Abductionby mikoblu
Nadia Persephone Alonte - a very discreet person, mysterious type. Only child, anak ng dalawang low key business persons. Mr. Gerald Alonte; ang ama ni Persephone, matip...
  • heiress
  • jadine
  • fiction
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RANDOM NEST by aloofking
Welcome to the King's Random Nest!
  • randomness
  • aloof
  • joe
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Bridgekode by bridgekode
Bridgekodeby Anonymous
In a world of Chaos and randomness where righteousness exists only in mere words of intrinsically evil people. A single person takes up the journey to find the truth, to...
  • immersion
  • cool
  • instinct
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Make Me Believe by bbkryptonite
Make Me Believeby bbkryptonite
Si Dashiel ay writer sa wattpad. Marami na ang nagbabasa ng stories niya about love, relationship and of course, happy endings. But outside her cyber world, she's a soph...
  • aloof
  • believe
Unheard Voice and Unexpressed Feelings (2012-2013) by lifeisfullofwonders9
Unheard Voice and Unexpressed Julix
[April 3, 2012- November 9, 2013] This one consists of the things that I wasn't able to share with my friends cos they never listen to me and some quotes I wrote and th...
  • introverted
  • randomthoughts
  • feelings
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stomach pain. . . | mb/s by acheybluedaze
stomach pain. . . | mb/sby beau . .
side effects of beau. . .
  • advil
  • mbstory
  • aloof
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TALES!! by blosses
TALES!!by blosses
Just thoughts.....
  • mind
  • passion
  • rage
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Irresistible by Rebelx_xRosie
Irresistibleby Rosie
When Jack, the club owner who likes to keep to himself, and Charlie, the innocent music video director, meet, they immediately have chemistry. After a night of fun they...
  • innocent
  • hate
  • chapter
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A Word  by The_crushedsoul
A Word by The_crushedsoul
A word which consists of a few letters says a lot nd sometimes dat hurts u a lot when someone speak dat word suddenly which u want to hear nd it makes u so much happy bu...
  • aloof
Gemstone by AJStone14
Gemstoneby AJStone14
A story about Basil Hannah, a mild mannered upperclass naga, Andrew Lockshire, an outgoing werewolf and their adopted daughter, a Golem named Sapphire.
  • romance
  • golem
  • snake
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She's An Ugly Duckling by Cloudy_6
She's An Ugly Ducklingby Cloudy
Dear honorable readers.... would you read a story of a good-for-nothing ugly duckling x handsome aloof elite ?? ヽ(^o^)丿 If yes, please continue reading ! Amori Kai, the...
  • romance
  • brothel
  • onenightstand
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Himi himi Shea  by Abbeyatcomics
Himi himi Shea by Abbeyatcomics
17 year old Amir Price is one of the students you just look at them and wonder if they are ever going to get anywhere in life, the answer is... No. Until one day, he mee...
  • aloof
  • anime
Profusion by GrayxSon
Profusionby GrayxSon
This story is about a boy named Christian who falls in love with a girl named Emerson. Before laying eyes on Emerson Cristian believed that love was something you search...
  • heartbreak
  • love
  • aloof
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