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Karate Girl by Jrose181
Karate Girlby Joy
Rosie just moved back to Seaford to live with her brother for a few years. Her brother works at Bobby Wasabi Dojo. Will these next few years be for better or for worse? ...
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The Twin by Emelia_Crisp
The Twinby Emelia Crisp
what happens when jack brewer has a twin and told no one about her? or what if she showed up as a surprise for there 16 birthday? and what happens when she decides to jo...
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Loving Leo (Leo Howard Love Story-Fanfic) by OneStoryLand
Loving Leo (Leo Howard Love Beth
Lilly Stone just scored herself a spot on Disney XD's top hit Kickin' It as the new love interest for Leo Howard. Now, all she has to do is stop falling for Leo and inst...
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Not Herself by CloverChild
Not Herselfby CloverChild
Kim returns to Seaford. On Halloween, the gang goes through a maze. Ever since that night, Kim's been acting weird. And she'll only open up to Jack. What happened and wh...
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When Love Fails by CloverChild
When Love Failsby CloverChild
Kim vanished a little over three years ago without a trace. The boys never got over her sudden disappearance; especially Jack. They still look for her wherever they go b...
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Freakish Imagines by freakishfan123
Freakish Imaginesby meep
(a freakish fanfiction) READ IT. ITS REAL GOOD! A compilation of cute freakish short stories that may or may not correlate with each other. Suggest any ideas for a chapt...
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Say You're Just A Friend (Jack and Kim Kickin' It Love Story) by itskennedywatup
Say You're Just A Friend (Jack misfit.
Kim and Jack have feelings for each other, but will they admit it? It all started when Jack moved to Seaford. Then, they became best friends. All of these events led up...
Kickin It Preferences (Under Editing) by Chrysalanian
Kickin It Preferences (Under Chrysalanian
A bunch of different oneshots/preferences about Kickin' It.
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Jack and Kim, kickin it, love story. by STXAssassin32
Jack and Kim, kickin it, love STXAssassin32
Jack and Kim (from Disney tv show Kickin it both like each other but neither want to admit it. Will they go out and possibly risk their friendship?
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Loving You, Leo by justme_ofcourse
Loving You, Leoby Cassie
Rosie Perez Moves To California And Gets Cast As The Love Interest Of Leo Howard's Character, Jack. Will Rosie Fall For Leo? Will Leo Fall For Rosie? What Will Happen On...
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See You There by verbosehermione
See You Thereby Nicole
Kickin' It - Kim/Jack (Kick) "Is this some kind of sick joke?" I blurted out, not caring who heard. "Did I so something to you that deserves revenge like...
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IF I WERE SORRY. ( TOM HOLLAND ) by Avengers-queenie
"i'd crawl through the desert on my hands and knees rehearsing my pretty please, climb the highest mountain, if i were sorry. shout it from the top, swim under wate...
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LabRats meets Kickin it by rpatney
LabRats meets Kickin itby rpatney
Mr Davenport decides that Adam, Bree, and Chase need to get better at Karate so they can defend themselves. They are already brown belts, but Mr. Davenport wants them to...
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Kick One-Shots (Kickin' it) by remzsoy12
Kick One-Shots (Kickin' it)by İrem Özsoy
Different one shots about Jack and Kim (Slow update)
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You're In Loove by LifeisLoud
You're In Looveby Abby
Kim really likes jack and at first jack really likes Kim but someone comes between them. Will they end up together or will their friendship be over forever? Read and fi...
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NEVER LEAVE (kickin'it fan-fiction) ❤️ by OliviaIsMyMockingjay
NEVER LEAVE (kickin'it OliviaIsMyMockingjay
Well,I'm too lazy to write again,so just read description inside. Okay,bye :3
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Kickin it jack down  by Ryanwalkermechx43
Kickin it jack down by Ryanwalkermechx43
Jack was practicing at the dojo when his cousin kai came in and wanted to fight him so they fought and jack got hit really hard and he fell to the floor and was unconsci...
Afraid of Clowns (Kickin It Story) by xVulpesVulpesx
Afraid of Clowns (Kickin It Story)by xVulpesVulpesx
Kim was never afraid of clowns. She always thought they were hilarious and fun. Clowns were Jack's secret fear; his kryptonite. But what happens when Kim goes mysteri...
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Disney Channel Preferences by ElizaSpeaks
Disney Channel Preferencesby ElizaSpeaks
This now includes Disney XD and Nickelodeon shows!
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All Grown Up (Future Kim and Jack) by kickinit_
All Grown Up (Future Kim and Jack)by StanFan
This story is about Kim and Jack once they grow up. The other Wasabi Warriors show up sometimes, but it's mostly Kim and Jack.