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The Mistake by Umbra_Ignis98
The Mistakeby Umbra Ignis
It was 6th Year and the war was right around the corner, whether people knew it or not. Hermione was hurting, and everyone knows that when you hurt you make mistakes. So...
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Waning Moon~Dramione by Unusual_Reality
Waning Moon~Dramioneby Unusual_Reality
What happens when a certain 16 year old girl finds out Draco's secret? The secret of why he misses classes, why he looked so depressed. Find out in: Waning Moon (You ca...
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The Malfoy Prophecy by BigCountryfan
The Malfoy Prophecyby Mary Viola
~New Story!~ Note: I made up a sister for Draco cause it goes with the story. And also the Prophecy is pretty twisted but, I know something like this would have happened...
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The Seer by _the_raven_
The Seerby _the_raven_
When Harry starts having strange dreams at night, blocking the nightmares, he doesn't question his newfound luck. Will he finally escape his abusive relatives? However...
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Red Strings Of Fate [Drarry] by Alice-In-Wonder-Land
Red Strings Of Fate [Drarry]by Alice O. Tracy
-COMPLETE- An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break...
The Awakening Power by startrek007
The Awakening Powerby startrek007
Complete! Challenges fill Harry's 6th year: growing powers, Snape as defense teacher, new Potions teacher, a new crush on him, Voldemort, Ginny, Goblins? Lots of humor...
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The Trouble with Cauldrons... by the_waiting_author
The Trouble with Cauldrons...by Just writing...
Snarry/Drarry. What if Severus Snape never knew that Harry was a Potter? He never hated him. Never gave him detention out of spite. All in all, he was like any other Hog...
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The Shy Hufflepuff by AstarGazer789
The Shy Hufflepuffby AstarGazer789
Handmade bracelets on her wrist, freckles on her face and paint on her hands, Tara Atrio is an amazing personality hidden away under plain black robes. A certain uncomfo...
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Restart- A Drarry AU by -surpised_slxtherin-
Restart- A Drarry AUby ₙₒₜ ₒₖₐy
All Harry and Draco know is that they have despised each other for years on end. When the two gradually develop a relationship, will their personal issues get the best...
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rebellion is a beautiful thing by Xaia14
rebellion is a beautiful thingby maya No name
draco malfoy is done
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Sister of black (Harry potter marauders era) by oXmoonyXo
Sister of black (Harry potter mara...by oXmoonyXo
Lyra is the twin of sirius black, they're inseparable and always hang out together with the marauders. But in her 5th year at hogwarts she notices that people have chang...
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Red Strings of Fate [Drarry] (Rewritten) by Alice-In-Wonder-Land
Red Strings of Fate [Drarry] (Rewr...by Alice O. Tracy
•Drarry• An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break. ...
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The Search For Hope by EmilyT50
The Search For Hopeby EmilyT50
Harry Potter is kidnapped straight from Hogwarts with the help of Draco Malfoy. He ends up finding himself in the possession of the Dark Lord. Will Harry survive this or...
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Broken  [D.M] {Book one} by Litysk
Broken [D.M] {Book one}by Cry baby®
"WE STOPPED LOOKING UNDER OUR BEDS FOR THE MONSTERS WHEN WE REALIZED THEY WERE IN OUR HEADS." ••••••• ••••••• All characters belong to J.K Rowling except for t...
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♡ The Girl Who Waited for the Girl Who Knew ♡ {Hermione/Ginny} by _gryffindor_queen
♡ The Girl Who Waited for the Girl...by ϟ• Hermione •ϟ
Ginny Weasley has been friends with Hermione and Harry since she began Hogwarts. Through the years Hermione and her became very close. Talking about boys and their futur...
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Sectumsempra (A Drarry Fanfic) by Luna_AlphaWolf
Sectumsempra (A Drarry Fanfic)by Luna Eclipse
Harry watches as a body falls from the astronomy tower. Tears slid down his cheeks as he cried out, recognising the person immediately. He screamed and cried out, pickin...
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control «harry and hermione» by MyBoyBleu
control «harry and hermione»by ok
UNDER MAJOR EDITING! forest runaways part 1 or first book to the series just read please give me clout ha
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A Second Chance | On Hold by _gryffindor_queen
A Second Chance | On Holdby ϟ• Hermione •ϟ
Sirius Orion Black died in Harry, Hermione and Ron's 5th Year after getting hit by the killing curse from his cousin Bellatrix Lestrange. Now in 1996, Sirius has a secon...
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Bad Intentions by Hephestia-Violet
Bad Intentionsby Vi Mix
ON PERMANENT HIATUS! Alex is a sixth year Hufflepuff girl, best friends with Cedric Diggory, on her way to being a Potions Master, and harboring a secret that no one kno...
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The Only One (Drarry) by lilavon
The Only One (Drarry)by lilavon
∆This story is placed in the 6th year∆ There's going to be lots of fluff but only mild content, I will put a warning❤️ ~This is my first story so sry if it's bad~ Obviou...
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