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Welcome To Seaford by zariahunter
Welcome To Seafordby Zaria Hunter
Welcome to Seaford! More like welcome to lies and heartaches. My name is Hayden Samantha Krupnik. I moved with my cousin, Milton, due to the death of my parents. So here...
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The Realistic Fairytale.- Leo Howard Love Story by mskittyadam
The Realistic Fairytale.- Leo Howa...by Kitty Adam
Y/n and Leo are best friends since they were borned. What will happen when Leo got a part in a new show called Kickin'it and he have to move. Will their friendship survi...
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Warrior (Jack Brewer) by penniegrange05
Warrior (Jack Brewer)by penniegrange05
Join Penelope West on her journey to a small town called Seaford. Will she find romance or is there more trouble to come? Warning this story may contain harsh language.
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You Belong with Me-A Jack and Kim story(Kickin it) by SynchroStar
You Belong with Me-A Jack and Kim...by SynchroStar
Kim Crawford is in love. Jack Brewer. Hot, karate legend and also her best friend. However Kim is starting to lose control of her feelings. She knows Jack likes her, but...
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See You There by verbosehermione
See You Thereby Nicole
Kickin' It - Kim/Jack (Kick) "Is this some kind of sick joke?" I blurted out, not caring who heard. "Did I so something to you that deserves revenge like...
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Runaway Princess by CloverChild
Runaway Princessby CloverChild
Nobody knows. That's how Kim wants it. When Kim was twelve, she moved to Seaford. That's all her friends know about her past. She may be hiding it but two of them will f...
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Camp Wasabi {kim and jack} by fiveoclock
Camp Wasabi {kim and jack}by gwen
Kim Crawford has had enough of small town Seaford. She's off too Camp Wasabi for the summer, and she couldn't be happier. But, when a certain camper shows up at her cabi...
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The Mission by Wasabiwarriors
The Missionby Wasabi Warriors
Hi, I'm Kimberly Crawford, I prefer Kim,and I'm an assassin on a mission. A mission that decides the fate of my clan. The mission is to kill Jack Brewer. But will this s...
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465 Days Later { Completed } by tellemsugg
465 Days Later { Completed }by muni
A bad boy Jack Brewer comes to seaford high school and he meets the warriors of the Warrior Academy and becomes friends with them. He meets then a girl named kim Crawf...
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Let Me Be Your Hero (Kickin It - Kick) by kimandjack_kick
Let Me Be Your Hero (Kickin It - K...by kimandjack_kick
Kim Crawford had a great life. She had an amazing mom and dad and a fun-loving little brother. In school she was the shy quiet girl who always tried to sit in the back...
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Secrets(X-Men, Avengers, Kickin' it Crossover) by Book_Lover0001
Secrets(X-Men, Avengers, Kickin' i...by Sorry, no thanks.
  The six of us headed out of Phil's and into the courtyard. That was when it happened.   That was when I saw Kai.   Kai. He was the one that joined the Black Dragons...
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Power Button by abbyilysm
Power Buttonby Abby
Kim is the youngest out of thirteen girls in the family. Typically being the youngest means you get the most attention, but it doesn't work out that way for Kim. Kim con...
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Mazes by thewxrriors
Mazesby L☀️
{Kickin' It Fanfic} Mazes; easy right? Go in, find your way out and you're done. Well what if you went at night and in a creepy cornfield, just because you lost a bet. H...
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When Love Fails by CloverChild
When Love Failsby CloverChild
Kim vanished a little over three years ago without a trace. The boys never got over her sudden disappearance; especially Jack. They still look for her wherever they go b...
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Caught Feelings (Jarry) Kickin' It Fanfiction by BadAssKatanaGurl
Caught Feelings (Jarry) Kickin' It...by Arnayjah Harrison
Jack Brewer has caught feelings for Jerry Martinez and he has no idea what's in store for him when he embraces those feelings. Jerry Martinez had always liked Jack from...
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Wasabi Princess {SMB's} by kimbeulahcrawford
Wasabi Princess {SMB's}by 🌙
Just some of my stuff I like to do.
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Kickin it one shots by multi_fandoms_ships
Kickin it one shotsby
Some one-shots about kickin it but mostly kick. Enjoy
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The Other Bionics  by Kickin_It_Addict
The Other Bionics by CuringFromEndgame
Adam, Chase and Jack thought they were the only bionic superheroes, it turns out that it wasn't just originally just them there were five of them Adam, Chase, Jack, Brie...
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ABC-oneshots for Kick by KarateChaotenforever
ABC-oneshots for Kickby KarateChaotenforever
Kickin' It (Kick) ------ Just a serie of ABC-oneshots for our lovely pair Kick.
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Can I Trust You? | Jack Brewer by SashaBanks2002
Can I Trust You? | Jack Brewerby MrsDevries
Seaford to nadmorskie miasteczko na południowym wybrzeżu Anglii. To właśnie tam wyjeżdża siedemnastoletnia Emma na prośbę rodziców. Ma zamieszkać u brata swojej matki...
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