BEYOND THIS ILLUSION ( claire novak ) by duhkotaa
BEYOND THIS ILLUSION ( claire dakota™
❝she needed a hero. so that's what she became.❞ After an alley robbery that had gone wrong, in which Ida Tucker was shot in the back, she was bound to a brace so she cou...
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Identity of a Wayward Girl by persephonehale
Identity of a Wayward Girlby Elle Owen
At the age of nine, Shayna Barrett became a witch. Having magic powers proves to be a useful skill, but they come at the price of having to lead a secret life of decepti...
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And You'll Blow Us All Away by hoteldenouement
And You'll Blow Us All Awayby Holly
Before Ellie was born, her mother encountered a slight ghost problem. The symptoms were normal - hearing whispers when no one was there, things moving in the dead of nig...
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CLAIRE. ⊳ MEET THE ADMINS! by waywardsistersclub
CLAIRE. ⊳ MEET THE ADMINS!by (wayward sisters.)
In which you meet the admins, and sign up to become one!
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