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Tangling the Knot  by Avatar_Inventive
Tangling the Knot by AVATAR_INVENTIVE ✍🏾
Oaklyn Miller is a new sensation in the wedding planning industry. Her brilliant attention to detail and her talent for creating fairytale-like weddings have made her th...
Crescent by TheConfusedTurtle
Crescentby Turtle
For the fae, magic is everything: status, power, wealth, honor. For Vera Reite, a fae born with no magic, it is a shameful reminder that she will never amount to anythin...
Forbidden Enchantment by Kerstin_unknown_Ro
Forbidden Enchantmentby Kerstin
In the mystical realm where fairies, demons, and creatures of legend coexist, Alara, a young fairy with the power to control water, stands at a crossroads of fate. At s...
The Lycan Legend by QueridoEve
The Lycan Legendby QUERIDO EVE
The unknown frightens us. Logline: When Aurelia Connor starts her dream internship, she is caught in the crosshairs of a ruthless gang, the Blood Mafia. Now she has to s...
Physician of Myddfai by DonnaMargherita
Physician of Myddfaiby Margherita Capriati
I would like to thank everyone who will take the time to read this historical-fantasy book. The story takes place in Wales, around 1300, concerns two important families...
The Devil's Awakening by ElaxLond
The Devil's Awakeningby Ela Lond
This story follows Samael, a charismatic and rebellious fallen angel, as he leads Hell. "Life was hard, especially after you found yourself in Hell, surrounded by p...
Shadow Thief by 8writerandreader8
Shadow Thiefby Alex G
She's a thief. Living in the slums of Paris Alicia or Ali is definitely ready to return back home but like everything else in her life that plan crumbles and she is lef...
Cheating On And Off by YvanUng
Cheating On And Offby Yvan Ung
Fresh from their victory in the first round of the state tournament, the Venomous Agendas' girls basketball team is about to hit a snag, under the form of a key player b...
Supernatural Cyber Squad: Backrooms Edition by Cassandra_Wilde
Supernatural Cyber Squad: Backroom...by Cassandra Wilde
Isabella "Izzy" Sinclair thrives on urban exploration, especially when it involves haunted locations. However, one midnight outing takes a chilling turn when t...
The Only Exception by Megan-Mila
The Only Exceptionby ❁Meg❁
Hunter Evans has been gone for a year with rumors of him being in prison. On the first day of her junior year, the last thing Drew Carter expects is to see Hunter walkin...
BRIDGING HEARTS  by mybiasiswinterbear
"Why were you dancing with him?" His voice slurred with alcohol and aggression, his grip on Jeia's arm tightening Jeia's eyes blazed with defiance as she shook...
Parallel Universe: A Genshin/Honkai Fan-Fiction by MiracleLuvsCats
Parallel Universe: A Genshin/Honka...by 𝓔𝓲 𝓜𝓲𝓴𝓸
When Yae Miko from Genshin impact, finds a strange portal and steps into it, she winds up in a totally different dimension with... Another version of herself??
𓆩♡𓆪~•°Edge Of Blade°•~𓆩♡𓆪 by NotSoKind27
𓆩♡𓆪~•°Edge Of Blade°•~𓆩♡𓆪by ~°•Not So Kind•°~
𓆩♡𓆪༘⋆˚~•°Omertà is a code of silence.....a secrecy sworn to by oath°•~༘⋆˚𓆩♡𓆪 "Life is full of suprises, but I certainly wasn't expecting this one!" Well yo...
Eternal Oaths: Book One by KamalaAlcantara
Eternal Oaths: Book Oneby Kamz
In the magical realm of Luminara, where witches, angels, werewolves, fae, and vampires coexist, Solene leads a double life as a gifted witch and daring spy, wielding the...
The Idol's Best Friend by kaygarza
The Idol's Best Friendby Kayla
Maya Song had always been asked what she wanted to do when she grew up. After going through the entirety of college still not knowing what she wanted to do in life, she...
One Teenage Night  by dosyrosy
One Teenage Night by Odosa Uhunmwangho
after one beautiful night during their teenage years. They never meet each other again. But their fate hasn't ended, with the link they had created, it was an unchangea...
Shadows of the Syndicate by lustyyyymoon
Shadows of the Syndicateby LustyMoon
In the gritty underworld of a bustling metropolis, the Vincenzi crime family reigns supreme. At its helm is the enigmatic Don Salvatore Vincenzi, a man whose power exten...
Raven's School of Magic: Year Two by xxHoneyFernxx
Raven's School of Magic: Year Twoby xxHoneyFernxx
(This is a series!!! Read Year One first!) Daily Updates! The truth is out. Ariel is the missing firstborn twin born to the Rose's and the Dark One knows who he is. To s...
Undying secrets: Return Of The Revenant by PenProseDreamer
Undying secrets: Return Of The Rev...by Day Dreamer
Join Sammy and her friends as they navigate the harrowing halls of Crest Wood Academy, where a mysterious outbreak turns their school into a battleground for survival. W...
Vegas Baby by DazzlingVee_
Vegas Babyby Vipranshi
Sidhisha and Sanchit , two individuals unknown of each other's identity are in Vegas to celebrate their best friend's Bachelorette. Amidst the chaos of the bustling city...