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CONNECTION by bts7sssss
Psychology says that if the soul has strong connection with any incident or any person from the previous life then the person can see some blurry scenes from the previou...
The journey of healing together  by Orpi_writes__
The journey of healing together by Jannatul Orpi
"N-no no." She said in a whisper. "p-please s-stay away." Seeing her pleading he took more steps towards her. "Stay away from me." "...
The White Wolf's New Life by WolvesAngel7
The White Wolf's New Lifeby WolvesAngel7
This story is part 2 of The New Life. So instead of the titles being The Asset, it will be White Wolf. For those who chose not to read my first series, this book is abou...
An Unexpected Encounter || Kim Taehyung X Reader by starrxyhyun
An Unexpected Encounter || Kim •VinTAEge•
Originally by •VinTAEge• A journey between two strangers who promised not to disclose their personal identity throughout the journey. They are put through many unexpect...
Yes, i am her. ( M.P💸) by lolrihanna
Yes, i am her. ( M.P💸)by hiii<33
it's about the first mafia lady. Her cousin (Alejandro rosario) has some friends and wants to tell him about the mafia but what he doesn't know.. if he tell them.. they'...
Return of the Stormcriers  by AGRhoby1999
Return of the Stormcriers by AGRhoby1999
In the first book of the Stormcrier Chronicles, a revolution stirs in the east as ancient dragons return to the continent of Verden after being extinct for 100 years. A...
step brother by MaryLoveridge
step brotherby Mary Loveridge
you lived alone with your mum, until she meet someone else, I was happy for her, until I realized that me and my mum have to move into his house, but little did I knew I...
A WHEEL OF LOVEby Angel Rose
CAVITE SERIES #1 Angela Claire Duque. Soft hearted and beautiful women. The future Civil Engineer from Lyceum Of The Philippines (Cavite Campus). Suddenly. There's thi...
Nobita's New Love- S1(On Hold) by MrBNHA
Nobita's New Love- S1(On Hold)by Doraemon™
SUMMARY OF THE SERIES:- _________________________________ Nobita has always tried to impress Shizuka but has never really been able to. So, he gives up impressing Shizuk...
Always You {𝟚} | Marvel √ by themiko2
Always You {𝟚} | Marvel √by em n ms
redamancy; (n.) the act of loving the one who loves you; a love returned in full. "Peter, do I have to remind you that he's my dad?" After Tony reveals himsel...
Soul Bent: Book I - Relentless by Apolinar5
Soul Bent: Book I - Relentlessby Circusclownenergy
If you're reading this, then my cross universe message went through. Great! This is my story of when I went through high school and almost made an entire universe collap...
The Accidental Roommates  by TheUnleashedSoul
The Accidental Roommates by TheUnleashedSoul
What happens when the biggest and the famous Boyband BTS accidentally becomes Roommates with a simple living girl YN? Get ready to witness the utmost chaos, misundersta...
Mask of a cheater by Kookieprime
Mask of a cheaterby Primekookie
she was someone love but she ignored him and choose a man that was using her to get revenge but unknowingly she came to know the truth that was related to her past.
Bad Boy (Jungkook x Reader) by ScarlettMorgenstern
Bad Boy (Jungkook x Reader)by *insert joshua meme*
He's the newest boy in school, he's hot and popular. Smart, popular, sporty, attractive, talented, confident, rich...Jeon Jungkook has it all. He loves being in the spot...
The Haunting Hour:The Supernatural  by mickeymouse1980
The Haunting Hour:The Supernatural by mickeymouse1980
Based off of R.L stines Haunting hour. Brooke is the new girl in the old ancient town of Aberdeen.Being a girl from California ,she thinks it's just an old ,quiet town.O...
Alevi..🖤💛 by nxfelibata321
Alevi..🖤💛by inquisitorstxrz
heyo! this is my first story! hope you like it!! <33
The FIRST and the FINAL|thenerdytaler & NS Medias by thenerdytaler
The FIRST and the FINAL| thenerdytaler
When the almighty above has written your fate in a certain way,not even he himself can change it now.Namaste and I,thenerdytaler welcome you to the extended version of '...
Random kinky storys  by Quietkoalabear6
Random kinky storys by Quiet koala bear
random real life and fake experiences all put into one series. I'm planning on making this a short story series where I write all my smut with pts to it❤
Betrayal At Best - [Chris Redfield x Reader] by Yuuki241
Betrayal At Best - [Chris Akari
(Book 1) What was supposed to be a usual investigation turned into a horrifying experience, with you and Rebbeca being the sole survivors of the Bravo Team...Not to ment...