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Just What I Needed by chooseitwisely
Just What I Neededby Kelsey
In life there are things that are said, and then there are those that remain unsaid. For Keely Staub, her life mostly remained in the latter category. She kept the one t...
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Never Leave You (Sequel) | Louis Tomlinson by Itskennedy112233
Never Leave You (Sequel) | Louis Kennedy Tucker
Love can be a complicated thing especially when your heart has been broken by the one you are madly in love with. Every love story has its beginning. What started out as...
Across Minds (ACROSS Series 1) by missshelll
Across Minds (ACROSS Series 1)by Ka
Ace Sean, a happy go lucky freshman Civil Engineering student, chooses to not take his studies too seriously and just live life to the fullest. Until he came into a deba...
In Your Arms (A Brannie Fanfic) by coolcucumberr
In Your Arms (A Brannie Fanfic)by Mia
Ages: Annie: 16 Brennan: 18 Katie: 16 Hayley: 12 Caleb: 18 !WARNING: MATURE CONTENT!
The Guys Across Town by dandan101
The Guys Across Townby Danielle
Rise (Pronounced Reese) is forced to put up with an abusive and more often times negligent father after the death of her mother. Between the abuse she suffers at home an...
Across the ocean by sajiaxin
Across the oceanby  ☪︎
Captain Van Rensselaer holds the title as the very first woman to hold the highest title on deck of an Oasis-class cruise ship. And as of the current time, she's the mas...
The Man Across My Window by kaaayepop_
The Man Across My Windowby K E I
This is the story of an average girl living in her shell for years. And a man, whom she barely knows, who lives just aCross her window. Can he changed her daily way oF l...
Flowers in the Snow by momamoose
Flowers in the Snowby Steph, or Moor
Just a collection of poems.
The Girl & the Machine by bethrevis
The Girl & the Machineby Beth Revis
Franklin can travel through time--but his abilities are limited. He can only go into his own past, never further back and never the future. Then Heather shows up. She s...
Maybe More Than a Teddy Boy by dialrix
Maybe More Than a Teddy Boyby dialrix
1958, Avril Lane. The first words that come to describe her are nice, funny and charming but to George Harrison she's different. The thing is, he's not the only one who...
ACROSS THE MARSH by lcveliza
ACROSS THE MARSHby hey adora
The Boy Across the Street *SEQUEL IS OUT* by misscadaverouss
The Boy Across the Street * Madi :)
9th grader Rachel finds out that there is a new kid who just moved in across the street from her. She meets the new kid and he changes her life. This will be the story o...
Sport by adamekodette66
Sportby adamekodette66
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Program by moshellraymond11
Programby moshellraymond11
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Business by dunsonkeeley13
Businessby dunsonkeeley13
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Across by Oswald_Story_Writer
Acrossby Oswald_Story_Writer
Jedného dňa zachráni Anthon Browing málé dievčatko z plameňov. Bola veľká záhada ,ale on si ju nakoniec adoptoval. Wendy nastúpila na strednú školu Konami ,na ktorú chod...
Couple by rafeszajowski46
Coupleby rafeszajowski46
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Third by tolandchafe40
Thirdby tolandchafe40
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Develop by meletiusargaez23
Developby meletiusargaez23
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