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Inner Darkness by NickMoline4
Inner Darknessby Nick Moline
Gohan was always considered a good boy, peaceful and very kind-hearted. However, as the evil Majin Buu threatens to destroy the Earth and ruin the boys last remaining ho...
The Black Freeza Saga by JamesLand3
The Black Freeza Sagaby JamesLand3
Basically what I want and what I would do for when Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, and Broly face Black Freeza. The story will use names from the Viz Media manga, rather t...
Tribute to Akira Toriyama by EvanGadson
Tribute to Akira Toriyamaby Evan Gadson
Im not late to the party. Im aware of the news. We lost one of the biggest mangakas in the world. One we didn't deserve. But one we're gonna miss.
Akira Toriyama: The Legend by Cosmic66
Akira Toriyama: The Legendby BlueRainbowSky66
A final goodbye to one of the most legendary Mangaka in history.
A commemoration .... A Goodbye for an Old friend by Gygan_9835
A commemoration .... A Goodbye for...by Darakgears
Here shall I, Gygan_9835, send my regards for a very well known old friend and one of the greatest masters of all time for generations to come of manga. For those who ar...
Dragon Ball Super Villain Boyfriend Scenarios by Fairylover23
Dragon Ball Super Villain Boyfrien...by Fairylover23
Welcome, welcome. Now, let's go down the checklist! Beerus the Destroyer [√] Hit the Assassin [√] Goku Black the Body Snatcher [√] Zamasu the Corrupted Deity [√] Jiren...
Dragon Ball Super: Universe (One-Shot) by OverkingXeno
Dragon Ball Super: Universe (One-S...by Super Xeno
After Goku's meeting with Uub at the World Tournament,Goku and Friends continue to live life and fight in this universe known as Dragon Ball (First Try Version)
The Arc That Never Happened by floofy333
The Arc That Never Happenedby floofy333
Basically a Dragon Ball story arc where Piccolo finally gets to be Goku's rival and the humans have a last hurrah.
Arigato Gozaimasu! by DougMarcelli
Arigato Gozaimasu!by Doug Marcelli
A tribute to Akira Toriyama.
DRAGON BALL C by matteobroken98
DRAGON BALL Cby Broken Poet damned
3 anni dopo il torneo di arti marziali, Goku sta facendo da maestro al piccolo Uub.
Zero Times  by ForeverDragonZero
Zero Times by ForeverDragonZero
continuing the story of Zero Times, based on real people, real moments from my life, names have changed because their life is not my story to tell.
Toriyama-Sensei by KT_StorySpace
Dedicated to Akira Toriyama. I don't have many talents, but I hope my writing can do you justice. Thank your for changing my life.
Random Dragon Ball Stuff 😜 by ZeroTwo12e
Random Dragon Ball Stuff 😜by YouAreNowMyDarling
The title says it all! I don't own Dragon Ball all rights,characters, and names go to Akria Toriyama
Müslüman Goku by EmirhanAvc577
Müslüman Gokuby Emirhan Avcı
Gokunun Müslüman oluşu ve tek Tanrı inancı olması
Kefla & Cheelai in Equestria Girls by KeflaxCheelai
Kefla & Cheelai in Equestria Girlsby KeflaxCheelai
Kefla after receiving Goku's kamehameha and before leaving the platform is sent to another universe. Cheelai is sent to another universe by a portal that opens out of no...
Dragon Ball Super: Distant Dimensions  by SSXenoSJ
Dragon Ball Super: Distant Dimensi...by SSJ Xeno
Zamasu has returned and is ready to get his comeback and destroy the multiverse! Only this time Zamasu has gained power level higher than every living being has achieved...
The Tale Of The Saiyan - Mushrim by SuperSaiyanFan
The Tale Of The Saiyan - Mushrimby Kristen / Kirsty
This story is about a Saiyan who lived on Universe 7's Planet Vegeta. She's a weakling at the moment, so her parents put her in a Saiyan Pod to go to another planet. Fri...
Dragon Ball: Life Of Kuriza by One_Lunch_Man
Dragon Ball: Life Of Kurizaby Ethan King
Kuriza, the son of a galactic tyrant. Born on planet Frost and raised through out the galaxy.
Underball Z by mysticalricehippo
Underball Zby shota son ★
Story of X, a human who falls into the underground world of Saiyans. This book will cover the Pacifist Route. If you want a book that covers the Genocide Route, please l...