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The Veela & The Demon by UniKitty321
The Veela & The Demonby UniKitty
This is 8th year and Draco and Harry have to go back to Hogwarts along with everyone else. They have both gone through an inheritance. And have mates.
flower crowns | drarry by _picturesque
flower crowns | drarryby -GHOSTLOVIE
harry and draco have always been rivals. that's just the way things were. were. past tense. everything is different now. the war is over but harry is broken. he has been...
You don't want me ~Drarry~ by birbfly
You don't want me ~Drarry~by Draco_Pottah
Drarry story- The war has ended and both the boys has changed. Harry had become a little bad boy while Draco brought up his softie, sappy side. What's Harry Potter's lif...
Nothing Left to Give // Drarry by Jammer3m5g5
Nothing Left to Give // Drarryby “C”
Before Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived (twice), could kill the Dark Lord, Voldemort, he was hit with a spell that made his life flip upside down. When Draco Malfoy sees...
The snake - Drarry by harrypotterships1
The snake - Drarryby harrypotterships1
Written in eight year !Drarry!
The Enemy's Ball by Catti-Bree
The Enemy's Ballby Catti-Bree
Drarry. Harry and Draco return to Hogwarts for their eighth year. Their rivalry seems to have fallen apart, and perhaps, with the help of a ball, and not-so-unfortunate...
The Boy Who Made All The Wrong Choices  by _Flower_Gay_
The Boy Who Made All The Wrong Cho...by em
this book is sort of a project for me. it's the first story I've ever written, with dynamics I've never tried. it's been really hard, but I hope you'll join my on my wri...
Marriage Law (d.m) by madilynevening
Marriage Law (d.m)by madilynevening
Madelyn Jones is a quiet half-blood Gryffindor girl going into her 8th year at Hogwarts with all of her friends, including the golden trio. When the second wizarding war...
Made For Eachother ~ DRACO x READER  marriage law  by spearminty
Made For Eachother ~ DRACO x READE...by spearmint
DRACO X READER MARRIAGE LAW #1 8th YEAR #2 DRACOXREADER #3 MALFOY #3 MARRIAGELAW " draco malfoy " your heart dropped as you made eye contact with the man hi...
Our little secret: Draco + Harry by partofthebingingclan
Our little secret: Draco + Harryby Bingingcrazyassstuff
After the battle some selected students are welcomed back, after the war hoping for no drama and to do so former enemies become midnight frenemies...
tied together by die_hard_hp_fan
tied togetherby leah
Harry, now back for his 8th year, discovers something new. Because things can never be normal, and Malfoy always seems to be involved. Currently undergoing editing, but...
Until The Very End (Drarry)(COMPLETED) by SlyT05
Until The Very End (Drarry)(COMPLE...by SlyT05
The war was over and a lot had changed , but who would have expected that Draco Malfoy had changed the most. When a letter from Hogwarts arrives telling them that they h...
The Extinct Soulmate by Plutojupiter101
The Extinct Soulmateby Death but ✨gæ✨
When Harry flees to Grimmauld place after an immense pain, why do feathers start growing behind his ears? What changed since his last visit? And why have Gringotts sent...
The Letter That Started It All by MultiFandomFan456
The Letter That Started It Allby Put On A Happy Face
So this is a snarry story because I love snarry and wanted to make one of my own. !Warning! I do not do smut so if you want that then go find another book or maybe read...
The Difference Between a Cat and a Comma (HP - Drarry) by ShiloQuetchenbach
The Difference Between a Cat and a...by Whimsical Dragonette
Eighth year at Hogwarts is going to be boring. That's what Draco Malfoy thinks when the Wizengamot makes attendance a condition of his pardon. After all, after letting D...
Pansy's Plan by _BeccaMae
Pansy's Planby Rebekah Alderson
Pansy approaches Hermione in 8th year and apologies for everything shes done over the years and they come up with a plan to get Harry and Draco together.
My Secret Heart- A Dramione Love Story by ForeverDramione22
My Secret Heart- A Dramione Love S...by ForeverDramione22
Hermione Granger is distraught when her muggle parents die in a car crash. But then Blaise Zabini turns up at the hospital claiming to be her twin and she can't believe...
Anonymous Love (Drarry) by billierosiestories
Anonymous Love (Drarry)by Billie Rose Drarry
On a regular Friday night, while his dormmates are out partying, Draco Malfoy received a curious letter- from an anonymous admirer. What would happen when Draco decides...
time turned by Culten-6999
time turnedby Ell (cult)
what happens when young snape finds a time Turner? going to the future? or back to the past? will he stay ? Or will he go ? find out soon ...! snarry? or someth...