I CAN BE. ( STAR ) | on hold  by voidxbillie
I CAN BE. ( STAR ) | on hold by — k ♕
( lowercase intended ) ( #5 in #zendayacoleman ) ❝I can be ya solider, I can be the king, I can be ya president gangster on the scene.❞ [cover by me ! ] [STAR - SEASON...
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Destiny•Star by G0ldenkey
Destiny•Starby KEYKEY✨
"everything I do, I do it with a passion" [Star Season 1] [ocxno one]
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Incorrect FIR/ETF by stormchacer
Incorrect FIR/ETFby SpookyRoyale :3
I've been seeing a lot of these types of accounts on Twitter, but none of them have been of Falling In Reverse or Escape The Fate, so I'm taking it to Wattpad and creati...
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Why Do You Care?(Ryan Seaman FanFic) by xXBloodyRiotXx
Why Do You Care?(Ryan Seaman Kirstin Biersack
Autumn Miller is your normal emo/scene/punk/goth/alternative 17 year old she is A senior in high school and she always gets bullyed and when she comes home her parents a...
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SING → STARby εgнεσsα
"I have a passion to sing, and I'm not gonna let anyone get in the way of that"
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The Only One For Me -Ryan Seaman And Jacky Vincent by rachel-seaman
The Only One For Me -Ryan Seaman rachel-seaman
Ryan is an in closet gay guy and is deeply in love with one of his band mates. Will he be able to make it through this tour or will he finally confess his feelings
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Ambrose's Little Sister  (Ronnie Radke Love Story) by tohru102
Ambrose's Little Sister (Ronnie Raven Blake Phoenix
Alice Good- Dean Ambrose little sister. They have a strong bond and connected with each other that it's stronger then the bond Dean and Roman have when Seth Rollins betr...
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As I Am ° Star Davis  by taIbots
As I Am ° Star Davis by lidia
in which a nurse falls in love with an egotistical teenage girl trying to make it to the top, no matter the circumstances. [STAR -season one ]
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I Found You(book 2 of Why Do You Care?) by xXBloodyRiotXx
I Found You(book 2 of Why Do You Kirstin Biersack
it's been A couple of years since Autumn last seen Ryan she is now A singer in A band with her friends she is still mad at Ryan for leaving her and she hopes she never s...
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Buy Me a Drink~ A Ronnie Radke Love Story by yellowpeony
Buy Me a Drink~ A Ronnie Radke notable rat
Crimson Worsnop was a regular girl . Until one night she went out with her brother to a little club with his friends. And after that day a little drink changed everythin...
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Finally Made It by OneTreeHillFreak1
Finally Made Itby OneTreeHillFreak1
The girls had won Atlanta Next Fest which landed them a label with the girls getting excited about their music career taking off they seem to forget who they are and whe...
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Adopted By My Hero's by tohru102
Adopted By My Hero'sby Raven Blake Phoenix
Raven Black is a 16 year old girl who love's music, writing songs and take pictures of things. In the orphanage the little kids that are 5 years or younger call her mom...
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