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Mafia trouble.  by taruni_sk
Mafia trouble. by Taruni Sk
Sequel to mafia love. Everything seemed to be peaceful for Adrian and Ara. But, is it really gonna be that way? While Adrian and Ara are making plans to live together...
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Secret life of Ricky and Amy by zebrafan4life
Secret life of Ricky and Amyby Meghan
This is about the secret life of an American teenager. I will go from the last episode to their life. I will have them get married. All right go to creators.
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The Ultimate by kat8ie
The Ultimateby kat8ie
A sequel to the Black Cat. Mandy's new found knowledge leads her on a dangerous quest to save of her dreams. With the Suits knowledge of her now, that is...
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The Strangest Things 2 by StrangerHarringrove
The Strangest Things 2by ♛ 𝓢𝓽𝓮𝓿𝓮 ♛
PLEASE READ BEFORE STARTING!! All you need too know about this book was in 'The Strangest Things' If you haven't read it I encourage you read it first before reading thi...
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The Strangest Things by StrangerHarringrove
The Strangest Thingsby ♛ 𝓢𝓽𝓮𝓿𝓮 ♛
PLEASE READ BEFORE STARTING!!!! Hey guys! This is kinda gonna be a rewrite but my story takes place after Stranger Things S3. In this story Billy and Hopper survive the...
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Ricky Underwood x Reader by ashleyyashweed
Ricky Underwood x Readerby Ashweed
From Secret Life Of The American Teenager, you're the new student. Talented, sweet, sarcastic, a trouble maker, and hot and sexy. What if instead of Amy getting pregnant...
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Miraculous Shorts by yukiisweird12
Miraculous Shortsby yukiisweird12
Random short stories! Hope you enjoy my fluffies! Disclaimer: I Do Not Own Miraculous Ladybug, Or Any Of The Characters
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JOURNEY TO ADVENTURE by Adventuregirl07
Everything was going well and good until that day, when evil captured our island and cursed it. We have to face every problem, and which made us different from the rest...
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100 Insane things to do when your a Dhamphir by LibraryLover15
100 Insane things to do when LibraryLover15
What if you were a Dhampir? What are the crazy (or just stupid) things you would do? Well here's 100 ideas to start you off Inspired by @KnightofCamelot14 100 insane thi...
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So what now? by RosalissaShort
So what now?by Abigail
What happens after Rose returned from Russia. Rose is just beginning to cope with life without Dimitri when she learns that the night in the cabin had far reaching conse...
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Saved By Your Love by Dabigfan
Saved By Your Loveby Dabigfan
A Viking tale of Britana or late United kingdom. About 19 year old women Blin Van De Mark PS. Im Ryvir (river) goble (go bl) /Van De Mark. A/N my Family at time were...
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last Sacrifice  by TaylorLynn1496
last Sacrifice by Taylor
This is my version so what I want to happen in Last Sacrifice. The 6th and final Vampire Academy Novel. =( I don't want it to end!
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Cookies + A Miraculous Ladybug on-shot + by Starlight_88
Cookies + A Miraculous Ladybug Victoria
Chat stops by Marinette's home on Christmas Eve.
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Proof a heart is strong by asvpjay
Proof a heart is strongby K`Bangzz.♥
After a pregnancy, all lies, and secrets are exposed. Is the father of the baby Micheal, My current boyfriend. Or Nathan, a good friend who has always had feelings for m...
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WHY I CAN'T HATE YOU? by HemaaniSingh
WHY I CAN'T HATE YOU?by Hemaani Singh
It is a love story between vampire and human ....Adrain a vampire fall in love with Eira a human but tries to show that he hate her but how long will he able to hide his...
Untitled Story by Grumpy_cookie_xoxo
Untitled Storyby Grumpy_cookie_xoxo
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The Ghost of You I Cannot Deny by FragileDreams
The Ghost of You I Cannot Denyby Kayla
Ever since Kalia Falls was a child she's had it ingrained into her brain that the 'delusions' she saw everyday where just that. Delusions. But now that she's living in a...
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